7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 2

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Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2006 on The CW
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Tension mounts in Kevin and Lucy's marriage as Lucy pulls away from him emotionally, spends increasing amounts of time at the movie theater, and even starts pouring her heart out to a teenage boy who works there. Back at home, Annie encourages Kevin to not give up on Lucy. Eric is less than thrilled with the new name that his twin sons have given him, but it is nothing compared to a little run-in that he has with their very young third grade teacher.moreless

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  • With this well-written episode, 7th Heaven is starting to truly legitimize their choice to resurrect the show!

    When 7th Heaven made the bold and gutsy decision this summer to bring the show back after a highly publicized and allegedly "final" episode in May, it was anyone's guess how things were going to turn out. Now, for the very first time, I am beginning to understand why they did this, and it is evident that this Season 11 has incredible potential to bring the show back to its original, classy, and more low-key roots (which is, hands-down, much more than they could have achieved if they had just ended it with Season 10).

    As for the show's long snag that made fans wonder why they were dragging it on for so long, I have my own theory. Maybe this was the result of the overwhelmingly large cast that crowded the screen every episode. That is one visible thing that was taken care of with this new season, and it seems to be serving them well. It is sad to see Ruthie out of the picture, because she is obviously one of the core Camdens, but you know what? They didn't give her much to do last year, and she ended up being a wasted character. The only thing that might have been nice is if they had addressed her feelings for Martin in greater depth, but in general I guess this storyline ended up not being all that important. Their method of writing Ruthie out was definitely unusual. (What parents let their young, immature 16-year-old daughter jet off to Scotland without even a second thought? And how is it that Kevin could afford to immediately agree to finance the whole thing for her?) I guess that's not the point, though. Now that she and Simon are gone from the regular cast lineup, I think it is a good opportunity to show to focus more exclusively on a few things rather than looking to throw in a plot for all kinds of different characters at one time. In the second episode in this 11th season, we see how Lucy and Kevin are continuing to cope with their loss, and although Kevin just wants to be closer to Lucy, she only seems capable of pushing away anyone who wants to help her. The devastation of a miscarriage runs deep with women, and even though I've never experienced it myself, I've seen it happen. In this episode, she starts talking about her feelings with a 15-year-old movie theater guy, which is very strange and very broadly explored in the plot, but I guess that's part of the charm. They don't go heavy into the specifics regarding why Lucy is attracted to him and how he helps her feel a little better about things, but the final scene between Lucy and her dad says it best. "You never know where help is going to come from," Eric tells her, and that is exactly the kind of thing I love to see on this show, because it's just classic 7th Heaven. Eric and Lucy have always had a little something extra between them, ever since Day 1, Episode 1, when Lucy was a dramatic little girl longing to "become a woman." I've always loved watching them together, because there is a genuine, unique sweetness that neither of them have with anyone else on the show, and when you watch this scene it's like revisiting the good old days.

    I do still think they need to tone it down a bit with Lucy, because she went so far as to outwardly admit that she feels no true remorse for her behavior in the Church. Yes, her anguish is legitimate, but that doesn't condone humiliating others and alienating people you care about. Still, I think they're doing a somewhat decent job with it all--Lucy could be (and has been in the past) a lot worse. Through it all, actress Beverley Mitchell is obviously just an absolute natural at emoting in front of the camera. I've never seen a girl with the emotional range and timing that she has, and the past two episodes have really demanded a top-notch dramatic performance from her. For that matter, Mitchell has been performing with that no-holds-barred emotion for 11 straight years, since Lucy was just an immature, needy 12-year-old kid, and any actress who can achieve that with such consistency deserves respect. She always had a lot of emotional scenes in the past, but these past 2 episodes have really shown me how talented and underrated Mitchell is. I give her enormous credit for that, and I commend her and George Stults for having great on-screen chemistry with one another (not to mention the fact that those Yasdrick twins are unbelievably adorable as baby Savannah!)

    I think it took a couple years for actor George Stults to find his niche in his role as Kevin, but I feel that they have finally made a terrific formula with him. He is a devoted husband, a loving father, a total family man....and some may argue that it's cheesy and unrealistic, but I call it the freshest breath of air I've seen in a long, long time. Trust me, I've seen many contemporary shows that seek to convey typical and realistic life, and 7th Heaven stands tall as one series that develops characters with genuine integrity. They aren't afraid to portray a husband who is in it for the long haul--a husband who knew what kind of girl he was marrying, made the choice to take it through good times and bad, and is doing his very best to keep it all in perspective. This is a horrible time for Kevin and Lucy--an extremely hard time--and Kevin is really meeting the difficulties with admirable patience. It's a show that isn't afraid to show how more longtime spouses like Eric and Annie can still have such a deep love for one another, and how young women like Sandy can learn to live and make intelligent decisions for themselves, despite any rocky pasts that they may have experienced.

