7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 13

And Baby Makes Three

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2006 on The CW



  • Quotes

    • Martin: I can't believe I have a son.
      Sandy: Well, you do. And he's gonna need a name.
      Martin: Any name you want is fine.
      Sandy: You want to name him after your father?
      Martin: Mmm...what about after your father?
      Sandy: Well, I just really met my father, and I'm happy that he's decided to change his life, but...like us, I think we should wait and see what happens. What about your grandfather?
      Martin: Uh...my mother's father's name was Milton. I'd hate to stick him with that.
      Sandy: What about your other grandfather?
      Martin: Uh...Aaron. My father's father's name was Aaron, after his father's best friend.
      Sandy: Maybe someday we can be best friends.
      Martin: Maybe we can. (long pause) How do we do that? How do we become friends after I've been such an irresponsible jerk?
      Sandy: I can forgive you, if you can forgive me. I know it's a lot to ask, but it's everything. Forgiveness.
      Martin: I think I can do that. I mean, if you can, I'm willing to try, anyway. Maybe we can kind of start over. Not that I know how to do that.
      Sandy: Well, you can come and see the baby whenever you want. You and your dad, or anyone else you want.
      Martin: Thanks. I'm gonna want to come see him. I'm gonna want to be part of his life.
      Sandy: Well, I think we just have to start out slowly. You know, just one step at a time. Like you call me, and I'll call you. You can ask me how the baby is, and I'll tell you he's fine, because he's gonna be fine. He's gonna be just fine, and no matter what happens between us, we'll be fine too, because you're a good guy, Martin. You really are.
      Martin: So, um...how was your day?
      Sandy: Blessed. It was a very blessed day.