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7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 8

Chicken Noodle Heads

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Eric gets a new perspective on Sandy's pregnancy when he learns his mom was pregnant with him before marrying his dad. Elsewhere, Sandy's parents want nothing to do with her or the baby.

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  • There's something about three guys in one bed that seems a little...weird.

    Eric finds out that his mom was pregnant with him when she and The Colonel got married. Martin tells Meredith about Sandy's pregnancy. She breaks up with him. Ruthie has the flu and is angry at Martin for telling Jack that he's too old for her. Martin tells Eric something that he knows about Jack. Eric and Lucy meets Sandy's mother and step-father. Kevin and Lucy get into an arguement about Kevin and his playdate with one of the single moms from Mommy and Me. Martin and his dad have a fight.

    This episode was great! I can't believe that The Colonel and Ruth were pregnant with Eric before they were married. I hated Sandy's mom and step-father! They were jerks! I felt sorry for Meredith and Martin. I love them together! Meredith is so sweet! It was sad seeing her like that. This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • Everybody into bed!

    Well, we all know the news now. 7th Heaven is ending. As I write this, I realized that this is my first review for the show since the big news and I know that the days for reviewing and writing about the show are numbered. Unless I write for the older episodes. Believe me, there are a lot of them!. I won't dwell too long on the news as I will save that as we get closer to the finale itself. This episode wasn't too bad. It was nothing particulary great, but it was better than the last two episodes. I just wish they knew beforehand that this was the final season. Maybe the episodes would of been better. So far, season 10 hasn't been a great season to go out on. Hopefully the last batch of episodes that are currently being worked on will pump some things up and be classic 7th Heaven. At least the Sandy/Martin stuff isn't as excruciatingly boring and uninteresting as it has been for most of the season. It has been picking up some more steam here lately and has actually been watchable. The Ruthie drama still isn't worth anything, but at least he have been pretty low on the "Rose" meter here lately. Thank goodness for that, right?. And what's with the Mad TV people popping up?. First there was Michael McDonald as Sandy's dad, and in this episode there is Mo Collins playing Sandy's mom, and she was a 6 season veteran of that show. Plus, her and McDonald were always paired up on that show. Is Ms. Swan or Dot going to show up next?. Anywho, "Chicken Noodle Heads" wasn't bad. So, what exactly happened?. Read on and find out...

    Let's start with Eric first, shall we?. In the teaser, he gets a visit from Julie. It's about time we see her!. Would it kill them to get Hank in there sometime too?. But the joy of seeing Julie again is over quickly as she never appears past the opening. She comes with news and the two get mixed up in what they are saying. They think they are talking about Martin and all his stuff, but Julie was talking about something else entirely. Things get straightened out and Eric learns a shocking secret. Julie informs him that his mother, Ruth, was pregnant with him when she and the Colonel got married. Right away this sends Eric into a mood. He comes home and goes straight to bed in a funk. The flu is going around and Annie assumes he has it. Eric mopes through the rest of the episode until he gets over it in the end. Now, to most people, this isn't such a big deal. Most are probably thinking "okay, get over it". But what makes this storyline somewhat interesting is how they have preaching about pre-marital sex, and Eric finds that he is the product of pre-marital sex. I'm glad he accepts it, but I am most glad when Annie tells him that his parents are only human. Yes Annie, they are. Having pre-marital sex is normal, and it's not a bad thing. If you choose that pasth in your own life, then great. If you don't, who cares?. It means nothing and says nothing about you. Your only human. Your only normal. It would of been nice if Ruth and the Colonel appeared in this one too.

    Lucy and Kevin. Where to start?. This scenario was annoying mostly because of Lucy. I like Lucy. Always have, always will, but it was no fun seeing the Lucy of old pop back up here. Kevin is counceling a fellow mommy from his "mommy and me" class, and goes on a walk in the park with her with Lucy and Savannah in tow. The two get along quite famously, while Lucy sits behind them mocking the whole thing. Afterwards, Lucy is in a snit, and makes Kevin feel as if he is in the wrong. Well, no, he isn't. He's just being a friend and a good person to a woman who just happens to be pretty and flirty. Lucy makes it seem like he has to inform her on everything and ask permission as if he was one of her children and not a husband who can make his own decisions and judgements. Lucy whines and acts like a baby as only she can, and after a "bed in" with Eric and Bo, Eric tells him to apologize and that she was right and he was wrong. I don't agree. There is nothing wrong here. If Lucy doesn't have trust in her husband to do things she doesn't care for, then what kind of marriage do they have?. I don't think Kevin was entirely wrong or that he should of apologized.

