7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 22

And Thank You (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 08, 2006 on The CW
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Simon and Rose prepare for their wedding day, despite speculation that it is not the right decision. Annie and Eric go through countless scenarios in their minds as they reflect on how the wedding will actually turn out. Meanwhile, Rose's former boyfriend shows up unexpectedly. Ruthie considers studying in Scotland over the summer. Kevin, Lucy, Matt, and Sarah all have life-changing news, if only they can find the perfect time to share it with the family...and the surprises don't stop there!moreless

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  • The twin thing was a little stupid

    Seriously all three Camden's women get prgnant with twins I don't think so. It was not the best episode. Eric and Annie plotting on how Simon and Sara call off the wedding kind of boring. Sara and Mary and Lucy saying were pregnant with twins really dumb. If it was the series finalie how awful. It was the season finalie and it was the worst season finalie ever had. I will say I liked the ending with the song and everybody dancing that was the only best part.moreless
  • Seriously? 3 sets of twins in one year? Especially all in the same generation? I'm surprised that it wasn't like one set of boys, one set of girls and one set both! Ridiculous... But worry, it may have been renewed!moreless

    I don't know if anyone here knows this, but this is like biologically impossible! The gene that makes you susceptible to having multiple births is passed down through the father, so they could have all gotten this through Eric, not Annie! Then there's the fact that twins genetically skip a generation, and since Annie had twins, it's like, impossible. Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie and the boys can't biologically have multiple births. Their kids will be able to though (that would be Eric and Annie's GREAT grandchildren!)

    I'd also like to point out that the CW has been reported to have renewed 7th Heaven because they need solid shows to start up the new network! 7th Heaven has been their #1 show for a really long time (although I find the symmetry incredibly poetic... It's the only show to be on since the first season of the network and now that the network is ending the 'end' the show) and it makes sense that they want to keep it around! The show was to be cancelled because it got to be so expensive. BUT, because the network is ending they want to begin the new network (the CW) with solid shows from both the old ones (the WB and the UPN). Because the show was ending, ratings have been better than ever (I watched more religiously because it was ending) and they decided to renew it and then not tell the public so there wouldn't be a dip in ratings.

  • H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E

    I've been an avid 7th Heaven watcher for years and years...I would have to say that this was my least favorite season finale ever.

    The fact that Mary and Lucy Camden, along with their sister-in-law Sarah (Matt's wife) were having twins was very unrealistic. Also, all that Simon and Rose had been through and they don't get married. The fact of the not getting married was predictible...they way they showed it in the episode was quite stupid though. Also, the random appearance from the deaf girl was pretty stupid. She really shouldn't have been their. Overall, horrible episode.moreless
  • For ending episode - it looked nice, for any other.. not too much

    This episode really made me wander - where is the story. I used to watch the first seasons of this serie as they were aired here on summer but the time was so bad that on fall, I had no change to see it as I was all the time on uni. But with exam session, I had change to be home on the time, and after I had missed many many seasons, I tried to watch it again. It was hard, not knowing much and it sounds too much like soap now, but I continued and this episode was somehow worth it - all those flashbacks and all those memories, everyone around and the way it ended, but - on general - the story was quite weak and it was lingering - all those ideas how the wedding will be... and I somehow feel the made a final point with it and next season - without most of the kids. It will be awful. When you plan to stop something, do it - usually trying to get it running again, it is not worth it and comes out bad. I know only one serie when they did managed to save little with extra season, but their problem was that the planed ending was not liked for viewers.moreless
  • Didn't end with a bang.

    Even though the series is still going, if so many people didn't want it back, they would have ended with this episode. This was not a way to end the series. I really love 7th Heaven, but it was not as good as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, I still liked this episode, but I'm glad this wasn't the series last episode. Sure, they brought back all the original cast members, but it was missing something. I mean all the drama of Simon and Rose leading up to them not getting married. What happened to Martin? I loved the flashback scenes and the before and now pictures at the end. I'm just saying they could've have done better. A 8.5 from me.moreless
Max Roeg

Max Roeg


Guest Star

David Starzyk

David Starzyk

Rose's Dad

Guest Star

Megan Gallagher

Megan Gallagher

Rose's Mom

Guest Star

Sarah Danielle Madison

Sarah Danielle Madison

Sarah Camden

Recurring Role

Carlos Ponce

Carlos Ponce

Carlos Rivera

Recurring Role

Andrea Ferrell

Andrea Ferrell

Heather Cain

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • This is the first time since the episode "Life and Death (2)", that all 7 Camden kids appear in the same episode.

