7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 4

Bowling For Eric

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2002 on The CW

Episode Recap

Eric goes to the doctor's because for the past week he has been having chest pains and shortness of breath. The doctor tells him that because of the results of his angiogram he should undergo open-heart surgery for two blocked arteries. Eric is surprised that he is sick enough to need surgery so he questions the doctor's diagnosis. The doctor tells Eric that he is the second opinion and he tells Eric to tell Annie and the kids about the surgery and put his affairs in order in case something happens during the surgery.

At Pete's Pizza Eric meets with Doc and tells him that he has to have open-heart surgery but he doesn't know how to tell Annie and the kids. Doc tells Eric that he should try and be calm when he tells Annie and the kids. He tells Eric that if he is calm Annie and the kids will be calm after hearing the news.

At the Camden home Annie tells Simon, Lucy and Ruthie that Eric is on his way home and he wants to have a family meeting. Simon is annoyed and asks his mother if he can go out with Cecilia. Since he is still being grounded for running a dating service last week Annie tells Simon that she will ask Eric if Simon can go out. After Annie leaves Ruthie asks Simon what he thinks the family meeting is about. Simon ignores her.

Upstairs in the attic bedroom Lucy is trying to work on a college school assignment which is to write an autobiography on herself. Annie tells Lucy that Eric is on his way home and he wants a family meeting. Lucy tells Annie that she doesn't have time but Annie tells her that she does so she'll have to finish her homework later.

Out in the backyard Eric talks to himself as he makes his way to the picnic table. He asks God over and over again if he can handel this surgery. He's nervous and he wants to know if he's going to be ok.

Back in the house Robbie catches Kevin as he walks in the front door. Robbie asks Kevin if he will get rid of a traffic ticket he got, claiming that he didn't do anything wrong. Kevin tells him no. He suggest that Robbie either pay the ticket or fight it. Then he tells Robbie that he has a family meeting to attend.

Kevin and Robbie join Annie, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie and the twins in the living room. Simon asks where Eric is because he's late and Ruthie tells everyone that Eric is in the backyard talking to himself. One-by-one everyone goes out into the backyard.

Once she is in the backyard Annie tells Eric that they need to talk before he has a family meeting. Eric in return tells Annie that he wants to tell everyone at once. Before he can start, Ruthie asks Eric if the family is out of money and if Eric is going to do some mission thing. Eric tells Ruthie no to both of those things and then sits down at the picnic table. Annie and the kids stare at Eric as he builds up the courage to tell them but instead gets nervous and tells everyone that he wants to go bowling.

Upstairs in his bedroom Eric calls Doc and tells him that he chicked out and instead decided to take the family bowling. Doc tells Eric that no matter what Eric has to tell Annie and the kids about the surgery. Eric tells Doc that he wants time to remind his family how much he loves them before he tells them about the surgery.

In her bedroom Lucy and Kevin are making out when Lucy asks Kevin what he and Robbie are fighting about. She then asks if it's about her and Kevin tells her no. When Kevin refuses to continue that coversation with Lucy she starts pressing him about his love life and what women he's ever been with. Kevin doesn't want to talk about it.

In the kitchen Annie is giving the twins ice cream when Simon walks in. Simon tells Annie that he doesn't want to go bowling but Annie tells him that he is going. After Simon leaves Robbie comes down and gets some food out of the fridge. Annie tells Robbie that she wants him to go with them. Robbie says ok then leaves. As Robbie leaves Kevin comes in and tells Annie that he doesn't want to go bowling because he doesn't want to be around Robbie. Annie tells Kevin that he is going too.

Back in his bedroom Eric is talking to Hank but won't tell him about the surgery. Instead he tells Hank that he loves him like a brother and then he asks to speak to Julie. Hank tells Eric that Julie went to the store so Eric asks Hank to tell Julie that he loves her too. As Eric finishes the conversation Annie comes in and tells him that everyone is ready to go bowling. Then she asks Eric to tell her what he's hiding. Eric instead tells Annie that he loves her and he doesn't know what his life would be like without her.

At the bowling alley Eric, Annie and the kids get their shoes and bowling balls. Simon asks Eric if he can go out with Cecilia and Eric tells him no because he's still grouned. Simon gets annoyed and Eric tells him that the scariest thing in his life is the thought that some day he might not be there to make sure that Simon learns the lessons he should know.

