7th Heaven

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 1997 on The CW
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Mary pays a rare visit to detention and meets Camille--a wild, free-spirited girl who loves to break all the rules. Against Mary's better judgment, the girls become friends, and Camille talks her into making a foolish decision. Back at home, Eric and Annie counsel a man who used to work with Eric and is harboring a painful secret. Lucy confuses her father with a desire to research other religions, while Simon and Ruthie run into trouble at the pet store.moreless

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  • The choices we make...

    Mary meets a girl, Camille, in detention. Matt says that Camille is trouble. Simon and Ruthie find $50 in the driveway. Tom Harrison, a former associate pastor of Eric's, comes by to visit. It turns out that it's his $50. Mary goes to the mall with Camille and take Simon and Ruthie along. Simon and Ruthie buy two ferrets from a mysterious stranger. Later, Camille tells Mary to sneak out so they could go to a fraternity party. Camille shoplifts a dress for Mary. Lucy must choose a religion. Mary asks Lucy to cover for her. When Mary shows up with Camille, it turns out that it is just two older guys with beers. Tom confesses that he has epilepsy.

    This was a pretty good episode! I like the theme: choices. Mary made some bad ones, as did Simon and Ruthie, but Lucy made a good choice by choosing her father's religion, but also a bad one by covering for Mary. This episode gets a 9.5!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • There are 3 Star Trek actors in this episode:
      Stephen Collins, who was Commander Decker in Star Trek The Motion Picture
      Catherine Hicks, who was Dr. Gillian Taylor in Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home
      Robin Curtis, who was Lt. Saavik in Star Trek III-The Search For Spock (and tiny role at the start of Star Trek IV)

    • After doing the rehearsal for Sunday, Tom takes off his jacket. He is wearing a blue shirt and suspenders. Two seconds later he is wearing a blue shirt with no suspenders.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Lucy: Did you know Buddhists believe suffering is inherited in life?
      Matt: Then I must be a Buddhist.

    • Matt: Mary has something she'd like to tell you.
      Mary: I snuck out of the house and went to a fraternity party with Camille.
      Eric: How many ways can you go wrong in one sentence? And who's Camille?
      Mary: She's a girl I met in detention.
      Eric: Oh. That's a great place to mingle and form life-lasting friendships.

    • Lucy: Actually, I just wanted to look at a book on Buddhism.
      Eric: Oh, are you doing a paper for school?
      Lucy: Not exactly. I was talking to Tom about my Confirmation classes, and he encouraged me to explore all my religious options.
      Eric: Like Buddhism?
      Lucy: For starters.
      Eric: Why Buddhism?
      Lucy: I don't know. Richard Gere likes it.

    • Mary: What's this?
      Camille: It's that dress you tried on at the mall.
      Mary: It still has the security tag on it.
      Camille: Well, you didn't think I was gonna buy it for you, did you? Here. (takes dress, rips off security tag) There. Now it'll have a slit up the leg, which is perfect since you have great legs. Put it on. You'll look hot.

    • Annie: If Lucy's exploration is bothering you, you should say something.
      Eric: I don't want her to choose my church just because it's my church.
      Annie: If you really mean that, then that's very liberal of you.

    • Lucy: (about the ferrets) Those mice are majorly mutated!
      Simon: They are not mice, they are ferrets and they are not mutated, they are cute.
      Ruthie: Want to buy a couple and help us go to college?

    • Matt: You gotta trust me on this, cause when it comes to this kind of stuff, guys don't think like girls.
      Mary: I know I'm sorry.
      Matt: Where'd you get that dress?
      Mary: (Crying) Camille stole it from me. I didn't know she did it okay? She gave it to me in the car.
      Matt: So you put it on and went to a fraternity party?
      Mary: I know, it was stupid. I'm sorry.
      Matt: It's okay. But you should know, from now on I'll be watching you like a fox.

    • Simon: Fifty Dollars is a lot of money Ruthie.
      Ruthie: How much is it again?
      Simon: Fifty dollars is... five THOUSAND pennies!
      Ruthie: Wow we're rich!

    • (Simon and Ruthie find a $50.00 bill on the sidewalk)
      Ruthie: Maybe we should give it back.
      Simon: To who? The sidewalk?

    • Ruthie: How about a little tiny goldfish? They won't be no trouble.
      Annie: Any.
      Ruthie: Any what?
      Annie: A goldfish won't be any trouble.
      Ruthie: I know. So can I have one?

    • Annie: You want adventure? You can clean out your closet, and unlike your father, I don't care if you knew what you did was wrong because I am here to tell you that it wasn't! School, church and back for the next thirty days! No TV! No phone! No nothing! And you will be a model prisoner or you'll get another thirty days.

    • Eric: What's going on Tom? We've worked for two years and I don't feel like I ever known you. What are you really doing here in Glenoak?
      Tom: I'm thinking of leaving the church, before I'm asked to leave.
      Eric: Why would you be asked to leave?
      Tom: I frightened the congregation and completely humiliated myself last Sunday during the sermon.
      Eric: By...?
      Tom: I had a seizure. I have epilepsy.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Catherine Hicks and Robin Curtis both previously appeared in the 1986 film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, although they didn't have any scenes together.

    • This is the first episode written by Sue Tenney. Later on, Sue Tenney becomes head co-writer of the show with Brenda Hampton. Previously, they both wrote episodes on the NBC hit, "Blossom".

    • Before "7th Heaven", Stephen Collins (Eric Camden) had already co-starred with Keri Russell in the television-movie, The Babysitter's Seduction.

    • Guest star Keri Russell was featured on a very short-lived CBS comedy called Daddy's Girls, which was also created by Brenda Hampton.


    • Eric: Why Buddhism?
      Lucy: I don't know. Richard Gere likes it.

      Richard Gere is a well-known American actor who is considered one of the most talented of his generation. Even as he got older, he was still considered physically attractive by younger women.

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