7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 6

Broken Hearts and Promises

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on The CW
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When the paramedics are called to the house, Annie realizes that Eric has been hiding his health issues from her, even though he insists he's fine. Meanwhile, Lucy contemplates having more children after visiting with Sandy, who has problems of her own when she must choose between the two guys in her life.moreless

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  • amazing!

    There's no way to describe how good this episode was. I think it is the best so far. when Lucy tells Sandy that she thinks she's ready to have another baby after losing the twins... now that was big.. There was a lot of emotion in this episode. There really was. It was absolutely amazing and I will never forget this episode... I also loved the song Lucy sings in this episode, its so pretty, or as i would sometimes say "perdy".. this was an amazing episode, one of the ones i would watch over and over again if i couldmoreless
  • It was pretty good!

    T-Bone and Kevin know about Eric. Margaret and Jane also find out. Eric finally tells Annie about his heart problem. Lucy goes to visit Sandy and Aaron. She babysits and Sandy and Daniel go on a date. Martin comes and confides to Lucy that he has real feelings for Sandy and that he doesn't want Aaron to have another father. David's hamster, Jesus, is sick.

    This was a great episode! I'm glad that Eric finally told Annie, but it's sad. I want Martin and Sandy to be together. Hearing Lucy's song was cool! I like that song! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!moreless
  • Lucy tells Sandy she is ready to have another baby. Eric tells Annie. Perfect episode

    This is 100% of the reason I watch this show. I am soo happy Lucy wants to try to have another baby. This epispode truly showed us that, life is too short to waste it mourning on the thigs in the past and things that we cannot change. Its depressing, however that Eric only has like one year left to live. Who knows, maybe there will be a medical mircale and he will live. This show is one if the best shows on this whole dang planet. I really hope that Lucy does change her mind and does decide to have another baby. Another emotional part of the story is when Eric tells Annie about his heart condition. Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks are amazing actors and they delivered an excellent preformance when Eric tells Annie. It was beautiful. Beverly Mitchell's song Angel was perfect for the moment. She is saying that she is letting go over her twins. I loved this episode. If I could I would definitly give it a higher rating than a 10! AMAZING!moreless
  • This is one of those episodes that almost forces you to cry. If there was a way to give this episode a higher rating than 10, I'd definately give this one a really high rating, like maybe 50. It was great!moreless

    The song at the end that Lucy did; amazing. She has an excellent voice, and is so sweet towards Aaron. The relatoinship between her and Sandy gets a little better, too. The beginning seemed a little boring to me, but it just got better and better AND BETTER. There's no way to descrine how good this episode was. I think it is the best so far. And when Lucy tells Sandy that she thinks she's ready to have another baby after losing the twins... now that was big There was a lot of emotion in this episode. There really was.moreless
  • Annie is determined to find out what Eric is keeping from her; Sandy gets a surprise visit from Lucy.

    "Annie, I have something to tell you..." (extreme close-up of Annie; then Eric. Lucy begins singing "Have You ever Loved An Angel?" Fade to black...)

    Writer Brenda Hampton couldn't have created a more poignant Camden Moment. (I'm getting misty, again, just thinking about it!) No more dancing around the issue: Eric finally tells Annie the truth about the condition of his heart. At first, I was almost disappointed that the viewers don't actually witness Eric's conversation with Annie. But, Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks are such good actors, so, merely reading their faces was the best approach. Hats off to Ms. Hampton and her camera crew! Lucy's storyline is no less emotional. Have the tissue box handy as she makes ammends with Sandy, and tearfully comes to terms with her miscarriage. (With all that is happening to Eric, viewers needed this life affirming scene.) Get ready to reach for more Kleenex when Lucy sings "Have You Ever Loved An Angel?" The lyrics are beautiful and timely. Surely, Lucy already realizes something is seriously wrong with her dad.