    Martin and the baby. For the first time since this whole storyline started, it's actually pretty good. Since it started, I thought it was not interesting, under-written, and just boringly done. Telling his father last week, and now telling Meredith this week, has made it much more interesting. His speech with his dad in the driveway was pretty good, but his moment with Meredith was the best part. Meredith was confused, hurt, and angry, and she had every right to be. When your boyfriend, the man you love, drops this kind of bombshell on you, I imagine anyone would be a mess. What does this mean for their relationship?. She said she will stand by him, then she said she wouldn't. I imagine it's something that is not entirely easy to take in. Her words to Martin about not letting the baby know what he said were powerful and true. Both actors were particularly good in this episode.

    Eric and Lucy have a meeting with Sandy's mother and her stepfather. Like a lot of people and parents who come onto the show over the years, they are not great people. The fact alone that they don't like Lucy, don't think women should be ministers, and asked to see a real minister were far more than enough to hate these people. They tell Eric and Lucy that they have pretty much had enough of Sandy and all her games. They don't hate her, but they don't want anything to do with her or her baby. They don't even wanna know when the baby is born. In some ways you can see where they are coming from. How much more can they take?. They don't like what's going on or how it has all turned out and you can only take so much before you just stop and let the kid find out on their own. On the other hand, they are awful people who, to me, were a bit too harsh and cold. If anything, it makes you like Sandy a bit more.

    Ruthie has the flu(and enough with the Campbell's soup!)and insists on getting Jack. I still don't know why. Martin tells Jack not to date her and he tells Ruthie. Naturally, Ruthie gets her knickers in a twist and confronts Martin. If there is a storyline of which I have absolutely no feeling or interest in whatsoever, thent his is it.

    In the end, this wasn't a bad episode. Kevin and Bo climbing into bed with Eric was kinda funny. It was a comical moment and people took it too seriously and went off on how bizarre and weird that was as usual. Anyways, it was better than the last two. Next week looks good!.moreless
  • It was okay

    Its still the same thing every week, nothing really amazing has happaned lately. Meridith broke up with Martin for the baby (which I knew would happen soon)and Sandy's parents not wanting to help at all. And then at the end it sort of makes you wonder what the deal with Jack is. There's no way they'll last. Overall, this episode wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either. Although the show isn't as great as it used to be, I'll definetely be sad when it's gone.moreless
  • First episode I've watched in a few years. I was reminded of why, but there were a few good points.

    The last season of 7th Heaven that I watched regularly was the season before David Gallagher (Simon) originally left the show. Not sure exactly how long ago that was; a couple years, at least. I hate what they've done with his character since then, but we shan't get into that. I've barely kept up anyways but I know enough to know I don't like it. Okay, really not getting into it.

    The main reason I'm submitting an episode review is to talk about Eric finding out his mom was pregnant with him before his parents got married. Most people nowadays think that's no big deal. It happens all the time then. But Eric's in his 50s, and fifty years ago that was a big deal; and for his parents never to have told him this throughout his whole life is a big deal no matter what era it's set in. I know this because this happened to my great-uncle. My mom was actually the one who made the discovery after her grandmother died that her grandparents had lied about the day they got married, because she was pregnant with my grandmother's older brother. He was very upset. I don't think that Eric's reaction was an overreaction at all. I shouldn't have been surprised at 7th Heaven's attempt to tie in current goings on with the past; but they did it better than Annie's revelation that she did pot once. THAT did not work, and both Annie and Eric did overreact then. IMO. This was done well though.

