7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 4

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2004 on The CW
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Simon comes to terms with his fears over the accident last year and goes on a bicycle ride with Justin. Ruthie and Harry decide to break up. Lucy counsels a pregnant girl.

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  • Classic!

    Simon sees Justin, the brother of the boy that he killed. He and Justin get along and they both ride bikes as part of getting over the accident. Eric meets Leanne, a young woman who is pregnant and wants to give her baby up for adoption. She then changes her mind and wants to keep the baby. Eric and Annie get the father of the child, his parents, and Leanne's mom to come to the hospital. Ruthie finds a baby bird in the backyard. She cares for it, but it seems as if it's going to die. Harry, Kevin and Martin take it to the animal shelter. Harry says that he met someone else in social services and wants to break up with Ruthie. Ruthie also wants to break up with Harry.

    This was a great episode! I really liked Harry and Ruthie together, but I guess the break-up was for the best. The scenes with Simon and Justin were really good! The bird was cute. I loved the story of Leanne and Charlie. This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • this was very good for another teen pregnancy storyline.

    this was very good for another teen pregnacy storyline. i will brake it down.

    leeanne (eric and annie)- this wsa really cute. i really liked it that annie supported her. i liked that she looked at adoption but i am glad she decided to keep the baby. i though when the parents came and she saw charlie again was cute. i liked it that she was in labor durining the whole scene.

    lucy- it was really funnny that the two cupples they interviewd were bad. one had know time for a baby and did not want to take the time. the other were completely obsesed with having a brilliant child. lucy did not handle it very well. it was funny when she was ordering stuff for her baby (savannah) on the phone. i wish they would have showed the teen class thatthey had talked so much about.

    siomon- what he did was very hard to do na dmature. i really liked this storline even though it did not get much air time.

    ruthie and the bird- it was a cute way to get a little point across. i really like how ruthie's hair looked. messy and curled, more fun and natural. i liked seeing everyone have a little part in the little storyline. i really liked it that ruthie and ruthie are finally talking like sister. lucy even said it was like her and mary. this was my highlight.

    harry- i feel bad (i would feel worse if he was'nt played by aaron carter) he really wanted a family, enough to get marrried. i am gald eric or annie did not tell ruthie. ruthie is lucky. the first guy who was going to brake up with her she broke up with at the same time(asuming she broke up with peter). it was funny.

    twins- they were just present and cute. i liked it when the said the chineese made dinner and when they said food glorias food. in this epesode they are like 5 or 6. are they supposed to talk like they are 2 or 3 or maybe 4.

    ending- i like the ending being a family dinner. i love chinese food. i am glad they don't take fammily for granted.

    this epesode could have beeen better but i really liked it. i know nothing major really happened but it was really cute. way to go to thie cast and brenda.

  • This episode was...tolerable, mildly at best. Even there I am being generous. The more I think about this episode and watching it over again, the more I just didn't like it.moreless

    This episode was...tolerable, mildly at best. Even there I am being generous. The more I think about this episode and watching it over again, the more I just didn't like it. Too many things in this episode was either recycled again or just plan odd in the telling of the writers. And I have a bone to pick on the writers and their ever increasingly odd concepts on marriage. Secondly, what's up with the title (Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do), no one was actually bad in this episode and saw no relevance. Let's break it down...

    Eric and Annie: For Eric (Stephen Collins) and Annie (Catherine Hicks) in this episode they once again team up in helping a pregnant Leanne who is in her teens, to help put her baby up for adoption. She has no one in her life after her mom kicked her out of her house and the baby's father's parents forbid him to see her. She decides it's the best thing to do for her baby up until the last moment when she goes into labor and changes her mind. As for this storyline, I felt absolutely nothing for it. It's not because she wasn't a good actress or the storyline was really that bad (although there were quite a few errors), it's just that the writers have done this teen pregnancy storyline so many times over the years that's it's just now repetitive and boring. You can only tell the same story so many times that the viewers get bored. Please writers, no more. We've had enough over this issue.

    This has been a constant sour of the writers for this series in recent seasons as they continue to revisit issues they've done a dozen times already (teen pregnancy, drugs, alcohol abuse, etc.) Move on to something else that the series has not yet explored. Another problem I had with the storyline was the ending when the parents of each child's side came together and proclaimed at the idea that they should get married, once again a ridiculous input by the writers. It was an easy out and a easy closure of a storyline where in real life would hardly be the case.

