7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 10

Apple Pie

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2005 on The CW
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Simon suspects Rose is keeping secrets, and the two resolve an issue of trust; Kevin's beef with Martin's attitude about being a father comes to a head; and Eric and Annie finally let Ruthie date Jack.

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  • Great!

    Ruthie still wants to go out with Jack after learning from Simon that he seduces girls who are virgins and then he never speaks to them again. Martin and Sandy run into each other and Martin hurts Sandy's feelings. Rose lies about where she is to Simon. She doesn't want Simon to know that her dad is getting his fourth divorce and her mom is in her third marriage. Kevin and Martin have a fist fight. Ruthie concludes that Jack is too old for her.

    This was a great episode! There's no more Meredith, which is sad. I'm kind of glad that Jack and Ruthie are just friends. I thought that when Kevin and Martin were fighting, it looked really dumb. I felt so sad for Sandy. I really don't like Martin that much either. This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • I can't stand Rose!

    Rose really gets on my nerves. I can't wait for the epsisode that they are showing previews for right now. Rose makes everyone in the family mad and seemingly ruins Christmas. I hope Simon dumps her. I also want to see Martin and Ruthie together. Why are Sam and David on the show again? They really dont have any role other than walking around and occasionally answering the phone. Boring!
  • Why 7th Heaven continues to soar in November

    The November sweeps episodes were fantastically written. And the ratings also skyrocked, compared to the slow 6-episode start. The writing was unbelieveable in "Apple Pie" and it was great seeing the characters learn about each other.

    I absolutely love seeing Simon and Ruthie together - just like old times. Lately it seems like she uses her older brother for advice even though she denies that she denies respecting his opinion. Fantastic episode!moreless
  • Half Baked

    Quite frankly, I have been at the point here recently where I have felt like not even writing a review for 7th Heaven. Why?. Because it seems like I am reviewing the same episode over and over again. Season 10 is moving like molasses, and it doesn't seem to be heading towards anything interesting or satisfying. At least not yet. With this being the final season, we can hope the second half leads us to a rousing and satisfying conclusion of this 10 year odyssey. They owe us that much. It's just that everything has been the same. A ton of episodes that addresses the same things with little happenings going on to move much along. The episodes of season 10 have had no individuality or variety. They might as well be called "Simon, Rose, Martin, Sandy, Ruthie Drama episode 1" and so on. And quite frankly, none of it is very interesting. I was this close to not even bothering with a review for "Apple Pie". There were some revealing things in here(hence my classification for the episode), but really, there was nothing else much going on. I never find it too interesting or entertaining when pretty much the entire episode itself takes place in the house with people going up the stairs, coming down the stairs, and walking around. The thing with the pie with Eric was kind of silly at first, but it came together in the end when he and Annie talked with Simon in the living room. Otherwise, this was another faceless, run of the mill episode that can be lumped in with the others that have preceeded it and disappear quickly. But next week?. Now that looks like a good one!. Can't wait for that one. But with the way the show has been this year, I'm prepared for it to be a disappointment. I seriously hope I'm wrong. Okay, here we go...

    Let's start off with Simon and the whole Rose thing shall we?. Simon is on vacation from school, and he has been hanging out at home. Mostly on the couch. Unfortunatley, he still has to work, and has to head back in the morning. He lets slip to Ruthie the big secret about Jack, but we will get to that later. Simon has been trying to reach Rose, but to no avail. She is not answering her cell phone or returning his messages. She supposedly told him that she was going to be with Sandy. Not getting a hold of Rose, he contacts Sandy, who just so happens to be, quite convenientley, next door at Lucy and Kevin's house. She informs Simon that Rose is not there, and they weren't getting together. Rose is lying!. Oh that minx. Anywho, Simon doesn't know what to think when he thinks about this latest bit of drama. Apparently, Rose has some secrets of her own. She is at the family house and her dad shows up. She is upset and depressed because her father is selling the home that she loves so much. More revealing is that her parents, who she has talked about as being together, aren't. In fact, her father is getting his third(or fourth?)divorce, and her mother's third marriage is on shakey ground. Aha!. Maybe Rose isn't so bad after all?. Simon finally gets a hold of her and the two have it out. After talking with Eric and Annie(who barely appears in this episode), Simon knows something is going on and Rose spills the beans. This makes Simon think that their relationship is even better than before. This explains Rose's behavior and her actions over their engagement and wedding. He says he can trust her again. Is this the beginning of a new Rose?. After seeing the previews for next week's show, it doesn't seem likely. Will Rose and Simon get along and will she finally be accepted in the Camden fold?. I don't know. Sometimes it seems like she could be okay, then she does something monstrous and you hate her with the red hot intensity of a thousand suns. This was a somewhat interesting storyline, but only until the end when we learn about her parents and the talk her and Simon had. Otherwise it was mostly Simon trying to reach her on the phone. Not great art there.

