7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 12

Can I Just Get Something to Eat?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2007 on The CW

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  • ok, Darfur is a highly highly political issue, adnd I don't think they should have made and episode about this.

    Really poor episode. I understand that there are problems in the middle east and i am orry about that. However, this is a political isssue and i dontt think that they should put this on a fmilt show. It was upsetting to hear about this....i dont think that they should bring political issues onto a family show...this was a poor episode..and although i love this show this episode was not one of my favorites...it didn't even come close to being one of my favorite episodes...this show has to bring politics into this show, and as much as i love politics, i dont care to hear about them on television drama shows. i hear enough about it on CNN.
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