    At this point in the episode Charlie and Leanne (Amanda Fuller) were just reunited while she's giving birth to their child after spending much of her pregnancy apart from Charlie, no thanks to his parents and the fact that Leanne's mom kicked her out of the house. Now, as the two have barely reunited, Charlie's parents now want them to get married after having one well-meaning conversation with Eric and Annie? Even they are not that good. It was just very unrealistic and very hard not see that, even by 7th Heaven standards. Just because you have a baby doesn't mean you automatically get married if you're a teenage couple in circumstances like these. Life doesn't work like that, and this is not the year 1952 writers!

    As for Lucy counseling the adoptive parents, I'm sure it was meant to be funny, but it probably came off a little offensive to many people who are adopting a child or considering to adopt, as both adoptive couples in this episode that Lucy interviewed were particularly self-involved and self-righteous in their ridiculous questions and explanations to Lucy over their intentions on adopting a baby. One couple (Marcus and Bernadette) wants to know that their soon-to-be adoptive baby is a genius and not some dumb crack baby with mental illness, and the other couple (Sunny and Jim) wants the baby to work around their schedule as they have a huge restaurant business to maintain---Oh, and Jim doesn't want his wife to mess with her figure by getting pregnant. There is no question that there are probably people out there like that in the adoption process arena, but it would've been better if at least one of the couples had been satisfactory. Most adoptive parents are well meaning childless couples who just want to be parents to baby that's in need under circumstances. You would think that would be the case here since Brenda Hampton is an adoptive parent herself. It was quite shocking on how this part of the storyline was badly mishandled.

    Simon and Justin: Simon (David Gallagher) is obviously the most interesting character of everyone this season thus far and yet his storyline in this episode was way too short and we barely saw him. It was great to see how Justin (Joey Gray) was doing after a year has passed of the accident. It's great that's he's not blaming Simon anymore for his little brother's problem of drugs and what happened that night of the accident. There was one little problem though---maybe it was the wording in the script that made it sound off, but for Justin to say that Simon accidently killing his pot-smoking brother brought his family closer together was kind fo weird. That was quite inappropriate for him to say that only after a year his little brother is dead, no matter what the circumstances are. Either that or Dr. Gibson is a miracle worker. That could possibly be so as he got to the route of Simon's sex and school problems after only ONE session. (That was something I forgot to add in my review for last week.)

    Besides all of that it does seem like Simon is leaving the family to go back to college and probably won't appear for a few episodes.

    Harry and Ruthie: This was also a confusing storyline. It was only last week that we were introduced to Harry (Aaron Carter) who was just getting started to charm Ruthie on, and now this week he wants to break up with her? Wait, when were they even together? They never went out on a date (at least not on screen) and the only kiss we ever saw was Harry giving her one on the cheek last week, and she even rejected it! I really must be missing something here.

    Also, another bone that needs to be picked in this storyline is, once again, this fascination of the writers having on the concept marriage in this series. Harry confesses to Eric that he wants to get married to this other girl that's in foster care with him so he can leave the system and have a family of his own. First of all, he's 16 years old! Harry is living in the U.S. and is not able to get married, especially when the government has custody of you. This really makes me questions the writers sanity. Plus, most kids I know that age are not thinking about marriage, at least where I'm from.

    As for the sick bird storyline involving Ruthie finding a bird in the backyard; is that the best we can do for Ruthie and Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) and Kevin (George Stults) in this episode? Out of all the more better things and interesting storylines these characters could be doing this week, it's this? Writers, you really are boring these characters (and probably the actors) in these dumb storylines. Please, give each of these characters more of a life in upcoming episodes.

    Overall, this episode just didn't do it for me. This is definately the weakest episode so far this season by far. Taking a look at next week I'm not too sure how this is gonna turn out either with the Vote episode. Because once you mix politics and social issues into 7th Heaven (i.e Brenda Hampton), things turn out bad and very offensive as many episodes have done in recent seasons. I rather the show continue to focus on inner family issues like in the last 3 episodes and not go political. Anyway, till next week! Chow!

    Grade: **4 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:

    *Seriously, what kind of opening scene was that with the camera dancing along with Simon? Seriously, all that jumping around gave me a headache cameraman! Never do that again!

    *Why was this episode titled Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do? I absolutely saw no relevance of the title to anything seen in this episode.

    *Sam and David are just...whatever. That one twin completely butchered that "glorious food" line. I really cringed at that point. And why are they answering the phone and telling everyone what happened to Leanne and Charlie? That was a bad way to end the episode with bad twin actors.

    *Does Aaron Carter (Harry) have a lisps problem? He seemed to have one when he was talking a lot in this episode. I didn't notice it too much in the last episode.

    *I personally know that a lot scenes in this episode were cut, particularly the scenes involving Lucy counseling her teen sex group. Who in the world would edit that out and keep in the boring Ruthie storyline of the sick bird? That was just bad editting.moreless

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