    Now onto Sandy and Martin. Sandy is at Lucy and Kevin's. Lucy has the last piece of apple pie that Eric so desperatley wants. Sandy takes it over and runs into Martin in the backyard. Their discussion is okay, but Sandy gets really upset when she acts pleasant and kind and wishes Martin a happy holiday and he doesn't offer the same to her. She is a blubbering mess afterwards. Overreact, much?. Since she is pregnant, it could be the hormones taking over here. I can see someone being a bit peeved if someone is rude like Martin was, but that?. Kevin has it in for Martin and the two meet up in the backyard. Kevin is sick of Martin and his attitude towards Sandy(so am I, but I can also understand what he must be thinking and going through). Before long, the two are at each other's throats. Eric catches rolling around fighting on the lawn. I can see this happening, especially if you have some built in frustration and you just need to release it. It was amusing, but unneccessary. Afterwards, the two have a kind of truce and go their seperate ways. I don't care if Martin likes Sandy, or if Sandy even wants Martin now. The big deal here is that there is a baby coming. Martin's baby. He's going to need help, and he's going to need a father. Martin needs to step up to the plate for his baby regardless of what he feels for Sandy. Tyler Hoechlin was pretty decent in his scenes, showing a little more flair. He is still nowhere near as good as David Gallagher, but he was pretty acceptable in this episode. People say that Kevin should mind his own business, but this drama has swallowed everyone up. Including Kevin. I can't wait for this baby to be born. Come out!.

    The ongoing Ruthie debacle is still the same. Nothing new. Nothing interesting. The big secret about Jack has come out and it's nothing original either. The secret is that Jack is the kind of guy who hooks up with girls who have never been with guys before(i.e. virgins), has his way, and then moves on. Martin has a confrontation with Jack when he comes over to talk to Eric(who is on his own mission with his pie). Martin and Jack talk and Martin will not let Ruthie become another notch on Jack's bed post. Jack strikes back by denying the rumors(wouldn't you?)but it seems he is telling the truth. The rumors aren't true. Did anyone ever stop to think that HE was the one picked up and then dropped by these girls?. Everyone seems to believe it, but is it a lie?. Is this a ruse to throw everyone off?. It's possible that Jack is lying and the rumors are indeed true. Maybe not. I guess we will have to wait and see where it goes from here. But does Ruthie even still like Jack after all this?. She says she does and that she isn't giving up after all this work. But one wonders. And the age thing?. 16 and 18 is not a big deal at all. I think 7th is being a bit ridiculous with this aspect. There isn't much difference between a 16 year old and an 18 year old. It's practically the same in most ways. Is it going to matter when they are 21 and 23?. 25 and 27?. 58 and 60?. No. This is quite ludicrous if you ask me.

    Throughout the episode, Eric has been after his one last piece of Annie's apple pie. He tries to get into the kitchen to get it while Jack and Ruthie are all there. Even tries to get the twins to get it. Finally he does, but he doesn't eat it. When he finally does, he shares it with Annie. The person he's been waiting for. It was mostly a silly and filler story, but the outcome of it was kind of nice.

    In the end, this was another middle of the road episode with not a whole lot going to seperate it from the pack. We got something out of Rose and Jack, but it was nothing shocking or earth shattering. I found this episode to be slightly more tolerable than "Turkey", but not by much. Let's hope the big Christmas episode doesn't let anyone down and that we have a great holiday episode. I doubt they could ever top "Here Comes Santa Claus", but we can only hope.moreless
  • Simon thinks Rose is lying to him, and thinks that maybe his parents are right. Kevin and Martin get into a fight. Ruthie, Martin and Jack discover the truth about Jack and all his other "conquests".moreless

    Simon talks to Rose on the phone, saying that this is his last night in Glenoak, and wants to see her. She tells him that her parents realtor is showing the house and since they are not home, she has told Sandy that they would hang out tonight.

    After he gets off the phone, Eric calls over to Lucy\\\'s house to ask her if he can have the last piece of Apple Pie. Sandy answers and Simon overhears that Sandy is at Lucys house.

    He begins to wonder why Rose would lie to him about hanging out with Sandy. Maybe his parents were right, Maybe they were not.

    Lucy asks Sandy to take the pie to her dad, and she agrees, on her way over the runs into Martin, who is somewhat cold. SHe gives Martin the pie to give to Eric and goes back to Lucy\\\'s in tears. Lucy and Kevin try to console her as Kevin and Sandy both say that would like to punch Martin. Lucy tells Kevin to take a walk to cool off and while he is gone, he runs into Martin. They get into a fight and end up rolling around on the ground. (BEFORE THIS HAPPENS)

    Eric see\\\'s the pie sitting on the corner of the counter but is afraid to go in there because Jack, Martin and Ruthie are talking in the Kitchen. Jack is explaining to Martin and Ruthie that he wants a girl who is not all about sex.

    Eric still does not get his pie, as he tries to convince the twins to get the pie.

    Finally when he gets a chance to go in the kitchen to get the pie, Martin is gone.

    He talks to Jack for a few minutes before opening the back door.

    When he opens the back door (This is where Martin and Kevin are at) he sees Kevin and Martin rolling around on the ground. He closes the door, and looks at Ruthie and says \\\"It\\\'s the holidays\\\".

    Rose is talking to her dad about his divorce to his 4th wife and the selling of their house, which Rose loves. He wants to meet Simon, but Rose does not want Simon to know that He is getting divorced for the 4th time, and her moms 3rd marriage is rocky.

    Rose finally answers her phone when Simon calls and she lies and tells him that her dad stopped by, and she didn\\\'t want to interrupt time with her dad to answer the phone.

    Then he is upset because Rose didn\\\'t call him so he could meet her dad (She didnnt want simon meeting her parents and finding out that they are not together until after she and simon were married).

    Finally Rose breaks down, and tells Simon everything.

    The next morning, Eric comes downstairs and Simon is JUST THEN getting off the phone with Rose. He tells Eric that he loves Rose and that all is great, and tells him why she is in a rush to get married, and about her family life.

    Martin shows up at Lucy\\\'s door saying he is sorry for the fight. Then Martin calls Sandy and apologises!moreless

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