    • This is the first time, since season 7, the opening credits have pictures of all seven Camden kids.

    • When Mary and Carlos are talking on the phone at the end of the episode, Carlos admits to her that he told the family about their twins because both Sarah and Lucy had announced that they were also pregnant with twins. Seeing as this was obviously the first time Mary heard about this, you would think she'd be as shocked as the rest of the family was that she and two of her siblings were not only pregnant, but also expecting twins right around the same time. Mary had absolutely no reaction to that, which is weird.

    • Towards the end of the episode, a rather large woman sings Embraceable You, just before Sandy's arrival, and the flashbacks, hence the quote "It's not over until the fat lady sings".

    • Sandy was holding baby Aaron and told Simon that they needed to talk. At that moment flashbacks started and viewers were never able to find out what she wanted to talk about.

    • It is revealed that the three oldest Camdens are all having children; twins. Matt and Sarah, Lucy and Kevin are expecting twin boys, and Mary and Carlos are expecting twin girls.

    • If Lucy was far enough along---especially with twins to find out what the babies sexes' are, she should have looked more pregnant.

    • At the end of the episode, the Roy Orbison song, You Got It, which was heard, in the first episode, is playing in the background. At the same time, two sets pictures of Eric, Annie, Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie are shown, followed by pictures of Eric and Annie, from the first and tonight's episodes.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Mary: This marriage thing...it's a legally binding contract, and it's just not so easy to get out of.
      Rose: Yes it is. My parents were married three times.
      Mary: Wow. Did they have any children?

    • Rose: Annie, I am so glad you and I have talked and gotten to know each other a little better and that you seem to actually like me. I think you like me more than my own mother likes me.

    • Simon: It's a big commitment!
      Matt: Simon, you said yes when you put the ring on her finger. You said yes again when you set a date. You said yes a third time when you sent out invitations.
      Lucy: Yeah, but--
      Matt: No! No buts!

    • Annie: I know what you're thinking about. You're thinking about how Mary was trying to kiss a guy by practicing on Matt.
      Eric: Yeah. You know...I always wonder what made Mary take such a left turn. At first, I thought it was the trashing the gym thing, but...I think Mary's problems stem from the opposite sex.
      Annie: Do you think Mary will surprise us?
      Eric: No.

    • Mary: (at the wedding) Wait! Stop! Stop! Don't do it. Stop. You can't do this!
      Rose: (to Simon) This isn't some other idiot you dated, is it?
      Simon: No! This is my sister Mary!

    • Matt: So have you ever had that happen at a wedding?
      Eric: Not quite like that.
      Matt: Oh, well, that was a great time. All the anticipation, the excitement...
      Eric: I have to agree.
      Kevin: You two have a strange sense of fun!

    • Mary: Rose, you can't do this. It isn't right. And believe me, I know what isn't right.
      Eric: Amen.
      Simon: I second that.

    • Mary: There is a whole world out there. A big world! Like that thing that they have in school, the big round thing, you know? The...uh...oh, what's it called? A, ah...a...
      Eric: Globe?
      Mary: Globe! Right! A globe. Now that is real!

    • Eric: I don't think Simon knows what he wants.
      Annie: And neither does she. (talking about Rose)

    • Umberto: I want Rose back. I love her.
      Eric: Do you think she loves you?
      Umberto: Yes, I think she does. But I think she thinks it's too late.

    • Eric: I don't think Simon brings out the best in Rose. And I don't think Rose brings out the best in Simon. And I think that is--or should be--a determining factor in whether or not two people get married. Simon and Rose should bring out the best in each other.
      Umberto: But I bring out the best in Rose. I mean, I just talked to her once and she changed the date of the wedding, she apologized to Annie, and she started being Rose again. The girl I grew up with.

    • Lucy: (to Simon) We all like Rose. I mean, we like her, and I think that you like her, and I think that's pretty much it. You don't love her.