    Still like Simon the best of any character, no matter what is going on with him. I hated how Lucy acted in the episode regarding Kevin; I hate when females act like that and then blame the males. Keep in mind that I'm female. I hope I never do that. But I was reminded of why I liked her in spite of how stupid she always acted when she called Simon. Those two actors have great chemistry together, even when it's over the phone. Best scene of the entire show, IMO.

    Still despise Ruthie. Even when she's sick she doesn't get better. And the scenes for next week convince me to hate her even more.

    Won't watch anymore, just watched out of boredom.moreless
  • Everyone sure was a chicken noodle head in this episode...

    This episode was okay. It was definitely better than "Soup's On" but it was kinda disappointing b/c everyone felt sorry for themselves (Eric, Martin, Sandy...) so it was getting a little repetitive there. Let's break it down:

    Kevin/Lucy: Their argument reminds me when Roxanne was on the show. Come on writers...with this being the last season, let's see some new more interesting stuff! It really seems obvious that Kevin doesn't mind being around other women at all though, and that bothers me. I can see where Lucy's coming from -- her sister DID just get a divorce from her husband for practically the same reason (except in that case, it was a nanny, not a Mommy and Me mother). Anyway, Bev did a great job as always, the storyline was just kinda too repetitive for me. I wish those two wouldn't fight all the time; they rarely spend much time together, but it seems lately when they do, they're arguing about something.

    Martin/Meredith: Meredith was on Martin's side for a moment and then bam! She suddenly turned against him and started yelling at him. It's what Martin deserves, but I'm glad because I'm still hoping for Martin/Ruthie, NOT Meredith/Martin, and it seems like these two are breaking up right now. And if I were Martin's father, I dunno what I would do if my son talked to me that way. Very impressed that Bill just walked away, although the 3 men in bed together, and Kevin's line with the word "playdate" was beyond weird, in my opinion.

    Simon: His financial problems. Well I think Simon is working too hard. It would be interesting though to see a hard-working Camden who isn't brought into wealth, like the other 3 were when they got married. And I know I'm in the minority here, but I understand Rose's feelings.

    Rose, so far, has not been unfaithful to Simon. She loves him. Simon, on the other hand, is entertaining and helping Sandy. Sandy wants Simon. Rose is also under the impression that Sandy is still her friend. See what I'm getting at...? Sandy is not only asking Simon for help 24/7 with a baby that's not even his (as far as we know), but she's also made it quite clear she is not friends w/ Rose, yet she continues to ask Rose to pay for her apartment? I mean, I cannot stand Sandy. I think she's just as bad as Rose, and I really just want her to go away. I have no sympathy for her, just boredom seeing that she's so desperate for everything to be done for.

    Ruthie: It was nice to see one Camden become ill, besides Sam and David's little stint. Speaking of them, they're getting smaller screen time as each episode progresses, which is a good thing. Back to Ruthie -- I wonder what Jack's secret is? I know it can't be anything good, and I hope she dumps him and soon and hooks up with Martin. I also think Ruthie needs to stop yelling at everyone who's trying to protect her from a jerk. She did the same thing to Martin concerning Vincent! I mean, doesn't she know that Martin and her parents care about her and are just trying to help?

    Sandy's parents: I totally understand where they are coming from. Sandy is not Martin, who made one mistake and regrets it terribly. Sandy is now making the moves on Simon, as far as I'm concerned, which implies to me that she hasn't changed like she says she has. First, she wanted to marry Martin in the premiere, now she confesses that she only had sex with Martin b/c of Simon's relationship with Rose...hello? That's messed up. I can understand why Sandy's parents want nothing more to do with her, if I had a daughter like that, I would probably do the same. Granted, I'd probably have enough heart to at least see the birth of my first grandchild, and possibly send a birthday and Christmas card, but that's it. Sandy has obviously screwed up her life WAY too much and I, for one, am not totally convinced at all that she's sorry. I'm actually sort of glad that for once, the parents of a teen child refused to support their daughter. Corey Conway's mother helped her, so did the girl Lizzie's (who wasn't pregnant but still...), and probably more that I'm forgetting. I think it's important to know that not all parents are willing to help their kids, especially ones like Sandy.