    This brings me to the Sandy/Martin storyline...wow. What a wonderful job they did at taking a very cliched plot and making it click for the audience. (This, again, is another reason I think the smaller cast is the best move for 7th Heaven.) I am really glad that Haylie Duff and Tyler Hoechlin decided to sign on for this season. As Martin continues to mistake his love for Aaron as a strong (and often overbearing) love for Sandy, it is refreshing to see how much Sandy's character has grown and matured in the months after giving birth to her son. We can learn a lot from watching how she deals with the Martin situation and chooses to move on with a sense of self-respect. It will be very interesting to see how the Sandy/Martin connection plays out and how/if Simon fits into the fold.

    Then, of COURSE, there's our beloved Eric and Annie, who have clearly braved a lot of extremely bumpy roads with their children over the years. They are both getting older--particularly Eric, who is just completely run-down (who can blame him?) and appears to be very close to serious illness. It sounds morbid, but I know spoilers have indicated how things are going to get dramatic with him, and in this episode I could really see it starting to be set in motion. Despite all this, though, the classic lovebirds are still very much in love, enjoying some "alone time" now that 5 of their 7 kids are out of the house (despite Eric's recent tiredness, which is often very humorous against Annie's vivacious energy).

    All in all, this was certainly an above-average episode and indicates some of the great things that this season can have in store if they keep up the formula they've been using. It's still very early in the season, but from what I've seen they're doing very well so far. Even Sam and David are meshing in more with the rest of the characters, so all is well and looking just fine. Things may shake up a bit when and if some of the "absent" Camdens return for some episodes, but hopefully it will remain strong enough to make this a great year for 7th Heaven, despite its age.moreless
  • This was why I stopped watching the show

    Lucy as a character has always annoyed me. I don't understand how Kevin puts up with her never mind falls in love with her. He has a heart of gold. I don't care how much she's grieving, Lucy's outbreak was horrible. She demonstrated that she lacked the strength to be a preacher. Without likeable characters like Simon, Mary and Matt to balance her out, Lucy annoyed me to no end. In addition, I found Kevin's reaction (what reaction) to be unrealistic. He's too much of a Ken doll, too calm. He should have gotten a little upset at her outburst in Church, perhaps that would have helped her snap out of her attitude.moreless
  • It was okay.

    Lucy has pizza with T-Bone. Martin cooks for Sandy hoping she'll like him. Sam and David tell their teacher that Eric is their grandpa. Eric tries to dress younger and Annie has a lot of energy.

    This episode was a little boring to me. Although it's humerous that Ms. Margo thought that Eric was Sam and David's grandpa, this epidsode was lacking a bit. I think that Martin was stupid in trying to seduce Sandy, hasn't he learned the consequences of sex before marriage? T-Bone was good, but I like him better when he's living at the house. This episode wasn't as good as others, but it was worth it. 8.5 of out of 10.moreless
  • I thught it was ok

    it was an ok eppisode. it was sad to learn that lucy and kevin lost their babies and then she blamed him for it all in front of the whole congregation. i though it was pretty funny when sam and david told their teacher that eric was their grandfather and that caused eric to start trying to act younger by wearing that ramones shirt and that baseball cap backwards. i did get kind of annoyed by all the "adult time" that eric and annie had. it was kind of grose hearing that they really want tohave sex all the time.moreless
  • 6.5
    t h i s o n e w a s b e t t e r t h e n t h e o n e b e f o r i t w a s s t i l l s a d t o m e. i j u s t t h i n k i t g r e a t h o w k e v e n b e i n g a g r e a t h u s b e a n t h o u g h t h i smoreless
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Rachel Boston

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Colton James


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Alyssa Yadrick

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, Lucy tells the 18-year-old movie theater guy that she is 7 years older than him, which would make her 25 but in the pilot episode, she was 12, so she would really only be 23.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Kevin: Lucy and I had a fight.
      Eric: So did Annie and I.
      Kevin: (a little confused) And you're happy about that?

    • T-Bone: I mean, don't you get a little tired of being around them?
      Lucy: No. They're my family!
      T-Bone: Exactly. You can't talk to your family about your family. I mean, that's how you ended up losing it in Church. You need a friend to talk to.

