7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 13

And Baby Makes Three

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2006 on The CW

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  • Great episode! The birth of Sandy and Martin's child!

    Sandy is in labor. She can't get a hold of anybody. Lucy finds out and drives up there, Simon goes after he has a fight with Rose, Eric and Annie head up there, and then Kevin, Ruthie, Sam, David and Martin all go up to see her. Also, Martin and Sandy's fathers are there. Sandy's dad is now sober. Simon and Rose make up and decide to get married in May. Sandy has a beautiful baby boy. Martin gets a full scholarship offer to a college near where Sandy lives.

    This was a wonderful episode! I thought that Martin seemed really dull when he first saw the baby. After they had already established that it was a boy, he seemed surprised when Sandy asked what they wanted to name him. I'm glad that Sandy's father is sober, but he still seems like how he was when he was an alcoholic. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
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