7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2004 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • There's nothing goofed up about giving a $20 tip, as there is no universal constant for the amount that you are allowed to tip a person. It is possible that he really wanted to pay the pizza and labeling it as a tip would get her to accept it. Having this labeled as a nitpick is more appropriate.

    • GOOF: Chandler was supposed to sign the paper for the adoption thing. He picked up the pen to sign it---but never did.

    • GOOF: How much was Chandler supposed to give in tip cause it looked like a $20 bill.

  • Quotes

    • Peter: (to Ruthie) You know I love you in a 14-year-old first crush kind of way, don't ya honey?

    • Kevin to Lucy: "Chinese food."

      Lucy to Kevin: "But we don't know what kind of chinese food."

    • Chandler to Roxanne: "As much as I like house work I think I'm gonna pass."

      Roxanne to Chandler: I'm still getting e mails from martins dad."

      Kevin to Lucy: "Wanna go for a walk?"

      Lucy to Kevin: "I'd like that."

      Vic to Chandler: "You ok? You look like you've just seen a ghost."

      Chandler to Vic: "Maybe it was a ghost ... or an angel."

      Annie to Chandler: "Come in."

      Chandler to Annie: "I can't stay I just wanted to ask you somthing... do you belive in angels."

      Annie to Chandler: Of course I believe in angels."

      Annie to Eric: "I'll tell you if you tell me."

      Martin to Annie: "I'm happy my mom was my mom ... she was great."

      Eric to Annie: "Was that Lucy?"

      Annie to eric: "It was."

      Eric to Annie: "And..."

      Annie gives him a thumbs up

      Lucy to Eric: "Can we get a dog?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "Definetly."

      Cecilia to Martin: "How's Mr's. Camden?"

      Martin to Cecilia: "Happy."

      Cecilia to Martin: "And you?"

      Martin to Cecilia: "Happy."

      Roxanne to Chandler: "Ok, well if you change your mind."

      Chandler to Roxanne: "Yeah,I know where the gun range is."

      Eric to Chandler: "So you liked him?"

      Chandler to Eric: "Well, yeah."

      Lawyer to Chandler: "Great ... sign here...Jeffrey.

    • Lucy to Kevin: "I saw the house and wanted it, and I want a baby too, even if you and my mother don't."

      Kevin to Lucy: "And your dad. We want you to finish college first, then will talk."

    • Annie to Eric: "...And I am not high."

    • Eric to Chandler: "They say if you change the life of a child, you change the world."

    • Annie to Eric: "Heaven is family and friends and being surrounded by people you love and who love you. Do you know how many friends we have?"

      Eric to Annie: "I can hardly keep track of how many family we have."

    • Annie to Eric: "I think getting my mood up has gotten everyone elses mood up. But I'm not high. I know you're up to something. What are you up to?"

    • Vic to Chandler: "The unexplainable can't be explained. For example, how'd I quit drinking? (Chandler doesn't respond) Right!"

    • Chandler to Vic: "Everyone's so happy! Why is everybody so happy? I feel like I'm in the twilight zone or something."

    • Kevin to lucy: "It's a big step buying a house but I think were ready."

      Lucy to Kevin: "When do you think will be redy to have a baby?"

    • Chandler: (to himself) "Have I been drinking?"

      Waitress to Chandler: "No."

    • Annie to the Twins: "Oh, the Rhythm of Life has a Powerful Beat...You can Tingle them in your Fingers and Tingle in your Feet...Oh, the Rhythm of life has a Powerful beat!"

  • Notes

    • This episode starts the arc and recurring status of James Henrie (Jeffrey Turner).

    • On its original airing this episode scored 5.5 million viewers, yet again up against the monster Fox hit American Idol in its timeslot, which explains the low ratings for this particular episode.

    • Music featured in this episode was from the titled song Rhythm of Life from the musical Sweet Charity. Uncredited by the WB.

    • This is the fourth Aaron Spelling show that his son Randy has appeared in he starred in Sunset Beach, and Malibu Shores. He also had a recurring role in Beverly Hills, 90210.

    • This is the first episode directed by Peter Medak.

    • When this episode of 7th Heaven originally aired it was on a full 2-hour Monday event on the WB. This episode was new as the next episode was a repeat of Go Ask Alice.

    • David Gallagher (Simon Camden) does not appear in this episode.

    • Jessica Biel (Mary Camden) does not appear in this episode.

    • Randy Spelling, son of 7th Heaven's studio and executive producer Aaron Spelling guest-stars in this episode.

    • Barry Watson (Matt Camden) does not appear in this episode.

    • Angel is also the name of a WB show which airs Wednesday nights at 9PM. Coincidently, it's the name of this episode.

    • A repeat of 7th Heaven followed the original airing of this episode at 9:00pm.

  • Allusions

    • Annie: "I am not high."
      Annie talks to Eric in their room over her behavior lately with her father's death (Charles) and why she's so happy. She funningly clarifies that she's not "high" which refers to the term of someone who is very much on drugs, whether it's pot, cocaine, etc.

    • Chandler: "I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone."
      Chandler talks to Vic in Paris' kitchen and gets the distinct feeling that everyone is not right and assumes he's in The Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone is a popular series created by Rod Sterling in the 1950's that showcased weird happenings/ events in the everyday lives of people. It's spawned off a bunch of remakes and movies later on in the 1980's-00's.