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7th Heaven

Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2000 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Exasperation reaches an all-time high in the Camden household as Eric and Annie don't know how to handle Mary's recent behavior. When Lucy applies for early acceptance into college, Frankie suggests that she and Mary apply somewhere together, but after a revealing dinner at Frankie and Johnny's, Mary realizes some more painful truths about her new friends. Elsewhere, Simon has a hot date with a former spelling bee champion, Lucy receives an odd proposition from a classmate, and Ruthie finds some extremely inappropriate inspiration for a school writing assignment.moreless

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  • Mary getting in trouble with her family and making many bad decisions in her life a great episode. Briliantly writen.

    I loved this episode i think that they did a great at writing Mary out of the show. You would have never thought that this is how they would have written her off. Briliant and what a great episode. This episode was briliantly written you can tell that they put a lot of thought in to this episode. They did a great job at making it easy for Mary to come back and visit. I just absolutly loved this episode. The spisode was a tear jerker in a way you would have never thought that Mary would make so many bad decisions but they did great at making her go to buffalo. Loved the episode.moreless
  • This is a great episode!

    I love this episode!

    Mary's friends get arrested for pot. Lucy meets Mike, a former mental patient. Matt drives Simon on a date, but Simon's date seems to like Matt more than Simon. After that, Matt and Simon go to "pick up chicks." Ruthie sees Eric and Annie having sex and writes it down for school. This episode is sad and funny! This episode still shows Mary's life spiraling downard as she makes bad choices in friends. Lucy learns not to judge a person by their past as Mike Pierce had once tried to commit suicide. She learns to accept him for who he is now. Ruthie learns that sex is a private moment between husbands and wives. Simon's date takes a liking to Matt. I thought it was hilarious when Simon and Matt came home and Simon declared that he got a girl's phone number and then Eric ate the paper. Eric and Annie spend a romantic movie and well...you know. This was a great episode which deserves a 10!moreless
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Chyler Leigh


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Brooke Anne Smith

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Jeremy Lelliott

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the episode Help, Ruthie is told she doesn't get homework at her new school, so why would she have homework in this episode?

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Simon: (about Matt) I already talked to him. If I didn't get a date tonight, the two of us were just gonna hang out together and pick up chicks. He's coming over in an hour, anyway.
      Annie: No, you weren't going to hang out and "pick up chicks".
      Simon: We're not going to now. One of us doesn't need to.
      Annie: You can't just hang out with your brother, who's in college, and "pick up chicks"!
      Simon: Why not?
      Annie: Because your mother won't let you!
      Simon: It's not a thing a guy asks his mother permission for. It's just a thing guys do.
      Annie: There are so many things wrong with this conversation, I don't know where to start, but I choose "chicks". I don't like you calling young women chicks or babes, or anything that depersonalizes them as human beings and makes them sound like property to be acquired! And secondly, you know, you're never too old or too cool to do what your mother tells you.

    • Mary: (to Eric as he's feeding the twins) Where's Mom?
      Eric: I am perfectly capable of feeding my own sons. I do it all the time! I have fed my children for over 21 years now. True, for many of them, your mom cooked most of those meals while I was out earning the money to pay for those meals, but from time to time, I have fed one of my offspring, or all of my offspring, just as I am doing now, without the aid of Mom!
      Mary: I'm just looking for Mom because she asked me to pick up some soap for her.
      Eric: Oh. She's upstairs.

    • Annie: (after Ruthie saw her and Eric having sex) Ruthie, it really isn't funny.
      Ruthie: Oh, it's plenty funny! I always thought it was so serious, because you always have this serious face when you talk about sex, but trust me, it was funny!
      Annie: It's also very...private, and very intimate, and even though it's perfectly natural for a man and a woman--a married man and a married: woman--to...make love, it's not something that's meant for anyone else to watch.
      Ruthie: I didn't mean to, and believe me, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure I never see anything like that again!

    • Frankie: (on phone with Mary) Hey, your dad got us out. Thanks so much for getting him to help us.
      Mary: You know, I was kind of surprised you called him.
      Frankie: Yeah, well, I didn't know who else to call. After I got pregnant, my mom told me never to call her again if I got into trouble. Of course, your dad made me promise to talk to her, and to a counselor, and whatever...but at least I didn't have to call her from jail, you know? (pause) You are really lucky to have parents who are always there for you.

    • Mary: (about Frankie and Johnny) They are good people. They're both working, and they're trying to raise this kid, and it's really hard--
      Eric: So hard that they have to smoke pot?