At a bowling alley table Lucy bugs Kevin about his life and he tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it. Lucy gets annoyed with Kevin and leaves him alone. Robbie then decides to bug Kevin about the parking ticket but Kevin ignores Robbie.

Out on the bowling lanes Annie again asks Eric to tell her what he is hiding. She asks Eric if it has anything to do with his health. Eric tells her no and she asks him if not then why is Hank there.

Eric goes over to talk to Hank and Hank asks Eric about his health. Eric tells Hank that he's sick and he needs to have open-heart surgery. Hanks tells Eric that he has a good doctor and everything will be ok. Then Eric begs Hank to not tell anyone about the surgery. Hanks says he won't then hugs Eric and tells him that he loves him too.

In the bowling lanes Eric tells Annie and the kids that he wants to split into teams to bowl because it'll be more fun. Annie insists that they split into teams when everyone except Ruthie complains about it. Robbie then agrres to spilt up but syas he's not bowling with Kevin. Lucy decides that she's not bowling with Kevin or Robbie. Eric tries to get Simon to team up with Robbie, but he doesn't want to which annoys Annie and she tells him that no one is leaving the bowling alley until you pick a team, put a smile on their faces and pretend like they're having a good time. Everyone starts to bowl but no one's doing any good except Ruthie.

After bowling Eric is sitting in a chair next to the lanes. Lucy comes down to get her shoes and Eric asks if there's anything he can do to help her. She tells him no and then leaves. Ruthie then comes and sits down next to Eric. She asks him if he's ok and warns him that she'll be mad if he lies. Eric lies to her and tells her that he's fine. Ruthie believes it and tells Eric that she loves him. As she gets up and leaves Annie comes and again tries to make Eric tell her what's wrong. She asks him if he's sick but he tells her he's not. Then Annie tells Eric that if he won't tell her what's wrong she's not going to talk to him.

Back at the Camden home Simon is sitting at the kitchen table when Eric walks in. Eric tries to make a joke about bowling, but Simon ignores him. Eric then asks Simon if he wants to talk about what he did last week. Simon tells Eric that he can't talk about it. Simon tells Eric that Eric has no idea what Simon's life is like. He have no idea what it's like to be Eric's son, no idea of the things people ask me to do, the things he has to do, the things he can't talk about. Simon wants to know why Eric won't let him off restriction, but Eric says he can't tell him yet. Simon gets up to leave, then turns back and tells Eric that at the bowling alley, Eric said he was scared of what would happen if he wasn't around to teach Simon the things that he wants him to learn. Simon tells Eric that he would be happy if Eric weren't around. Simon says he'd be a normal guy, without having to live up to Eric's ideas of what's right and what's wrong. Eric looks upset and tells Simon that he doesn't mean that but Simon says he does. Eric then tells Simon that he loves him but Simon tells Eric to love him less. As Simon leaves Eric tries to hold back tears.

In the garage apartment Robbie apoligizes to Kevin for getting Lucy upset with him. Kevin apologizes to Robbie too,

In her bedroom Eric tells Lucy that he loves her and he gives her some ideas of what to put in her autobiography. Eric tells Lucy that she is intelligent, kind and sweet and that she is a wonderful daughter and a caring sister. Lucy tells Eric that Annie is worried about him and she tells him to talk to Annie. Then as Kevin steps into the room Eric tells Lucy to talk to Kevin. As Eric leaves Kevin and Lucy finally talk and make up.

In the twin's room Eric tucks them in and they tell Eric that they loves him then he kisses them good-night and leaves.

As he's leaving the twins' room, Eric runs into Ruthie, who's heading up to to bed. Eric warns her that Lucy and Kevin are making up in her room. Ruthie tells Eric that she had fun bowling and that she's glad he's ok because she was worried. Eric tells her he loves her then heads toward his bedroom.

In his bedroom Annie is ignoring Eric. She then breaks her silence and tells Eric that she is not talking to him. Eric tells Annie that he is ready to tell her what his secret is. Annie looks scared. Eric tells her he needs a double bypass, open-heart surgery. She takes the news hard and starts to break down and tells Eric that she knew that that was what he was going to tell her. She starts to cry and she hugs him.