7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2004 on The CW
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The Camdens, especially Lucy and Ruthie, grow concerned that an unusually joyful Annie isn't dealing with her true emotions following the death of her father Charles, but the happiness proves to be infectious as it soon spreads through the family and all over town. Meanwhile, Eric tries to convince an unhappy Chandler that he should consider adoption, which leads to a meeting with a lawyer (guest-star Randy Spelling). At the same time Chandler is approached by a mysterious young girl who gives him a cryptic message before she disappears.moreless

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  • Don't judge Annie

    Lucy and Ruthie thinks Annie's happiness over her father's death is wrong. First off the happiness is for two reasons. One is that her father is no longer suffering and two is the release of the stress Annie had about her father's Alzheimer's. My father had Parkinson's and when he died I was happy and relived that his suffering is over.
  • It was a very happy episode!

    Annie's happiness after her father's death is contagious. Everyone seems to be very happy. Eric tries to get Chandler to adopt. Chandler thinks that he has seen an angel named Angela at Pete's Pizza. She tells him to go to 4701 Chapel Lane. He goes there to find, Jeffrey, a boy who wants to be adopted because he has no parents and his grandmother, who takes care of him, is old. It turns out that Angela is just Pete's niece. Kevin and Lucy want to buy a house in the neighborhood.

    This episode was great! I think that Chandler adopting is a good thing! The girl, Angela, looked kind of creepy. My sister is actually scared of her! I really thought that everyone dancing was kind of cheesy. I didn't like it when Annie and the boys were singing in the beginning and the end. It just kind of bothered me. Otherwise, I loved this episode and I give it a 9.5!moreless
  • This episode was bizarre on so many levels that I don't even know where to start. In the end I thought this episode would've ended off with Chandler pulling a Dallas and revealing they dreamt the whole episode and what they would like to happen in real limoreless

    Well here it is---the final episode of 7th Heaven in February sweeps and for a while actually until late April. UGH! Why can't the WB order more episodes to stop these long hiatus'? I'm not gonna dance around it---this episode was quite weird and bizarre! This episode was bizarre on so many levels that I don't even know where to start. In the end I thought this episode would've ended off with Chandler pulling a Dallas and revealing they dreamt the whole episode and what they would like to happen in real life. This episode really was leading in the saccharine a la Twilight Zone arena. Let's break it down…

    Annie and her happiness: Wow, first of all it's nice to see a very happy and interacting Annie in this episode. We haven't gotten that in a while. But, wow, was the timing off. As a person (myself) who's mourned the loss of many family members it's hard to believe that you would be in a happy mood even if you think it's a "gift" from them or they wanted you to be "happy". Personally, I kind of hope Annie is faking because out of all the times she's supposed to moody and upset---this is one of them, and it's the exact opposite. But you know what, everyone deals with family lose in their own way. I guess maybe Annie learned after her mother's death the first time 8 years ago that she should embrace life. And besides, in Charles final months Annie had spent a lot of time with him from traveling back and forth to Arizona and got to be there and heal in the fact that he's leaving and that it's okay. But when it comes to death, isn't it always sudden no matter how prepared you are in advanced to handle it?

    There are just many ways to interpret this storyline. Although I got a giggle when Annie told Eric that she wasn't "high." Hehe. If anything majorly bothered me it would be that the writers could've at least acknowledged the time frame of this episode from the last---cause wouldn't Grandpa Charles grandkids Matt, Mary and Simon fly in to attend his funeral and be together for their mourning. We couldv'e at least heard their reactions of the matter through Eric and Annie talking. Boy, I miss all 3 of them!:( As much as we all know that can't happen---the writers could've at least explained to what happened to them on finding out the news of Grandpa Charles death and if they came home at all. Also, if this episode was a while after the last one (time-frame wise) it would be more believeable I guess on Annie now gearing into a happy mood after her mourning period.