    • Mary: Dad, please. They really are my friends--Frankie is my friend! She asked me to bring over those college brochures tonight so we could look over them, and make a plan to go back to school.
      Eric: And did you?
      Mary: (pause) No.
      Eric: Because she was too stoned? Mary...who are you, and what are you doing with these people?

    • Mary: If you're not going to help them, I'll help them.
      Eric: How? You don't have a job, you don't have any money. You have to help yourself before you can help anyone else!

    • Johnny: Fire's ready. (sits down with a beer)
      Frankie: So, if the fire's ready...
      Johnny: Do I have to do everything?
      Frankie: Well, I did everything else!
      Johnny: Fine, I'll cook the steaks! (storms out)
      Frankie: (to Mary) Don't ever get married.
      Mary: Marriage takes a lot of work.
      Frankie: You have no idea.

    • Frankie: It just seems so unfair. You make one little mistake, you know?
      Mary: Yeah, I know. I made a big mistake once, too. I got arrested last year for trashing the school gym.
      Frankie: (laughs) Arrested? You?
      Mary: Yeah. I'm still on probation.
      Frankie: Oh, so that's why you don't drink or smoke or anything.
      Mary: Yeah, kind of.....but also because I feel so out of control, anyway--like I couldn't get my life back on track even if I wanted to. Not that I want to--I mean, it's not so bad, but it's just...
      Frankie: Existing. Just existing. I know what you mean. Every time I make an effort to do something, it just feels like there's so much resistance...and I give up before I even start trying.
      Mary: Maybe we could help each other. Maybe we could make an effort together. Maybe we could go to college and see if anything changes. I brought the brochures--do you want to look at them?
      Frankie: No, not right now, I'm too out of it. Maybe some other time.
      Mary: (disappointed) Yeah. Maybe some other time. (stands up)
      Frankie: No, don't say it like that. Don't give up on me. I need a friend.
      Mary: Well, I need a friend too.

    • Frankie: (on phone with Mary) Hey, what if you and I both decided to sign up for college together next semester?
      Johnny: (smirks in the background) Be sure to apply for that scholarship!
      Mary: Are you serious?
      Frankie: Sure, I'm serious. I don't know what I want to do, either, but I know I don't want to wait tables for the rest of my life.

    • Ruthie: I have no life. On the other hand, everyone else in this house does!

    • Lucy: I want to read what's in that diary.
      Ruthie: And I want to win a million bucks. NOT gonna happen.

    • Frankie: (about Johnny) He's not such a bad guy, you know. He wanted to go to college, too, major in English Lit, and be a writer.
      Mary: Hey......we all still have plenty of time to be whatever it is we want to be, right?
      Frankie: Right. (baby starts crying from her crib) Whatever I'm going to be doesn't change who I already am: a mom.

    • Mary: Is that... Is that pot?
      Frankie: Yeah. I just need it to loosen up. This whole mother and wife gig really sucks.

    • Frankie: Why do you always have to act like this when somebody comes over?
      Johnny: I don't act like this whenever someone comes over, I act like this all the time.
      Frankie: Right. You do act like this all the time. So when are you going to grow up?
      Johnny: Get off my case, will you?
      Frankie: You could at least help me out a little around here. It's not like I ask you to do that much.
      Johnny: You don't ask me to do that much? You asked me to marry you, didn't you?

    • Matt: So Ruthie caught you and Dad....um, you know?
      Annie: Yes. Okay? Yes!
      Matt: I should have seen that one coming.
      Annie: No you shouldn't have, it's never happened before!
      Matt: Yes, it has. Um...we've all seen you. I've seen you, Mary's seen you, Lucy's seen you, even Simon has seen you. Did you do that thing where you said you were gonna check on one of the kids and then Dad said he's gonna go check on you? That usually signals the red flag and we all steer clear, but Ruthie just didn't know the signal!
      Annie: Well, how did the rest of you know the signal?
      Matt: It's kind of an obvious signal.
      Annie: No it isn't!
      Matt: Yes it is.
      Annie: Go to bed.
      Matt: I don't live here.
      Annie: Go to bed, anyway.
      Simon: (teasingly) You know, you're never too old or too smart to do what your mother says.

    • Lucy: (To Mike) Shut up and kiss me!

    • Annie: Go to bed.
      Matt: But I don't live here.
      Annie: Go to bed anyway!

    • Annie: You're never too old or too cool to do what your mother tells you.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Annie: Guess what I picked up at the video store. The Graduate.

      The Graduate was a film made in 1967 is about loving ones you should not be loving.