    I'm still not certain about that motley crew living with the Camdens. There's a very, very remote chance that T-Bone (T-Bone? Jesus? Mom? Where does Brenda get these names from???) could possibly grow on me after a while-- a long while, that is. But, Jane and Margaret? No, I don't think so. Another viewer hit the nail on the head when she said they remind her of a "rude Penn and Teller". Frankly, I'd rather see less of them, and more of Sam and David's hamsters.

    The twins may never shine as brightly as Mackenzie Rosman did at their age, but, a big "Bravo!" goes out to them: this episode marks the first time they have scenes independant of each other. Giant leap, boys, and in the right direction!

    This highly anticipated installment of "7th Heaven" was emotionally charged and humorous. When I wasn't tearing up over Eric and Lucy, I was laughing at Annie's one-liners! (And I must say, she had her share of them!) Watch this episode!moreless
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Alyssa Yadrick

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Lucy has no scenes with Eric, Annie and Kevin in this episode.

    • In this episode, Lucy tells Sandy she wants to have another baby.

    • Eric tells Annie what's wrong with him and his heart in this episode.

    • In this episode, it is revealed that Eric has possibly only a year to live due to a heart condition that a doctor believes is inoperable.

    • When Lucy tells Sandy that she is ready to try to have another baby, she tells Sandy that the doctor said six months. Given that information, Lucy would have had her miscarriage sometime in early May.

    • When Beverley Mitchell made her singing debut on the series for Season 3's "It Happened One Night," she sang a Church hymn to lull her infant brothers Sam and David to sleep. Similarly, in this episode, she sings "Have You Ever Loved an Angel" to Aaron as he drifts to sleep in his crib. Interesting that both of Mitchell's singing scenes in the whole show were done in the presence of babies.

    • The scene where Eric enters the bedroom to tell Annie the truth about his health closely channels the Season 7 episode "Bowling for Eric". In that episode, Annie was lying in bed--just like she was in this episode--when Eric came in to tell her about his need for a double bypass surgery.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Eric: (about to give Annie the truth regarding his heart condition) Annie, I have something to tell you... (extreme close-up of Annie; then Eric. Lucy begins singing "Have You Ever Loved An Angel?". Fade to black)

    • Eric: (after Kevin asks him about the status of his health) There's nothing to tell, really.
      Kevin: Nothing to tell, Dad, or nothing to do?

    • Eric: (after Kevin tries to convince him to go to his cardiologist appointment) I don't want to go--literally.

    • Margaret: Is there something we can do for you? Anything. I'd do anything!
      Eric: Margaret, I think that's the most I've heard you say since I met you.

    • Annie: (going through Eric's stuff) Eric Camden, I don't know what you're up to, but--
      Sam: (walking in) I do. Daddy's got a secret.
      Annie: Yes. I think he does. Do you know what it is?
      Sam: Yes.
      Annie: What is it? What is Daddy hiding? Is it a good secret?
      Sam: Don't tell him I told you.
      Annie: Oh, I won't. But tell me everything you know, because I'm the mother. I need to know everything.
      Sam: He cheats.
      Annie: Cheats?
      Sam: He gives us the answers sometimes.
      Annie: Oh, you mean with your new homeschooling? Oh, my goodness.....I had no idea....is there anything else? (Sam shakes his head)
      Annie: Well, thank you for letting me know. I'll talk to Daddy about it, we don't want him cheating. And I won't tell him you said anything, okay? Good night, Sam.
      Sam: Night, Mom. Oh, one more thing....he cries a lot for no reason.

    • Lucy: (to Sandy) I don't know why I'm telling you this before I tell anyone else, but maybe it's because coming up here has helped me decide. I think I'm ready to try and have another baby. I mean, the doctor said six months, and it's been six months--a very long six months. So.....I'm ready.
      Sandy: Oh, Luce! (hugs her) I think that's wonderful. I really do.

    • Annie: If you aren't sick, you are nuts! $1000 for a rat named Jesus!

    • Annie: What's going on? I've tried to call you like five times now.
      Eric: I don't know.
      Annie: Is your phone on?
      Eric: (checks his phone) Oops.
      Annie: Oops my ass!

  • NOTES (3)