7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 8

Ay Carumba

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2001 on The CW
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As the older kids continue to resent Mary, they must deal with the punishment that Annie has given them for their selfish behavior. Mary finally reveals the truth about Wilson as she attempts to repair her relationship with each member of the family. Meanwhile, Eric and Annie have very different reactions to Mary's return, which puts a strain on their marriage. Robbie is having a great time with his new girlfriend, but he is very nervous about meeting her parents.moreless

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  • Lucy and Mary jealous of Robbie? No way! :)

    Robbie's new girlfriend upsets Mary and Lucy, who start fighting. Matt, Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie make it Survivor and the last one standing gets the apartment. Mary changes for the better. Eric and Annie spend a romantic evening out. Robbie meets Joy's dad and he takes a liking to him. Ruthie outwits Lucy, Simon, and Matt. Mary apologizes to everyone. We find out that Wilson broke up with Mary.

    I loved this episode, as I always love every episode. I am so glad that Mary apologized to everyone. She really has gone through a transformation. She isn't perfect, but she's on her way to being great. I thought the whole garage aparment scenario was funny and Ruthie was cute when she tricked everyone. I really like Joy and I want Robbie and her to get married someday. The song at the end was enjoyable, but you can tell she is lip-syncing. I give this episode a 10!moreless
  • This was a total 7th Heaven cheesy epesode.

    The reason I loved this epesode was because Ruthie was so smart getting the apartment and a great survivor. I also liked all the apologies. I liked watching Lucy and Mary fight. I think Mary had really grown and changed in this epesode, for the better. I loved the Mary/Lucy scene discussing the sermon ect. best. I also liked the sound tunnle thing. At the end Eric and Annie were cute and I liked Joy and Robbie. The end was so sweet and cheesy.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • After Lucy got into a fight with Mary, she goes inside the garage apartment and a small rip is noticable in her sweater. After she goes inside, the rip has grown to be almost three times bigger than it was before.

    • In the previous episode, Annie told the older kids that they could only come inside the house to use the bathroom, and absolutely nothing else. In this episode, however, Annie tells them that they are only supposed to be in the house for the bathroom and meals. Later, Simon, Matt and Ruthie are pooling their money to buy dinner, because they aren't allowed to eat with the rest of the family.

    • In the previous episode, Ruthie wears a green sweater to church. In the opening of this episode, after they arrive from church, when Ruthie is dancing with Joy, she is wearing a colorful shirt. Annie asks her and the others to report to the garage apartment, and when she's wearing the green sweater again.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Mary: (to her parents) I am really sorry that I let everyone down. And I am sorry that as part of this wonderful family, I didn't realize that doing all the things that led to my getting asked to leave would affect everyone, and not just me. I apologize. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize. And I want to thank you for letting me go live with the Colonel and Ruth, and I'm...not the greatest student of life, but I must have learned something, and I want to be here now. And I hope you'll give me a chance to do better, because I can do better.
      Eric: And I want to apologize to you, too. I think I could have cut you some slack when you showed up here, but instead, I...
      Mary: Don't cut me some slack. Stay tough. I need that. (leaves)
      Eric: Okay. (to Annie) Wait. What did she mean by that?
      Mary: (from the top of the stairs) I mean I still need you.

    • Annie: I was wrong and you were right, but not in the way that you think.
      Eric: Still, music to my ears.
      Annie: Mary is not the prodigal son, and I made a mistake in treating her as if she were. She never left to go discover herself. She didn't go out into the world and get into trouble and hit rock bottom and then come crawling home for forgiveness. She never did that. She showed signs of getting in trouble, and we sent her to your parents before she had the chance to do something that she or we would regret. And you know what? It worked, Eric. And I don't think we've ever given ourselves credit for doing the right thing in saving her from hitting rock bottom. Now, maybe she didn't learn anything. But I think part of the reason why she claims that is that she's afraid that she did. She's afraid to make another mistake.
      Eric: You know, for a guy who just got an apology, I'm feeling pretty lousy.
      Annie: It's a lecture coughed with an apology. I think if we can just let Mary discover who she is and what wants to do, surrounded by our love, guided by our genius...then maybe she will learn something. Maybe she'll even contribute something to the world.
      Eric: Let's just aim for Glen Oak.

    • Mary: I am still crazy, irresponsible, bad Mary and after all this time I don't think I learned squat. What's it gonna take to get my life in order, huh, Luce?
      Lucy: I don't know. But whatever it takes for us all to get our lives in order, I'm pretty sure we can get it right here at home.

    • Simon: I have to get out of here. I have to get out of here to survive. And once I do, unlike you and Mary, that's it for me. I'm never coming back.
      Matt: Yeah, I remember 15. Let's go.

    • Annie: Do you have a problem with my punishing the children without your approval?
      Eric: While I don't want the garage apartment...for my own, I can understand why they're upset about your giving it to Mary. We don't even know if she needs it.
      Annie: So? They don't know if she doesn't. Maybe she and Wilson need it.
      Eric: I got the feeling from Wilson that they broke up and he's just letting Mary tell us, and I gotta know why that is. Because it suggests the why, it won't be something we like.
      Annie: What do you feel her problems are?
      Eric: I feel her problems are that she's irresponsible, self-centered, and inconsiderate of other family members.
      Annie: I think she wants to be responsible, and that's something. I think it's good for her to be self-centered right now. It's good for her to focus on herself and come to love herself, because that's the first step in loving others. And I don't think she's inconsiderate of other family members. On the contrary, I think other family members, including you, are inconsiderate of her and her needs at this time.
      Eric: So we can agree to disagree about Mary and who she is and what her future holds, but I think that Matt and Lucy and Simon and Ruthie are in agreement.
      Annie: With you, and you are wrong, just like you were wrong about Nixon.
      Eric: (to the twins) He should have apologized.

    • Mary: (to Ruthie and Matt) Broke up. I kissed another guy. Then I panicked and asked Wilson to marry me.

    • Lucy: Joy? What kind of name is that.
      Mary: A name for the look on Robbie's face.
      Lucy: I am not jealous of my own sister. I'm just angry that you've shown up and expected to be treated like royalty or something!

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