7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2001 on The CW
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Lucy returns home after a disastrous summer in New York, announces that her and Jeremy's engagement is off, and chooses to mope around in her bedroom instead of talking to her family about it. Meanwhile, Eric's stress level rises when he learns that Matt is unemployed, Lucy no longer wishes to attend seminary school, and Simon is itching to get his Learner's permit. Robbie is unhappy when Mary chooses to go back to New York and be with Wilson. Annie fears that she and Eric may be adding an eighth baby to their family.moreless

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  • Changes was great!

    Jeremy and Lucy didn’t get married and aren’t going to. Robbie is still heartbroken about Mary. Mary wants to be a cop. Eric is stressed out and Annie is going through menopause. Simon’s attitude is horrible. Matt gets a new job. Ruthie is excited about all the changes. This was a great season opener. It was good seeing the Colonel. I really like Wilson and Mary together. I couldn’t believe the way Simon was acting. His attitude was really bad and I thought that Eric was clever as to treat Simon like a man. He had it coming. Annie is very emotional. Robbie and Lucy start taking interest in each other. That’s interesting. I loved this episode even with all the “ch-ch-ch-ch-changes” they are going through. This season 6 premiere gets a 10!moreless
  • This was definately a really good opener for the 6th Season.

    I like getting to watch the episodes over and over on ABC Family. This episode was actually on today, and this was the first time I saw it and it was actually really interesting. If you look at it in one way, it seemed as if just a lot of nonsense went on. But if you think about it in another way, the nonsense that went on was really important in showing the kinds of people everyone is becoming. Usually the episodes of any tv show that are considered boring are normally the ones that have either a good lesson to teach, or show the developing of characters in the series.moreless
Steve Stapenhorst

Steve Stapenhorst

Dr. Peterson

Guest Star

Peter Graves

Peter Graves

"The Colonel" John Camden

Recurring Role

Andrew Keegan

Andrew Keegan

Wilson West

Recurring Role

Mike Weinberg

Mike Weinberg

Billy West Jr.

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This is the first episode of the series where Jessica Biel (Mary) appears as a blonde.

    • At the middle of the show, Annie and Eric are debating about Decaf coffee. Matt walks in and doesn't shut the door. Somehow in the next clip that includes the door, it is closed.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Eric: You know this isn't a conversation I want to have with my son who is six weeks away from getting his learner's permit.
      Simon: Four weeks.
      Eric: Six.
      Simon: But you said four.
      Eric: Now I say six.
      Simon: But the law says I could have gotten it six months ago.
      Eric: Yeah, but I'm the law here in this house, six weeks?
      Simon: But the law is the law outside of this house, and that law, the law that every other teenager relies on as protection from overbearing parents says otherwise.
      Eric: And yet it's going to be six weeks, and if your attitude doesn't change its going to be seven, eight or nine weeks depending on when you recognize that driving is a privilege.
      Simon: Yes, driving is a privilege. It's a privilege that comes at 15 and is granted by the DMV.
      Eric: Let me ask you something, Do you live at the DMV? Do you eat at the DMV? Did the DMV buy you those sneakers that are in your closet that you never wear? And one more thing, is the DMV buying you dinner?

    • Annie: I don't know what's going on with me.
      Eric: Annie, you're going be fine. Everything is going to be okay.
      Annie: You don't know that. All we know is that everything is going to CHANGE!
      Eric: (to himself) Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

    • Annie: I'm sorry. I just can't be there for you right now. I went to the doctor last week... and...
      Eric: We're pregnant again, aren't we? Are we?
      Annie: Eric how could you think that?
      Eric: Well, you're tired, you're hungry, you're eating weird.
      Annie: So, we're not pregnant! I'm starting to go through the change of life. I'm starting to get hot flashes. I can't sleep at night. And...
      Eric: Menopause?
      Annie: Well, technically I'm in peri-menopause.
      Eric: Well, that's great. Thank you Jesus! Tell me what you're thinking? It's okay. I'm here for you. We're in this together.
      Annie: I'll tell you what I'm thinking. First of all, we're not in this one together. I'm in this alone. As much as this is about me, my body, my mind...and spirit, I need to be by myself more, uh, whether that's in he kitchen or the bedroom. So, secondly, I may not want to be as intimate as frequently as we have been in the past. And I don't want to be pressured.
      Eric: Have I ever pressured you to be intimate?
      Annie: You said you missed me the other night, that was pressure.

    • Mary: (to Wilson) I know what I want to be. A cop!

