7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 6

Charity Begins at Home

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2003 on The CW
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During his Sunday sermon, Eric proposes that instead of a financial contribution, everyone should make a commitment to reach out and help someone in need. Kevin and Lucy argue over where to volunteer their time, while Ruthie learns a secret about a shy, withdrawn classmate from school. Elsewhere, Eric calls his new son-in-law Carlos and asks him to fly in for dinner without Mary. Annie is jealous that her twin sons are bonding so much with Cecilia, and old feeling resurface between Chandler and Roxanne when they continue running into each other.moreless

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  • One of my two favorite episodes of the eighth season!

    Eric delivers a sermon about helping people in need. Ruthie befriends a Muslim girl at school because she doesn't have any friends. Kevin wants Lucy to do a neighborhood watch with him, but she doesn't want to. Chandler and Roxanne see each other and Chandler reveals that he's still in love with her. Cecilia spends a lot of time with the Camdens, and more specifically, the twins. Annie is jealous and upset that she can't spend time with her family and her father at the same time. Peter wants his charity to go to Ruthie, but she declines. Eric invites Carlos over and Carlos freaks out! Carlos finds out that Eric just wanted to officially welcome him into the family and get to know him better!

    This was an amazing episode! This is the episode that got me interested in 7th Heaven! I really felt sorry for Cecilia when Annie was yelling at her over the phone. I'm glad they worked it out. I missed Simon! I really wanted Chandler and Roxanne to get back together! I'm was happy when Ruthie was so nice to Jill. This episode was one of the best! A 10 out of 10!moreless
  • This is the first episode without Simon (David Gallagher), Matt and Mary. It was actually pretty okay but one thing that concerns me, a lot of the storylines seemed used already.moreless

    Well, another episode of "7th Heaven" has come. On a side note, I'm very sorry for the late review. It's my first year in college as a freshman and with having a little part-time job on the side too it consumes me a little more now. But anyway let's get into this episode. This is the first episode without Simon (David Gallagher), Matt and Mary. It was actually pretty okay but one thing that concerns me, a lot of the storylines seemed used already. Let's break it down…

    Ruthie and Peter: I'm so glad the writer's addressed the issue of Ruthie and Peter spending so much time together so far this season. It kind of surprised me that Peter didn't take the hint and was being all assertive and hard when not understanding that he couldn't be with and help Ruthie all the time. He was starting to bother me and creep me out a little, but in the end he was okay. Luckily, Ruthie knew it too and realized he needs to spend more time with his mother and doing other things than always being with her. I'm glad that Ruthie took to time to befriend Jill. But yet, why do the writers have to make her character Muslim and yet again she's hiding that she's been bullied before because she is Muslim. We already went through this with Yasmine. In fact, where is she this week? (Oh Yasmine you're not there when we need you). At least Jill has better acting abilities than Yasmine. Also, it was great that Ruthie's friends accepted Jill and things were ok in the end, unlike Yasmine. But again, this storyline was too familiar and old as we've done it already with Yasmine.

    Annie and Cecelia: Ok, I really hope the writers don't keep this ‘Annie going to Arizona to take care of her father' storyline all season long. I'm guessing the writers don't want another tragedy to happen to the Camdens for awhile (Simon was enough for now) as the actor who plays him is deceased, but Annie needs to stay more in Glenoak and be with her family and get more storyline. By the way, where is Ginger in all of this? Beverly Garland we need you! I miss Annie! With already 3 Camden kids gone we need all the original Camdens that we can get. And another thing, I can't see Cecilia being on the show every week without Simon (David Gallagher). Instead of making her a regular I just wish they made her a recurring character instead and make her do a few guest spots in an episode here and there—not every week though. I guess Annie lashing out at Cecilia was her homesickness talking that she's not with the twins and her family as much as she used to be. They're conversation and making up with each other in the end was okay and understandable.

