7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 12

Can I Just Get Something to Eat?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2007 on The CW
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When Ruthie and T-Bone work on a school assignment about the genocide in Darfur, they get the whole Camden family, and the community involved in the cause.

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  • ok, Darfur is a highly highly political issue, adnd I don't think they should have made and episode about this.

    Really poor episode. I understand that there are problems in the middle east and i am orry about that. However, this is a political isssue and i dontt think that they should put this on a fmilt show. It was upsetting to hear about this....i dont think that they should bring political issues onto a family show...this was a poor episode..and although i love this show this episode was not one of my favorites...it didn't even come close to being one of my favorite episodes...this show has to bring politics into this show, and as much as i love politics, i dont care to hear about them on television drama shows. i hear enough about it on CNN.moreless
  • Good episode.

    Who do those deacons think they are. they have no right to do what they did. God's chain of command puts the Pastor at the top. To leave him out of the decision making process is sinful and God will recompense. I speak as a Deacon and son of a former deacon turned Pastor.
  • Very inspiring!

    The Camdens are concerned about the situation in Darfur. Lucy and Kevin have a fight over food. Lucy wants a new desk. Annie is upset at Eric for eating 11 doughnuts. Sandy comes down to help Lucy with her teen girl class. Ruthie and T-Bone have a project about Darfur. Jane and Margaret want to help Darfur. Sam and David give Nicodemus $50 to help Darfur.

    This was an inspirational episode! I have to admit, it was a little boring, but its message is phenomenal! It really made me want to give to help the situation in Darfur and any other part of the world! I also think that the Christmas episode before this one also encouraged me to do more for others than just myself. This was a really fantastic episode with a great message, although it could've been spiced up a bit to make it more appealing! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • Attention, class! Today’s vocabulary words will be: Darfur, office, donuts, and desk.

    Every season, “7th Heaven” does an episode dedicated to drawing attention to some common cause. This time around, the focus was Darfur and genocide. I know the situation in this country is BEYOND heinous and their issues are important, but this episode itself was not good.

    For some insane reason, writers Chris and Jeff Olsen thought the only way to get the Darfur message across was to Incessantly (and that’s “incessantly” with a capital “I”) repeat the word “Darfur” over and over and over, AGAIN. It was mentioned 41 times, and could be seen in print 2 times throughout the entire episode– and, the show is only 44 minutes long (minus commercial time), for crying out loud!

    To emphasize points in the subplots (if you can call them “plots”–- nothing happened to any of the characters that was the least bit interesting) it was vocabulary lesson time, AGAIN: the word “office” was said 16 times; the word “donuts” was said 30 times; and the word “desk” was said a grand total of 36 times (11 of which were said by Lucy, alone!) And, how bored was I that I was reduced to counting words during this program?!?

    I found the word repetition to be not only ridiculous, but insulting. The plight of these African people could have been better addressed, if say, maybe, we had heard the reactions of Ruthie and T-Bone’s classmates to the Darfur assignment they had presented, or, if viewers could have listened to Lucy discussing what she and her teen group were going to do throughout the year to help, or if we had found out what Eric and Annie’s personal plan was to assist this country. Instead, the episode was preachy and boring. It was only created to talk AT us about Darfur.

    As the program ended, I expected to see a website, a phone number, or something– ANYTHING, that would lead us to more information on this important subject, but "7th Heaven" failed us here, too. I felt I was only being reminded to "worrry" about Darfur, instead of being encouraged to do something constructive about it. Sadly, when "7th Heaven" could have been a vehicle to deliver such an important message, it just didn't hold my interest. "Count" this as one of my least favorite episodes ever. It doesn't come highly recommened.moreless
  • ruthie and T-bone work on a school paper on darfur. eric isn't taking such great care of himself, and Lucy is fed up with Kevin's bulk grocery shopping.

    I thought this one would be pretty good, based on the promo. But it was barely even about what was in the promo. and believe me, I care about Darfur, and believe the US and the UN should be doing more, because like ruthie said, whatever is being done isn't enough. The problem is that it was so poorly done. There is nothing wrong with getting the word out about an issue through a television series, unless it doesn't really tie back in with the story line. And this definitely didn't fit- it felt so forced and just...bad. I liked the pictures and song at the end- it was very effective. Maybe they should have mentioned Darfur a few times in the show-like the t-bone and ruthie sequence toward the end in school was good- and listed agencies, statistics and facts with the pictures at the end. that would have been so much better.moreless
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Nicodemus A. Lim


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the beginning of the episode, as Lucy cleans out the refrigerator, she throws away an over-sized carton of eggs because they have exceeded their expiration date. Toward the end of the program, Kevin is on the phone with Lucy telling her he has loaded up their large quantity of surplus food from the basement and is donating it to the shelter before it expires. As Kevin talks, four large cartons of eggs can be seen on the kitchen counter behind him.

    • At the end of this episode, pictures are shown of the situation in Darfur, with Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer playing in the background.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Eric: (when Annie insists he change his lifestyle for his health's sake) Annie, I'm going to eat reasonably well and live reasonably safe. I just don't feel like eating SO well, and living SO safe that I don't enjoy my life.

    • Eric: (when Annie tells him his donut-eating is counter productive to all the prayers people are saying regarding his heart condition) Gotta believe that prayer is stronger than donuts!

    • David: (as he and Sam secretly plan to send their Christmas money to Darfur) You said we could spend it.
      Eric: I did. Your mother and I, both, said you could spend it, or, you could put it away for a rainy day.
      David: (very seriously) It's raining all over the world.

    • Eric: (defending the way the twins are dressed) Ya see, one of the beauties of homeschooling is you can wear anything you want without judgement from anyone--including your family members.
      Lucy: (lowering her voice and looking at David) He's wearing a towel.
      David: It's a cape.
      Lucy: Oh, oh, and I see that Sam is a super hero, too! So, who are we saving today?
      David: (very seriously) The world.

    • T-Bone: (about sending aid to Darfur) Why is it always "What is the U.S. doing?" Why isn't it about "What's the WORLD doing?"
      Ruthie: You mean, why not just pass the buck?

    • Kevin: (coming into the Camden kitchen carrying Savannah and a large carton) Hi!
      Margaret: Hey, what's in the box?
      Kevin: Chicken.
      Jane: Where's it from?
      Kevin: Turkey...

    • Jane: (criticising Kevin for bulk food purchasing) Yeah, but it's the quantity that just grosses me out. I mean, who needs thirty-seven and a half chicken wings?
      Kevin: I dunno, the eighteen and a half chickens that lost them?

    • Western Union Agent: (about to give Nicodemus' friend an envelope) Please answer the question to assure that this transmission is for you; it's a code to pick up your money. Your friend, Nicodemus, says to ask: "What is the name of your brother?"
      Nicodemus' Friend: (big smile spreading across his face) Every man!

  • NOTES (2)