7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 8

And I'll Take the Low Road

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2006 on The CW
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Ruthie is informed of her father's health prognosis when her parents show up in Scotland, but she shocks them by reacting with very little sympathy or understanding. Sandy calls off her marriage plans with Martin after his best friend questions why they are in such a rush. Back at home, Lucy steps up as a much-needed source of stability for her younger siblings, as well as T-Bone, who needs help making a dramatic decision.moreless

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  • I hate Ruthie.

    There has been selfish characters but Ruthie Camden has got to be the worst. There is nothing redeemable about her. Hearing her whine about not going skiing in Switzerland cause Eric was dying takes the cake. First off who paid for Scotland in the first place. What a self absorbed bitch. The only thing that was good about the episode is T-Bone.
  • Wasn't their best.

    Ruthie coming home, T-Bone becoming a legal adult, Jane not getting a divorce, Margaret revealing her past, Sam and David wanting to give their hamsters away, Sandy and Martin not getting married, and people finding out about Rev. Camden. All these exciting things, yet portrayed so unexcitingly. I loved seeing Mac again though. I don't think this episode was something that we'd all remember. I don't think it deserved a 5.0 from some people though. Margaret had a rough life, but I hope she does not burst out like that, I liked her better when she didn't talk as much. I still love the show. I just want to see more of what they did when all the Camden kids were there. I give this an 9.0 out of 10.moreless
  • i liked the episode.yes the we real long in the song was a car so that he can sit in the with no problem.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.moreless

    i liked the episode.yes the we real long in the song was a car so that he can sit in the with no problem.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.vi really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.i really dont want 2 write this.moreless
  • i really miss seeing eric being @ the pukpit once in a while... the last time was the second last episode last year.. i find when we does it grounds the episodes moremoreless

    great episode... just consider giving us more of his insights and letting us see him once again preaching to the congregation. I feel that it gives us as the viewer a grounding and lets us know the writers haven\'t forgotten the roots of the program. I have found this season not as well thought out with the characters and story lines as in other years but hope it is all leading somewhere where we once again are grounded. I miss hearing him and/or Lucy tieing the spisodes together with the congregation with their sermons. So far it leaves me thinking the writers have forgotten what keeps this series going in my opinion.moreless
  • I liked this episode a lot.

    This episode was actually pretty good. I did not like the fact that Sam and David wanted to give up their hamsters. I think that it made them look really irresponsible. I love T-Bone. Right now, him and Lucy are my favorite characters. Ruthie used to be when she was in middle school, but now she is just kind of selfish. And she had the nerve to call Eric selfish! I'm kind of glad that Martin and Sandy didn't get married because that would have just put an end to the storyline with them. I didn't really like Margaret and Jane in the beginning, but now I really like Margaret. Jane is kind of annoying because she can't keep her nose in her own business like when she called T-Bone’s mom. He clearly didn’t want her around. I almost laughed out loud when Jane announced to the Promenade that Eric wouldn’t be around much longer. This was a wonderful episode and I hope that they keep coming like this. (Next week’s episode looks really good especially Ruthie announcing that she is a Hi-jacker named Curly Top.)moreless
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    • Lucy: (to Sam and David) You know, if Mom and Dad were here, they'd be telling you the same thing that Kevin and I are telling you about the hamsters. You really should take care of them. You promised you'd take care of them, and you really don't want to get into the habit of breaking promises, especially when that involves taking care of something that's so helpless. Those little guys are counting on you.
      David: But why can't someone else do it?
      Lucy: That's a question that a lot of people ask. "Why can't someone else do it? Why can't someone else do what I don't want to do?" But that's the wrong question. The question is, "Why can't you? Why can't you be responsible and do the right thing?" And the answer is, "You can." I know you can, because that's what Mom have taught you from the very beginning, from day one, the day you were born. And you're really lucky that way. We're all lucky that way. You and me, and Ruthie, and Matt, and Mary, and Simon. We don't always want to do the right thing, but eventually, we just have to, because that's who we are. We're people who know right from wrong. So, right now, I want you two to make up your minds to do the right thing, to keep the hamsters, and to take really good care of them.