    Eric and Carlos: These two highlighted the best parts of the episode. I loved Eric's speech in the beginning of the episode. I love it when the episodes start out inside the church with Eric speaking. Stephen Collins does an always believable job as a minister. Although this is not the first that he/the writers have made that speech in church to go out and do something for someone else. Although, in defense many pastors do from time to time remind us to do something over and over again especially in conditions of how we the human race do tend to forget on what's important and what's bothering us. For example, September 11. It's great for Eric as a minister to address his community on the things he reads and hears from them on their anxiety and tensions as a nation and a community and knows that with all the bad news we hear everyday there is evident to be bitterness. The collection plate with helping ideas instead of money was a great idea. Eric really is a terrific minister.

    Now, Eric and Carlos. I have to say I really like Carlos. I have to say I even like him better than Chandler, Roxanne, Cecilia and Peter at the moment. He was so funny when he didn't recognize who Eric was on the phone. If I was Carlos I'd be nervous too if my father-in law wanted me to fly alone to see him---especially under the conditions they're in with Mary and the baby and getting married with no one being there—and all of this in a ministers family. Luckily, knowing Eric, in the end he comes through as him making Carlos and Mary his project for the year from his speech and committing that he stays in touch with and getting to know the both of them now. It's evident that Eric doesn't know his daughter very well and has a lot to learn from her too. I can't wait till Jessica Biel (Mary) comes back later on in the season.

    Kevin and Lucy: Ok, their storyline was a real no-brainer. I mean Kevin wanted to do a neighborhood watch program and thought Lucy wanted to participate with him- since she always wanted to. Lucy didn't want to; she wanted to do Habitat for Humanity. All she had to say was "No honey, I don't want to do that, I have another interest in mind for helping someone---Habitat for Humanity, I've done it for years and want to get back into it." That's all she had to say way in the beginning of the episode and that would've been the end of it. All the avoidance and non-communication was really not necessary throughout the episode and made the story weak. I know the writers were trying to point out that communication is important in a newlywed marriage in this storyline as an example, but next time use a stronger storyline to example it.

    Roxanne and Chandler: Man, I'm getting to the point where I don't want them on the show anymore. These two do nothing for me anymore. The scenes that they were in I barely paid attention to. All I know is that they both went talking to a guy name Paul at some community program for disadvantaged children only we hardly saw any kids and Chandler and Roxanne were arguing about their broken relationship blah, blah, blah. Although, I got to give Roxanne credit for making out with Chandler even though still not wanting to be in a relationship with him. It's kind of slutty and mean of her but that's one little thing I like about Roxanne for some reason, even at Chandlers expense. Plus, I have to say Paul is better looking than Chandler. But we know in the end at some point Roxanne and Chandler will make up and probably get married sometime later in the season. It's "7th Heaven" no doubt.

    All in all, I had mixed feelings with this episode. On the outside it was good because the majority of the storylines were well written, but internally, a lot of them were used already in previous episodes, just a little differently. I need Annie back in a better role of storylines! I need Mary! I need Matt! I need them all back! Come on writers, Cecilia, Chandler, Roxanne and Peter isn't doing it for me. Who knows maybe when Martin comes back I'll feel better. Hopefully the proposed spin-off will take Roxanne and Chandler off this show. Anyway, see you in two weeks.

    Grade: **7 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits

    *Where's Martin in this episode. Since Simon is gone I thought the writers would jump on to first episode without Simon in it to get to Martin.

    *The twins were cute praying at the end of the episode. But at the beginning putting their hands in the toilet was quite nasty. I know the writers were trying for a cute scene there but even when I was 4 I knew the toilet was for potty and knew not to put my hands in there.

    *What a nice song to play at the end of the show with Wynona Judd.

    *Wow, I'm glad someone finally fed Happy. Good job Cecilia. I guess you're the only one who cares (at least on screen)

    *I'm surprised Eric was shocked and a little befuddled that Carlos was Catholic. He wasn't like that when Kevin and Ben were when they were in a relationship with his daughters.