    Chandler and Angela: Wow, the second episode in a row where we see a lot of Chandler. The writers have been doing a good job this season of rotating characters and letting each have a few episode of their own focused on them. Now that girl Angela---wow, she was kind of creepy. I don't mean to be mean---but she was. Was there also something wrong with her eyes? She looked cross-eyed and just---out there. Anyway, I usually like Eric---but what is it with him all the sudden with pushing Chandler into adopting a child? That just came out of nowhere honestly. Please, writers, if you want to introduce a storyline like that you should at least set up a foundation in previous episodes to lead off into the adoption storyline. And could that kid being anymore blatant with Chandler and wanting to invite him in his house after waking him up in his car and adopting. Even more he explains he needs a father all WITH SECONDS after meeting Chandler? Huh? I'm guessing he knew Chandler would be by after Eric was conspiring with Pete and Angela to go there at his house, but still. The ending of the storyline could've been handled better in the writing and acting. This goes towards the girl Angela and the boy Jeffrey.

    Also, it was hard to tell in this episode when did Chandler's dream actually begin. Was it with the part with Cecilia and her crew dancing in the school hallway with the mops? It was hard to tell which part was a dream and which wasn't since some seemed to have happened in real life. It's likely the dancing at Annie's house actually did happen.

    Kevin and Lucy: I was very satisfied with the conclusion. As much as I like seeing Kevin and Lucy close to the family we all can admit that it was about time they start living on their own and move out the garage apartment. I mean, seriously, Kevin has been financially "stable" ever since their engagement. Seeing them taking a walk and dancing while walking on the block was the most believable out of all these bizarre storylines.

    The Others: I actually really enjoyed the dance scenes in this episode---especially with Cecilia and her family at the school and working. But I'm sorry---Vic, Paris and Peter lovingly dancing and being happy while they are cleaning house? That's just too 1950's The Donna Reed Show, even by 7th Heaven standards. That was just bizarre! Once again, Roxanne was absolutely no use in this episode. So what...that her father had to go to the gun range and play around!? Her storyline had no point. I'm protesting to the writers again that she should be a recurring, and not a full time cast member. It's not necessary when only in a few episodes out of the season she actually has a good storyline that applies to major aspect of that particular episode.

    Overall, this episode was weird, a little creepy, and a little too saccharine (and that's saying a lot by 7th Heaven standards)---and yet it was still very enjoyable---despite some of my complaints. Ahhh, now it's time to go on our annual hiatus. Well, see you guys in April when new episodes return, as the season will conclude. Hopefully, we'll get Matt, Mary and (cross fingers) Simon, Carlos and baby into the mix.

    Grade: **6 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:

    *That was a cute song Annie and twins were singing and dancing to. But wow, Annie---please don't try for American Idol---Simon Cowell would tear you up. But for a mom you did a good thing with your toddler sons with the dancing in the kitchen and singing. That was cute and not overdone---"The Rhythm of Life Has a Powerful Beat"

    *Finally, Cecilia and Peter were with their families in this episode. Quite an improvement over last week where they had no business being at the Camden home for that long. And they both are more liked in my opinion when they're with their own families. Keep on going with that writers----only have them with the Camdens when it's conviently necessary and not shove them down our throats just to have them appear and be regulars.

    *It was only a matter of time before one of the Aaron Spellings' kids was to show up on his shows. Honestly, I thought Tori was more likely to be on the show than Randy. Randy was very good in his scenes with Chandler by the way.

    *Ahh, it really seems like Martin is becoming the new Robbie. His scenes with Ruthie and Annie were very nice.

    *Annie finally seems to be having more fun and interacting with the twins and genuinely having a good time. It's about time. But I still think we need to see these guys more outside the house and in the playground with other kids.

    *Note to cameraman: Please don't ever do a close-up of someone picking and scrapping off food---especially Lucy with pizza when it looked totally gross and nasty.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • There's nothing goofed up about giving a $20 tip, as there is no universal constant for the amount that you are allowed to tip a person. It is possible that he really wanted to pay the pizza and labeling it as a tip would get her to accept it. Having this labeled as a nitpick is more appropriate.