    • David: It's just that.....
      Lucy: It's just that what?
      Sam: Isn't Dad sick? Isn't he going to need us to take care of him?
      Lucy: (long pause, sits down next to the boys) Is that why you want to get rid of the hamsters? So you can help take care of Dad?
      Sam: Yes. We hear things.
      David: You know, we're not stupid.
      Lucy: Not only are we gonna take care of Dad, we're also gonna take care of each other--and anyone else who needs us to take care of them, including the hamsters. You know, God isn't going to give us any challenge that we can't overcome. Everything's going to be fine, no matter what happens. It's going to be fine.

    • Annie: So you weren't trying to stay here because of a boy?
      Ruthie: No. I wanted to stay here for me. I love our family, but....I also love being thousands of miles away from our family.

    • Eric: Ruthie, I just.....I really want you home right now.
      Ruthie: But don't you think that's kind of.....selfish?
      Eric: I beg your pardon?
      Ruthie: Dad, you've been living with heart problems for years now, and you're probably going to spend the rest of your life living with heart problems. That doesn't mean I have to come home and watch you have heart problems, does it?
      Eric: Uh, no, I guess not, but on the other hand, I really want you to come home. I need you to come home, and the entire family needs you to come home, and I'm afraid that as a parent, I'm going to make a decision for you that you're not going to be happy with. You're coming home, Ruthie. You're coming home with me and your mom. Life isn't always about you. Sometimes it's about other people, or sometimes even about your parents, and your family. I need my family around me right now, and I don't care if you think that's selfish. Fine, I'm selfish. I get to be selfish. I'm the one who's in need right now, and I need you home. I could leave this decision up to you, but you're 16, and....I'm afraid you might really regret it later, so I'll decide for you.
      Ruthie: You really think you can decide for me?
      Eric: If you can't make the right decision yourself, then yeah. Yes, I can.

    • Ruthie: Nobody cares about me or how this crisis is affecting my life!
      Lucy: We're not going to continue to pay for this anymore. We shouldn't have even paid for it in the first place. We just wanted to encourage you to be your own person and take interest outside your own little world, and now....now it seems that you've completely forgotten where you came from, and who your family is. You know, we love you, Ruthie.
      Ruthie: I know, and I love you too. But Mary's not going to give up her family and come home, and Matt's not going to give up his practice and his family to come home, and Simon's not going to drop out of his senior year of college and come home. So why do I have to?
      Lucy: Because you can, and because he wants you to.

    • Annie: Honey, didn't I explain to you that your dad's having some heart problems?
      Ruthie: Yeah, I know, and I feel really badly that he's not feeling well. But Mom.....Dad's always going to have heart problems, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me.
      Annie: (shocked) I, uh.....I guess I must be feeling jetlag, because I'm suddenly feeling so.....irritable, or confused. Yeah, maybe that's it. Confusion. I'm going to go back to the hotel and get some rest. I'll see you tonight at dinner. Oh, and you think about this: Scotland is always going to be here. I'll see you later, Ruthie.
      Ruthie: (after Annie leaves) They just don't get it.

    • Ruthie: (about Eric) I just don't know if I'm strong enough to be around him right now, Mom.
      Annie: Oh, Ruthie.....it's all going to be fine. It's all going to be fine....it has to be. Come on, your dad's waiting outside. Give us a tour of Edinburgh. We want to see your school and your friends. And we want you to know that you can come back here. We'll help you, Ruthie. If this is where you really want to be, then....one day. Not now, but one day.

    • Jane: (yelling to T-Bone, on the promenade) Don't you get that Reverand Camden isn't going to be around much longer!

    • Kevin: (to Jane and Margaret, who are taking the hamsters and moving out) Where do you think your going with the hamsters?
      Jane: Relax former popo! We're not stealing them.

    • Jane: Margaret doesn't have opinions. That's why we're friends.

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