    *Also, glad Carlos flatly told Eric that he wouldn't convert even though he married Mary (who's still Protestant Christian). If only Matt could've taken a lesson from this 2 years ago.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • RE: Cecilia going to Phoenix with Annie - Cecilia did mention that she could go with Annie "some weekends", which means she could fit it in around her school schedule.

    • NITPICK: Why is Chandler, as minister, forcing Roxanne to go to another church? Part of his job description is the bringing in of people in the community even despite relationship issues in his case.

    • How did Ruthie know where Jill lived?

    • Nitpick: When Carlos revealed to Eric that he was Catholic, towards the end of the episode Eric showed some opposition to it. But why? He had no problem when Kevin and Ben revealed they were Catholic and were dating his daughters at the time.

    • Nitpick: What was Cecilla doing when the twins were in the bathroom? what if they hurt themselves some how?

    • Nitpick: Doesn't Cecilla have school? She can't go with Annie to watch the twins in Arizona.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Lucy: (after Kevin kisses her) What's that for?
      Kevin: I'm in a great mood. I've finally found a way to help the church. How best to use my skills and talents.
      Lucy: Hmmm well you're a very talented kisser.
      Kevin: True. But if I was to share that talent with anyone else I'd probably get in trouble.
      Lucy: Um.
      Kevin: I'm gonna start a neighborhood watch. I'm gonna teach everybody to look after themselves, their family and their property. Isn't that a good idea?
      Lucy: (smiling) Yes.
      Kevin: And I thought we could do it together. I know crime prevention and you know the neighbors. And you're the one who says that we should do more things as a couple.
      Lucy: Yeah.
      Kevin: And you're the one who says we don't spend enough time together. What with your school schedule and my work schedule.
      Lucy: True.
      Kevin: I don't get it. I thought you would be happy about us working together.
      Lucy: I am happy. Very happy.
      Kevin: So partners?
      (Lucy makes a fake smile and Kevin kisses her cheek)

    • Ruthie to Peter: "If we want this relationship to work out, we each have to have our own interests. Don't you watch Dr. Phil?"

      Chandler to Roxanne: "I'm still in love with you, you idiot!"

      Carlos to Eric: "This is because I'm Catholic isn't it?"

      Eric to Carlos: "You're Catholic?."

      Carlos to Eric: "I won't convert."

      Eric to Carlos: "I wouldn't ask you too."

      Carlos to Eric: "You wanted me to fly 3,000 miles just to have dinner with you?"

      Eric to Carlos: "Everything with you and Mary happened so fast. One day I find out you're married to my daughter. Next day I find out you and Mary are expecting. The next day you and Mary are gone. Mary and I have had our differences over the years and well, it could be very easy for all of us to lose contact with and become strangers. Actually, you already are a stranger, which is why I wanted you to come to dinner. So I'm making a commitment to spend the next year getting to know you better and staying in touch with my daughter. Whether that's phone calls, or e-mails, or visits, whatever it takes. We're gonna do it. Because my family is my world and there's nothing more important to me. Nothing. So I guess what I wanted say to you in person is… welcome to the family.

      Eric to Carlos: "Mary didn't mention that you're Catholic. Interesting, very interesting."

      Annie to Cecilia: "I think you might be the answer to my prayers."

      Sam and David to God: "And God bless mommy and daddy and Lucy and Kevin… and Ruthie and Peter and Cecilia and Chandler and Roxanne… and Matt and Sarah and Mary and Carlos and grandpa and Ginger and grandma and the Colonel.

      Sam to God: "And God, please bless Simon? He needs you."

      David to God: "He really does..."

      Sam to God: "So take care of him..."

      David to God: "Because we can't…"

      Sam to God: And because we love him…."

      David to God: And we miss him… a lot."

  • NOTES (8)


    • Ruthie: "Don't you watch Dr. Phil?"
      Ruthie tells Peter that they need time apart and that it would be good for them. She brings an example up with Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil is a psychologist turned TV talk-show host after being discovered by Oprah Winfrey, which helped launched his TV career of helping people and their problems.