    • GOOF: Chandler was supposed to sign the paper for the adoption thing. He picked up the pen to sign it---but never did.

    • GOOF: How much was Chandler supposed to give in tip cause it looked like a $20 bill.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Peter: (to Ruthie) You know I love you in a 14-year-old first crush kind of way, don't ya honey?

    • Kevin to Lucy: "Chinese food."

      Lucy to Kevin: "But we don't know what kind of chinese food."

    • Chandler to Roxanne: "As much as I like house work I think I'm gonna pass."

      Roxanne to Chandler: I'm still getting e mails from martins dad."

      Kevin to Lucy: "Wanna go for a walk?"

      Lucy to Kevin: "I'd like that."

      Vic to Chandler: "You ok? You look like you've just seen a ghost."

      Chandler to Vic: "Maybe it was a ghost ... or an angel."

      Annie to Chandler: "Come in."

      Chandler to Annie: "I can't stay I just wanted to ask you somthing... do you belive in angels."

      Annie to Chandler: Of course I believe in angels."

      Annie to Eric: "I'll tell you if you tell me."

      Martin to Annie: "I'm happy my mom was my mom ... she was great."

      Eric to Annie: "Was that Lucy?"

      Annie to eric: "It was."

      Eric to Annie: "And..."

      Annie gives him a thumbs up

      Lucy to Eric: "Can we get a dog?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "Definetly."

      Cecilia to Martin: "How's Mr's. Camden?"

      Martin to Cecilia: "Happy."

      Cecilia to Martin: "And you?"

      Martin to Cecilia: "Happy."

      Roxanne to Chandler: "Ok, well if you change your mind."

      Chandler to Roxanne: "Yeah,I know where the gun range is."

      Eric to Chandler: "So you liked him?"

      Chandler to Eric: "Well, yeah."

      Lawyer to Chandler: "Great ... sign here...Jeffrey.

    • Lucy to Kevin: "I saw the house and wanted it, and I want a baby too, even if you and my mother don't."

      Kevin to Lucy: "And your dad. We want you to finish college first, then will talk."

    • Annie to Eric: "...And I am not high."

    • Eric to Chandler: "They say if you change the life of a child, you change the world."

    • Annie to Eric: "Heaven is family and friends and being surrounded by people you love and who love you. Do you know how many friends we have?"

      Eric to Annie: "I can hardly keep track of how many family we have."

    • Annie to Eric: "I think getting my mood up has gotten everyone elses mood up. But I'm not high. I know you're up to something. What are you up to?"

    • Vic to Chandler: "The unexplainable can't be explained. For example, how'd I quit drinking? (Chandler doesn't respond) Right!"

    • Chandler to Vic: "Everyone's so happy! Why is everybody so happy? I feel like I'm in the twilight zone or something."

    • Kevin to lucy: "It's a big step buying a house but I think were ready."

      Lucy to Kevin: "When do you think will be redy to have a baby?"

    • Chandler: (to himself) "Have I been drinking?"

      Waitress to Chandler: "No."

    • Annie to the Twins: "Oh, the Rhythm of Life has a Powerful Beat...You can Tingle them in your Fingers and Tingle in your Feet...Oh, the Rhythm of life has a Powerful beat!"

  • NOTES (12)


    • Annie: "I am not high."
      Annie talks to Eric in their room over her behavior lately with her father's death (Charles) and why she's so happy. She funningly clarifies that she's not "high" which refers to the term of someone who is very much on drugs, whether it's pot, cocaine, etc.

    • Chandler: "I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone."
      Chandler talks to Vic in Paris' kitchen and gets the distinct feeling that everyone is not right and assumes he's in The Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone is a popular series created by Rod Sterling in the 1950's that showcased weird happenings/ events in the everyday lives of people. It's spawned off a bunch of remakes and movies later on in the 1980's-00's.