    • T-Bone: I just want to get to know her better. Maybe it will work out, maybe it won't.
      Kevin: I know it wouldn't work out.
      T-Bone: No offense, but don't you think that's kind of up to Lucy?
      Kevin: Look, pal, I could have you arrested.
      T-Bone: No, you couldn't.
      Kevin: I could try.
      T-Bone: I haven't done anything illegal!
      Kevin: I'm betting you have. Let me see your driver's license.
      T-Bone: What for?
      Kevin: You look more like 15 to me. (T-Bone rolls his eyes, pulls out his ID, Kevin looks at it for one second) It's fake.
      T-Bone: Okay. Maybe Lucy and I could just be friends.
      Kevin: I don't think so.

    • Sandy: He tried to seduce me!
      Lucy: Well, just try to appreciate it for what it was.
      Sandy: But Martin is in love with me. He wants to marry me, and I don't want to marry him!
      Lucy: See? Careful what you wish for.

    • Sandy: I get the feeling that you're upset with me. Are you upset with me?
      Lucy: I didn't say that.
      Sandy: Just say it.
      Lucy: I don't want to say it! I don't want to be upset with you, I don't feel like being upset with you. I just don't want you to blame my husband if you end up making any mistakes with Martin.

    • Annie: It's going to be all right, Kevin. Everything will be all right. Just go home to Lucy, and hang out with her, be with her, talk to her, let her know how much you care about her.
      Kevin: No offense, Mom, but I don't think things are going to get better. In fact, I think they're just gonna get worse.

    • T-Bone: (to Lucy) I'd be more than happy to be your Ashton if you'd be willing to be my Demi!

    • Kevin: Lucy's seeing someone.
      Eric: What, a psychiatrist?
      Kevin: A guy.
      Eric: A guy psychiatrist?

    • Lucy: I wasn't trying to say that Aaron was a mistake.
      Sandy: It's okay. I know you weren't trying to say that.
      Lucy: I was just trying to say that I don't understand why....why some people who don't want children have them, and why people who do want children don't have them. Yet there is no reason.
      Sandy: There's just what is.

    • Sandy: You came all the way over here to make me dinner?
      Martin: Yeah. After 4 hours of classes, 2 hours at the library and 3 hours of practice, I came all the way over here to make you dinner. To see you, talk to you, and take care of you. Anything you need for you or my son.
      Sandy: Okay. But only if it doesn't imply some sort of commitment.
      Martin: No, not at all. We're just two people who had sex one time and now have a child together. No commitment.

    • Annie: What time are you expecting Lucy?
      Kevin: I don't know. I've learned not to ask any of those questions over the summer. She's free to come and go as she pleases. It's a control thing. I know it's a control thing, so I make no attempt to appear that I'm trying to control anything other than myself.
      Annie: Oh, Kevin, you've been such a good and caring husband through all of this. And this must be so hard on you, too.
      Kevin: It's just that Lucy and I have been dealing with it in two completely different ways. I need to be closer to her, and she needs to be further away from me.

    • Eric: My wife's newfound freedom is making her unusually....caring.
      Kevin: I don't think I should know about that.
      Eric: Well, then don't ask so many questions.
      Kevin: I wouldn't have if I'd known I was gonna find that out. Geez, Dad!

    • T-Bone: (referring to Lucy's blowup in the Church the week before) And by the way, if you ask me, your husband....not that hot. Well, not as hot as you anyway.
      Lucy: (getting upset) How old are you?
      T-Bone: Oh, don't panic. I'm over 18. (shows her his ID)
      Lucy: Yeah, okay. Not old enough to talk to me like that!
      T-Bone: You mean, like man to woman? Yeah, actually I am.
      Lucy: (getting her money out for her movie ticket) Um, okay. One adult, hurry up, and do not say another word to me!

    • Lucy: I can't believe I spent the whole day hanging out with a teenager who has a crush on me. And I really can't believe that he actually made me feel better.
      Eric: You never know where help is gonna come from.

    • Kevin: This is like the Religious Twilight Zone! Lucy has a new boyfriend, you're driving your sons to school to flirt with their teacher right after you made up with your wife....what kind of family have I gotten myself into?
      Eric: We're like the Cleavers, except we're religious and we like to fool around.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Continuing the storyline from last week's episode, Annie mentions that Mary now has the job of coaching a girls high school basketball team.

    • This is the first episode to feature Colton James who plays the recurring role of T-Bone.

    • Three days after this episode first aired, the CW annouced they were flipping their Sunday and Monday schedules around to help its comedy block get better ratings when their new drama Runaway was struggling to get an audience against Heroes on NBC.


    • T-Bone: I'd be more than willing to be your Ashton if you'd be willing to be my Demi!

      When T-Bone says this to Lucy, he is referring to Hollywood stars Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, who have been dating for a few years now, despite a significant age difference.