    • Lucy: Great. Now Matt and Sarah are hiding out in the garage.
      Simon: They're not hiding out, they just want to surprise us.
      Lucy: Well, maybe I don't want to be surprised. I'm pregnant, I'm having a baby, I should be CALM!
      Simon: You've never been calm!

    • Simon: (about Rose and Umberto) What can I say? Those two love each other.
      Eric: You think they'll ever get married?
      Simon: Oh yeah. You know Rose...she wants to be married.

    • Rose's Mother: Simon, I don't know when or if I'll ever see you again, but...I love you. And thank you.

    • Matt: (in response to Lucy lecturing Simon about the upcoming wedding) Why, Reverend Kinkirk, I don't believe I've ever seen you at work before!

    • Simon: Sandy? I'm so glad you changed your mind. Thanks for coming!
      Sandy: Yeah. Rose called me.
      Simon: I wish you could have been there.
      Sandy: What happened?
      Simon: We never even made it into the church. We just couldn't do it. It wasn't right.
      Sandy: Did she say anything about me?
      Simon: No.
      Sandy: Or the baby?
      Simon: Why? Is the baby okay?
      Simon: Yeah, he's fine. But Simon, we should talk...

    • Sarah: (to Matt about the fact that they didn't know how to get rid of Sam & David's permanent marker moustaches) What kind of doctors are we?
      Ruthie: I can only say this one more day. You're not doctors yet.
      Annie laughs at Ruthie's words
      Eric: But you will be tomorrow! Congratulations!
      Annie: We're very proud of you!
      Matt: Thanks!
      Sarah: Thanks!
      Matt: We're very proud of us too.

    • Annie: Okay, I can't wait any longer, can we please, please find out about the babies?
      Carlos: Oh no don't tell us now, wait until tomorrow.
      Eric (to Annie) Mary's coming to the graduation.
      Annie: She's not! (Annie looks over at Carlos who nods and grins) Oh!
      Eric (to Carlos) You and Mary making any announcements?
      Carlos: Tomorrow. (Eric and Annie give each other looks)

    • Lucy: (wanting to know Matt & Sarah's baby news and wanting to tell her own baby news) Well, I can't wait.
      Kevin: Me neither. This day has been way too stressful. (to Lucy) Tell them.
      Simon and Rose walk over just before the announcements are made
      Simon: Wait. Wait. Wait. If someone has an announcement to make, we want to hear it.
      Sarah: (to Matt) If Kevin & Lucy, are saying, we should say too.
      Matt: Then say.
      Sarah: We're having twins. Boys!
      Annie Oh! Congratulations! That's amazing!
      Eric and Annie hug Matt and Sarah
      Lucy: Twins? (her and Kevin look at each other with surprised faces) I can't believe it.
      Simon: That's so great!
      Matt: (to his parents) You know, I blame the two of you for this.
      Annie: I gladly accept. Matt and Sarah that is so exciting!
      Kevin: (to Lucy) Tell them.
      Lucy: Ok. Well um...we're having a boy...two of them, we're having twins, too.
      Annie: No way!
      Eric: It's unbelieveable!
      Matt: That's insane! That's insane!
      Sarah: Yeah!
      Simon: Are you serious?!
      Carlos: (holds up his hand) Me too! (everyone looks at him in stunned silence)
      Annie: Oh no.
      Carlos: Uh, she's going to kill me for this, um, Mary and I uh got back together and we're having twins. Girls.
      (Eric hugs Carlos, throws his fist in the air and then hugs Annie)
      Eric: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
      Matt: Whoo! I'm freaking out! Oh my...yeah! (Annie hugs Carlos too)
      Annie: Oh my!
      Eric: Yes!

    • Carlos: (answers his phone) Hi.
      Mary: (referring to her pregnancy) Hi. Why did I just get the feeling that you spoiled my surprise? (Carlos answers Mary in Spanish) I'm going to take that as a "yes".
      Carlos: I had to, 'cause Matt and Sarah told them they were having twins. And then Kevin and Lucy said they were having twins, so I couldn't help myself.
      Mary: Well, did you tell them I'm graduating this weekend, too?
      Carlos: No, I'm saving that one for you.
      Mary: I wish I could have been there.
      Carlos: Yeah, I know honey, everyone wishes you were here, but you know, they're your family, they understand.
      Mary: Yeah, I know.

  • NOTES (9)