    Eric: It was great seeing Julie again, but come on? Why only for 3 minutes? Well I guess I shouldn't complain but I wish Julie and Hank would return with their own storyline. And not surprising, but the writers now say that Julie has two girls. Typical. Anyway, back to Eric...I just don't see the big deal here. I can understand if he was just upset that he was the last to know, but jeez, it happened 50 years ago! His parents are still together aren't they? His parents still love him, don't they? So, I just don't see the big deal with this whole feeling sorry for yourself thing.

    Annie: I miss Annie. I wish Catherine would just agree to work more than 2 hours a week, I mean it's the last season, just work extra hours now and you can be done later. Also with the show officially ending this May, I do hope (keep your fingers crossed everyone!) that the elder siblings, Matt and Mary will make an appearance in the two-part series finale. Now THAT would be a good series finale!

    My last comment is that the Campbell's Soup Label thing is really annoying. I mean for one episode was okay, but two in a row is getting a little boring. Oh well.

    I give this episode an 8.5/10. Next week's looks so much better though! I definitely can't wait for that one! Ruthie finally figures out the truth!moreless
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    • Martin: I'm supposed to tell Ruthie about Jack, and then tell her about Sandy? I don't think so. Once I tell her either one of those things, I'll never get to the next one. Besides, she isn't even speaking to me right now.
      Eric: She hasn't been feeling well, but she'll be better in a couple of days.
      Martin: Yeah. I just hope I have a couple of days. A couple weeks would be great. If I could make it to Thanksgiving without everyone at school talking about me, that would be even better. And if I could make it to the Christmas holidays....that would be a miracle.
      Eric: Well, you never know. I think you did the right thing by telling Meredith, and I know your secret would be safe with Ruthie. But yeah....I guess sooner or later, people are gonna know.

    • Ruthie: I finally got my parents to let me decide who I want to be dating. And I want to date Jack, so just stay out of it, will you?
      Martin: Fine, I'll stay out of it. But I don't think you know the whole story. There's a reason Jack wants to go out with you, and you think you're all grown-up and making your own decisions, but the first one out of the gate is a bad one. And you might really, really regret it.
      Ruthie: I don't need a lecture from you, I have Mom and Dad.

    • Meredith: I can't be dating a guy who's having a baby with another girl. A woman, a girl, whatever. I just can't.
      Martin: Why not?
      Meredith: Because I need normal! I've been with Social Services for my whole life, practically. I just got a home with a mom and a dad, and my sisters, and my brother. We all sit down and eat together. We brush our teeth, and we go to bed knowing we can still live there the next day! And that means the world to me. It's normal. I'm finally a normal person. So....I can't. I just can't.

    • Meredith: Is the baby a boy or a girl?
      Martin: I don't know.
      Meredith: How could you not know? Don't you care at all about the baby?
      Martin: How can I? I didn't want this to happen. I don't want a baby!
      Meredith: (long pause) You have no idea what it's like to be a child who isn't loved, do you? You don't know what it's like to feel unwanted. Well, I do. So my advice to you is to love your son or daughter and to never, EVER let them know you felt the way you do right now! I have to go. Don't call me, and if you see me at school, do not speak to me!

    • Meredith: If you thought I was going to break up with you because of this, you're wrong. I'm going to stand by you.
      Martin: You are?
      Meredith: No.

    • Martin: You didn't raise me, Mom did, and when she died I raised myself! You were gone most of the time! You were never there and you just ignored me!
      Bill: (after a pause) See that there? That was control.

    • Lucy: (after seeing Sandy's mother and stepfather) I think I liked the drunk father better.
      Eric: He certainly was warmer.
      Lucy: Yeah... (exhales loudly)
      Eric: And certainly more amusing!
      (Lucy laughs quietly then walks away)

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode was a part cross-promotional integration with Campbell's Soup Co. involving the company's Labels for Education program. There was a public service announcement from the series' stars encouraging viewers to participate in the Campbell's program through their schools.

    • Deborah Raffin reprises her role as Aunt Julie. Her last appearance was in the season 9 episode Paper or Plastic? This is also her last appearance on the show.