7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 12

Can I Just Get Something to Eat?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2007 on The CW

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  • ok, Darfur is a highly highly political issue, adnd I don't think they should have made and episode about this.

    Really poor episode. I understand that there are problems in the middle east and i am orry about that. However, this is a political isssue and i dontt think that they should put this on a fmilt show. It was upsetting to hear about this....i dont think that they should bring political issues onto a family show...this was a poor episode..and although i love this show this episode was not one of my favorites...it didn't even come close to being one of my favorite episodes...this show has to bring politics into this show, and as much as i love politics, i dont care to hear about them on television drama shows. i hear enough about it on CNN.
  • Good episode.

    Who do those deacons think they are. they have no right to do what they did. God's chain of command puts the Pastor at the top. To leave him out of the decision making process is sinful and God will recompense. I speak as a Deacon and son of a former deacon turned Pastor.
  • Very inspiring!

    The Camdens are concerned about the situation in Darfur. Lucy and Kevin have a fight over food. Lucy wants a new desk. Annie is upset at Eric for eating 11 doughnuts. Sandy comes down to help Lucy with her teen girl class. Ruthie and T-Bone have a project about Darfur. Jane and Margaret want to help Darfur. Sam and David give Nicodemus $50 to help Darfur.

    This was an inspirational episode! I have to admit, it was a little boring, but its message is phenomenal! It really made me want to give to help the situation in Darfur and any other part of the world! I also think that the Christmas episode before this one also encouraged me to do more for others than just myself. This was a really fantastic episode with a great message, although it could've been spiced up a bit to make it more appealing! This episode gets a 10!
  • Attention, class! Today’s vocabulary words will be: Darfur, office, donuts, and desk.

    Every season, “7th Heaven” does an episode dedicated to drawing attention to some common cause. This time around, the focus was Darfur and genocide. I know the situation in this country is BEYOND heinous and their issues are important, but this episode itself was not good.

    For some insane reason, writers Chris and Jeff Olsen thought the only way to get the Darfur message across was to Incessantly (and that’s “incessantly” with a capital “I”) repeat the word “Darfur” over and over and over, AGAIN. It was mentioned 41 times, and could be seen in print 2 times throughout the entire episode– and, the show is only 44 minutes long (minus commercial time), for crying out loud!

    To emphasize points in the subplots (if you can call them “plots”–- nothing happened to any of the characters that was the least bit interesting) it was vocabulary lesson time, AGAIN: the word “office” was said 16 times; the word “donuts” was said 30 times; and the word “desk” was said a grand total of 36 times (11 of which were said by Lucy, alone!) And, how bored was I that I was reduced to counting words during this program?!?

    I found the word repetition to be not only ridiculous, but insulting. The plight of these African people could have been better addressed, if say, maybe, we had heard the reactions of Ruthie and T-Bone’s classmates to the Darfur assignment they had presented, or, if viewers could have listened to Lucy discussing what she and her teen group were going to do throughout the year to help, or if we had found out what Eric and Annie’s personal plan was to assist this country. Instead, the episode was preachy and boring. It was only created to talk AT us about Darfur.

    As the program ended, I expected to see a website, a phone number, or something– ANYTHING, that would lead us to more information on this important subject, but "7th Heaven" failed us here, too. I felt I was only being reminded to "worrry" about Darfur, instead of being encouraged to do something constructive about it. Sadly, when "7th Heaven" could have been a vehicle to deliver such an important message, it just didn't hold my interest. "Count" this as one of my least favorite episodes ever. It doesn't come highly recommened.
  • ruthie and T-bone work on a school paper on darfur. eric isn't taking such great care of himself, and Lucy is fed up with Kevin's bulk grocery shopping.

    I thought this one would be pretty good, based on the promo. But it was barely even about what was in the promo. and believe me, I care about Darfur, and believe the US and the UN should be doing more, because like ruthie said, whatever is being done isn't enough. The problem is that it was so poorly done. There is nothing wrong with getting the word out about an issue through a television series, unless it doesn't really tie back in with the story line. And this definitely didn't fit- it felt so forced and just...bad. I liked the pictures and song at the end- it was very effective. Maybe they should have mentioned Darfur a few times in the show-like the t-bone and ruthie sequence toward the end in school was good- and listed agencies, statistics and facts with the pictures at the end. that would have been so much better.
  • This episode did a good job talking about Darfur, but some of the character's stories were uninteresting.

