7th Heaven

Season 5 Episode 21

Chances (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 14, 2001 on The CW
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Mary returns home back to Glenoak for the summer to spend some time with her family, but fears about being together again with Robbie, who's a bit on edge. Meanwhile, Eric and Annie are recipients of what may or may not be advances from unmarried acquaintances (Serena & James). Simon also has his problems with his ex-girlfriend Deena when they both see that the still have feelings for each other, even though she has another boyfriend and has to choose. Also, Matt agonizes over telling his family about his new relationship with Cheryl, but soon decides to tell them all. John and Priscilla are also having trouble again with an unfortunate obstacle with her parents, but they decide to come to their senses and allow the two kids to have their wedding with their help. Lastly, Lucy surprises herself and others when making a proposal to Jeremy and the possibility of going to college in New York with Jeremy. Although plans change when Mary allegedly tells Robbie and soon the rest of the family that she had "adult relations" with Jeremy back in New York.moreless

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  • Hanging on the edge of my seat!

    What an episode! Finally some "action"! A thrilling part one of the two-part season finale! Robbie lying to Mary that the Camdens wouldn't approve them living together and dating, Serena finally making her move and making a pass at Eric, Annie having an admirer of her own, Lucy's and Jeremy's big news… I held my breath when James came to get the plans he had "forgotten" at the Camdens. How will the wedding of John and Priscilla turn out now that her parents are in town "taking care" of it all? Or is there going to be a wedding - since John's grandmother seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Can't wait 'til next week to find out what's going to happen.moreless
  • This was great season 5 finale!

    Serena makes a move on Eric. James makes a move on Annie. Mary comes home; unfortunately, Robbie isn’t excited to see her. Wilson still loves Mary. Jeremy comes back and he and Lucy get engaged. Simon gets back with Deena, who recently broke up with her boyfriend. Now her ex-boyfriend wants to apologize and get back together. John and Priscilla are getting married. Priscilla is nervous because her parents are coming and they didn’t want them to get married before. Cheryl breaks up and then gets back with Matt. Ruthie knows that Serena and James are bad news. This was a great season finale! I thought it was humorous when Mary lied about seeing Jeremy and having adult relations to get Robbie jealous and then Lucy comes home with Jeremy. Jeremy didn’t know that Mary was Lucy’s sister and Mary didn’t know that Jeremy was Lucy’s boyfriend. When Robbie saw Jeremy he punched him because of what Mary said. Jeremy had no idea what was going on. Meanwhile, Serena invited Eric over and James came over and kissed Annie. Annie felt weird after that, James left. This was an awesome episode and gets a 10!moreless
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James Remar


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Beau Billingslea

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Wilson says that this is a second chance for him and Mary. This would be their third chance. They were together from "Dangerous Liasons" (Season 1) to "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" (Season 2); Wilson broke up with Mary. Next was for "Boyfriends" and "Girlfriends" (Season 2), after which Wilson went away to school. That brings us to Season 5, which would be their third chance at a relationship.

    • NITPICK: Isn't it a little odd that both Eric and Annie are being approached by unmarried acquaintances at the same time?

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Ruthie: (to Annie) You are not allow to have guy friends. You are a mother.

    • Lucy: Will you marry Me!?
      Jeremy: Uh...
      Lucy: Hello! I asked will you marry me?!

    • Lucy: Yes. Jeremy and I are in love, and we're getting married.
      Eric: This isn't like you. You've always been so smart, so levelheaded.
      Lucy: I am smart and levelheaded. So why can't you trust that I'm making the right decision?

    • Ruthie: You shouldn't ask strangers for help.

    • Lucy: This was the best day of my life and now it's ruined! Why did you come back anyway!

    • Mary: Hey Mom and Ruthie I'm home.
      Ruthie: Thank God, give the phone lines a rest.
      Annie: Oh, I didn't know you and Robbie were back. Welcome home.
      Mary: Yeah some welcome home no ones here. Where is everyone?
      Annie: Well, me and Ruthie have been working on the new room for you over garage. Everyone else is out they'll be home for dinner including Lucy's new boyfriend.
      Mary: So you're building a room over the garage for me? So you and dad can make sure that me and Robbie are as far apart as possible. Robbie told me not to but I really need to talk to you and dad. Where is he?
      Ruthie: Probably with his new girlfriend.
      Annie: You fathers at the Church.
      Ruthie: Yeah with his girlfriend.
      Mary: Dad has a girlfriend?
      Ruthie: Serena.
      Annie: No he doesn't. What's wrong?
      Mary: It's about the rule that... Never mind.

    • Mary: What are you doing here?
      Wilson: I'm trying to stop you from making a huge mistake.
      Mary: What we had in New York stays in New York and I'm leaving New York. End of story I want to go home.
      Wilson: Yes, but do you want to go home to Robbie?
      Mary: Yeah. I love him.
      Wilson: No, you love me i know you do. Come on, how many people get a second chance? This is our second change, don't blow it.
      Mary: I'm sorry Wilson, I'm going home and thats what you should do to just go home and forget about me. It's over.

    • Mary: We need to talk! We need to talk!

    • Robbie: No you didn't!
      Mary: Yes, I did!

    • Mary: What are you doing here?
      Wilson: You belong with me in New York.
      Robbie: Who's this clown?
      Mary: Robbie this is Wilson, Wilson-Robbie.

    • Matt: I'm dating Cheryl, Robbie's ex-girlfriend Cheryl.
      Mary: That's great. Um, if you'll excuse me I need to go find Robbie.
      Matt: Look, I need everyone in the family to know that I'm dating Cheryl.
      Ruthie: I must be slipping. I didn't see that one coming.

  • NOTES (3)


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