7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 22

... And Girlfriends (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 11, 1998 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Ok, I understand they have to do this for the entertainment value, but "Wacky Doctor Peterson" can just mix up pregnancy tests, get everyone all worried, and nothing happens? No one's mad?

    • It's not common and against the law to tell a parent that their child is pregnant, even if they are a minor. This episode was lacking logic in it.

  • Quotes

    • Eric is banging his head against a wall when his parents show up

      Annie: Not now, honey, I don't have time to plaster.

      Later in the episode, Annie isbanging her head against the wall when her father and Ginger get engaged for real.

      Eric: Not now, honey, I don't know how to plaster.

    • Jack Martin: I'm pretty sure, positive in fact, that Happy is not Happy.

    • The Colonel: You know, that Moon boy is growing on me.
      Grandma Ruth: Good, because the other boy has something growing on him.
      Lucy: It's a mustache. Don't be seduced by it.

    • Ruthie: Mr. Martin can bite me.
      Simon: Where are you learning words like that?
      Ruthie: Around. I have ears, you know!
      Simon: Well, if anyone hears you talk like that, this cleanser's going to end up in your mouth.

    • Jack Martin: (taking Happy) I'm sorry about this.
      Eric: You should be.

    • Ruthie: (dropping book) Darnit.
      Simon: You and your mouth are treeding a mighty fine line, sister!
      Ruthie: Don't worry, it's almost out my system, I can feel it.

    • Mary: Is there something wrong with me?
      Annie: Not exactly. You're... you're.. I can't.
      Eric: There is just no easy way to say this Mary , it seems that you're pregnant.
      Mary: I don't think so.
      Annie: Why, because your birth controls infailable?!
      Mary: Yeah, it's called not having sex, it works 100% of the time.....and hey, if I'm lying we'll all know in a couple of months now won't we.

    • Annie: I have something to tell you. We're going to have a baby. A baby.. we're having one. You can't get any closer and we're still having a baby. Uh-huh...you and me together. Wacky Dr. Peterson got the tests mixed up.
      Eric: WHAT!?

    • Matt: (finding out Annie's pregnant) You didn't do this just to get me to stay home and go to school, did you?
      Eric & Annie: No.
      Matt: Well you can't get me out of here now, things are just starting to get good.

  • Notes

    • David Gallagher was nominated for Best Performance in a TV Drama Series, Leading Young Actor for his work on this season of "7th Heaven".

    • Beverly Mitchell won a Best Actress Performance in a Drama Series, Young Artist Award for her work on "7th Heaven" this season. Jessica Biel was also nominated for the same category.

    • Mackenzie Rosman was nominated for a Young Artist Award, Best Supporting Actress for her work on this season of "7th Heaven".

    • "7th Heaven" won a Young Artist Award for Best Drama Series for this season.

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