    This episode pleased me in how it talked about Darfur. They did a good job in explaining what the situation was in Darfur without making it boring. It was also amazing to see Sam and David taking action to help Darfur. Other then talking about Darfur the episode was pretty uninteresting. The episode created no new character developments. Nothing happened to the characters that was even remotley interesing. It seemed as if the only reason the episode was created was in order to talk about Darfur. This episode failed to keep me entertained during the full hour, but did please me in that it talked about an important issue that many shows wouldn't dare talk about.
  • It was a good episode but it had nothing to do with the 7th Heaven story!

    Its great that they make a show about Darfur and I feel really bad for the people there, but the whole story had nothing to do with what was going on,on the show!
    And at the end of the show it never told you where to go to help Darfur! Throughout the entire show they called Darfur like it was pronounced Darfor not Darfur! My sister had learned about Darfur last year in school and she told me how everyone at her school always pronounced it Darfur! Well we got so confused when they kept calling it Darfor that we even looked it up and it is pronounced Darfur not Darfor! Me and my sister were going to watch the show together and we ended up talking all the way through it! I Do feel bad for the people there and I would love to help them, I just think they needed to organize the show a little better!
  • Sam and Dave got the point

    Once again, the writers hit the right note with making people think while being entertained -- something that ran through quite a few shows produced by the late Aaron Spelling.

    Especially poignant for me was how Sam and David figured out that they had to think of others instead of themselves and they got in touch with exactly the person who could get the money to the \"source.\"

    As for what the show mentioned about the political points: Yes, the United States (and for that matter some other countries) have correctly called it genocide and have gone out of their way to do what they can. The fact other countries as well as the United Nations refuse to call a spade a spade says a lot -- that they just don\'t care. Guess one Holocaust was enough for them.

    It was also good to see Jane and Margaret talk about how they felt about it. Clearly both have a conscience as do the rest of the gang.

    The whole thing about the wasted food was just -- wasted on me. Buying in bulk really doesn\'t make sense for perishable foods when you\'re just feeding three. Stuff that\'s going to sit on the shelf, and can, for a long period of time is another story.
  • This episode was EXACTLY what 7th Heaven is all about. They still have the moving inspiration even in year 11!

    As someone who has watched 7th Heaven since day one I must say that tonight\'s episode was classic \"Camden\"ness. The Camden family - and their friends - were involved in a cause for the common good, this time pertaining to the overall world. Each scene had the characters asking each other what they could do to help the Darfur crisis. I don\'t care about overall quality, but the content of this episode was five-star and - all opinions aside regarding the absence of Matt/Mary/Simon - this episode ranks up there as one of the best episodes ever in terms of the family rallying together for the better. So I made this thread to pass along to everyone that I firmly believe this was one of the best, if not THE best, episode of the season. There was no relationship drama or any over-the-top storylines. Each character (even the twins!) was involved in the Darfur situation and tonight was JUST LIKE similar episodes from the early seasons! If not #1 of the season, it ranks #2 only behind \"Broken Hearts and Promises\".
  • the answer is yes, I will get you something to eat. OK in all seriousness I don't watch this show because it's a chick show, and it is usually pretty one sided, I was pleasantly surprised on how it wasn't tonight.

    I thought it was cool, how for once a show didn't blame the president for everything that is wrong in the world, even though they might have later, because I didn't watch the whole show. From the times I have seen this show the youngest is becoming kind of a pain in the ass now compared to before, and the middle girl is always mad at people. What the heck settle down people. I normally don't like when shows do this pick a special topic and use it in a show to promote some cause the director or producer or whoever is into that has enough influence to get it in a whole episode. I thought this occasion was the exception, it was to get the word out about a cause that might need some extra attention and that was cool. If a writer or director was to read this I would tell them to be more open minded to other peoples views, especially on a top that isn;t really about politics but about people as they said.
  • This episode was about what everone around the world can do or contibute to help the suffering poeple around the world and in Darfur especially.

    This episode was very powerful, and was able to get the message accross. So many people are dying around the world, and we just sit back and watch. The Camdens showed me what I can do to help, and showed how easy it is to help. Even the smallest contribution to help the people in Darfur helps. This episode was one of the best there has been in all 11 seasons. The episodes that show things that we can do to help around the world, and show whats is happening around the world really make a difference to the people who watch. I think everyone that watched this episode has a better understanding, and will be more inclined to help in some way.