    • Ruthie: Do you like talking to God?
      Eric: Yes. I do.

    • The Colonel: Hi. You know, if you spent as much time at school as you do with that boyfriend of yours, you would now have one year of college under your belt, instead of just a couple of courses.
      Mary: I know. But I'm not sure if college is my goal.
      The Colonel: What is your goal? Marriage?
      Mary: Maybe. We're thinking about it.
      The Colonel: I think Wilson is a fine young man and a good father to his son and you would be a good wife and mother if that's what you decide you want.
      Mary: But?
      The Colonel: But, let's say you marry and God forbid something happens to Wilson. Would you be able to support little Billy? Now this is not the first time you thought about this, right? You know, I think a college education offers more opportunities for employment, but you're not interested in college. Maybe you should try public service. Public service is a wonderful way to serve your country and support your family. And my dear, it seems very clear that you are about to have your own family. So let's not waste anytime on trying to figure out who we are and what we want to do. You are the future Mrs. Wilson West, mother to Billy West. Get a job at the end of the week.

    • Robbie: Have you talked to her?
      Eric: To Mary? You're gonna be fine. Everything is going to be fine. I hope.

    • Eric: What's new?
      Ruthie: Nothing really. I'm just a couple of years away from puberty. I'm pre-puberty, prepubescent, they call it. So, I'm going to be going through some changes.
      Eric: Yes you are. And I hope you know that whatever changes you're experiencing, that you can talk to me about them. Changes can be very exciting. Changes can be scary. And sometimes we have very little control over the changes we experience. None, really. Except the way we react to those changes and controlling our reactions require a lot of conscious effort. So, we don't want to get too stressed out. We just have to stand back, observe what's going on, go with the flow, live life from moment to moment, doing the best we can do for who we are.
      Ruthie: That's deep. Are we talking about you or me?
      Eric Everything pretty much. Do you have any questions?
      Ruthie: Maybe later.

    • Eric: You left home. You went to New York. You moved in with Jeremy and his family and without warning, boom, you were back on our doorstep. We'd like to know what happened.
      Lucy: You know, it was a bad goodbye, a long terrible flight and I don't feel like talking about it.
      Eric: What do you mean by "bad goodbye"?
      Lucy: I am 18! I am an adult, I don't feel like talking about it!

    • Eric: What are you doing home?
      Matt: Well, didn't Mom tell you? I got laid off.

    • Eric: Where's Simon?
      Ruthie: He has friends who drive. We've seen the last of Simon.
      Eric: Oh, oh, no we haven't.

    • Eric: You look a little tired, that's all.
      Annie: Tired? Of course I'm tired. I've always been tired! I just used to hide it better, and I don't feel like hiding it anymore, okay? I am who I am, and that's who I am!
      Eric: You're Popeye the Sailor Man, toot-toot!

    • Lucy: I don't feel like having dinner with everyone. I really don't feel like being around people, so I'm just gonna go pick up something. Is that a problem?
      Eric: You know, I pulled a lot of strings to get you into Cobell Seminary. Are you planning on going back to New York and to Cobell?
      Lucy: Isn't it enough that I'm not getting married? Do you want me to tell you I'm not going to college in New York? Is that what you want--more bad news? Okay, fine, I'm not going to Cobell! Are you happy? (storms out in tears)
      Matt: Well, it looks like not only is Lucy back, she's crying just the good old days. Some things never change, huh?

    • Matt: Dad, I haven't been out of work for 48 hours.
      Eric: You can't afford to be out of work for 48 hours much less 72 hours or any amount of hours.

    • Dr. Peterson: Eric, why don't you go talk to somebody?
      Eric: Why? There's nothing wrong with me.
      Dr. Peterson: I didn't say that. I said there's nothing wrong with your heart. But you might want to talk to someone before you get so stressed out that there is something wrong with your heart... Is it Annie? Matt? Mary? Lucy? Simon? Ruthie? The twins? Is it the kid that moved in with you? Is it Robbie?
      Eric: It's all of them.

  • NOTES (9)


    • Eric: (to Annie) You're Popeye the Sailor Man. Toot! Toot!

      Eric was trying to make a joke at Annie when she was complaining of how she is always tired and that's who she is. Eric jokes about it by calling her "Popeye", the famous cartoon character who loved to eat spinach, which gave him strength.

    • Ruthie: (to Eric) Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

      During various times in this episode, Ruthie keeps singing the phrase of David Bowie's popular single, "Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes".