7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 4

Come Drive with Me

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 1999 on The CW

Episode Recap

Eric is feeding the twins and is interrupted by Annie who declares that the extra vehicle that they were relying on, the Meals on Wheels van, is dead. They discuss how they are going to afford another vehicle and that Eric is scared about getting a raise from the church board. Ruthie comes downstairs and Annie suggests that Eric take her to go car shopping and buy a car, but they don't have much money to spend.

At the hospital, Matt is mopping the floor when he runs into a doctor and she spills her coffee. John approaches him and informs him that he just got a job coordinating the music for the hospital. Matt is upset that Matt is stuck mopping floor. Mary and Lucy move the bed in the attic and they try to devise a plan to add a second floor. Lucy suggests a plan and Mary tells her that she should be the one to ask Eric and Annie. In Simon's room, Jim gives Simon Beth Bagley's notebook with Simon's name written all over it. Annie thinks that the idea of a new bathroom is a good idea and they convince Eric that it won't cost that much. When Mary and Lucy leave for school, Annie tells Eric that it won't cost that much and that she is excited about it. Annie tells Eric to stop worrying about the raise and just continue on with his day. Eric tells her that he will try. Matt is having a hard time at work and is in a patient's room when he declares that he hates his job. The patient, Adam, speaks up and they strike up a conversation. The patient tries to help Matt with his problems with his job. Adam suggests that Matt is jealous of john for finding a better job than him and tells him to climb a tree to gain a new perspective on life. Matt thinks that he crazy and decides to leave, but Adam tells him that loves to help people with problems. At school, Simon sees Beth and goes to return the notebook to her and when he tries to explain that he didn't look in the notebook, she asks him why he is acting so nervous. Simon tells her that he may know what is in the notebook, but she tells him that she likes another Simon and that he has a big ego.

Matt and Adam talk in his room and Adam asks him about his aspirations in life. Matt contemplates his life and Adam tells him to start thinking about it and suggests that he look to what he likes to do. Adam suggests several crazy professions and then realizes that Matt needs to really think about his life. Matt tells Adam that he feels like is visiting a zen-master, so Adam tells him to go climb a tree. Lou walks into Eric's office and Ruthie suggests that he ask Lou about the raise that he was supposed to get. Lou tells Eric that he will talk to him after the board meeting when it is official. Simon and Deena talk about Beth and that there aren't any other Simons in the school and that she was just embarrassed. Deena suggests that he let her down, but he thinks that it is crazy that he would have to let her down. Deena also suggests that he just have her as a friend and he should invite her over as a friend. Annie and the girls are getting everything ready for the bathroom project and Mary feels left out. Matt talks to his boss about other job opportunities that may be suitable for him in the hospital. The lady tells him that she has received notes from Adam explaining that Matt needs a different job and that he is miserable in his current one. The lady tells him that they can't have Matt going around the hospital complaining to patients about their jobs. At the car lot, Eric and Ruthie spot a Corvette and the salesman suggests that he just take it out for a spin. In the attic, Annie and Lucy are working on the bathroom and Mary is still being left out so she decides to go downstairs. Simon calls Beth and asks her to come over tomorrow after school, but when he gets off of the phone, he asks Happy why he is doing it. Eric and Ruthie drive the Corvette around the city with the top down. When the church board is standing outside of the church talking about the budget, the board sees Eric driving the Corvette in front of the church. Lou comments on how nice the car is.

Simon tells Ruthie that Eric and Annie are just trying to get her to learn a lesson about not being able to afford everything you want. Eric answers the door to Lou who tells him that they have to talk about what Eric is driving. Lou is talking about the Corvette when Eric is talking about the van and the need for a new car. At the end of the conversation, Eric is confused by it, but the twins start crying so he has to go attend to them. As Lou is walking out of the house, he catches the delivery men delivering the fixtures for the new bathroom. Ruthie tells Mary that she is determined to find a car for Eric and Annie. Mary brings drinks to Annie and Lucy, but overhears them talking about not needing her. Matt complains to John about his job and that Adam wrote a letter to the lady. Matt realizes that he is wasting his time being mad at Adam, when he should be mad at himself. Simon is finding it hard to please Beth with the beverage selections that they have at the house. Simon feels defeated and they run out of things to talk about. When Simon tries to reassure her that he likes her, she suddenly gets really happy and runs out of the house to tell her mother that he likes her. Eric tells Annie that the board is auditing their expenses before they approve the raise. Annie tells Eric that they are in the middle of the bathroom, but things are going well. Ruthie asks Annie if she was just sending them out of the house to get rid of them, but Annie tells her no. Annie tells Ruthie what Eric does and that he really deserves a raise. Adam approaches the lady and wants to talk to her about Matt.

At school, Simon approaches Beth and tries to explain that he already has a girlfriend, but she tells him that she is ok and that she accepts reality. Simon tells her that he is flattered that she wrote about him and when she drops stuff out of her locker, he notices that she has written other guys' names over other papers. Simon tells Beth that he is unsure about how to act in a friendship with a girl and how to act in a relationship with a girl and that those lines are blurry. Jim picks up another notebook that Beth drops and sees his name written all over it. The lady approaches Matt and he apologizes to her for not appreciating his job. The lady tells Matt that Adam is in surgery and that she may reconsider him for another job. Matt runs off to go to Adam's room, but he is stopped by a nurse who tells Matt that Adam can't climb trees. She then tells Matt that there is a tree outside of his room and that he won't be up until late afternoon from the surgery. The toilet comes in and Mary is unimpressed and heads to her room. Annie runs after her, but is stopped by Eric who tells her that the board voted down the raise. They decide to talk about things later after they talk with the kids they need to talk to. Ruthie comes out of the closet and she overheard everything.

Annie finds Mary in the twins' room and tells her that they should have shared their interest with her and attempted to include her. Mary thanks her for just admitting that they left her out and Annie tells her that she doesn't have a favorite kid. They decide to go to a movie on the weekend with just the both of them. At the board meeting, Ruthie rides her bike into the house and tells them that they need to change their minds. She then reminds them of all of the things that Eric does for the church and community. Lou asks Ruthie if they have a new Corvette, but she just laughs and starts to explain everything. Eric is trying to find Ruthie, but they are stopped when Lou stops Eric from coming to the church. Lou explains that they saw the car and the fixtures and assumed that they just didn't need the extra money. Lou thanks Eric for being a good minister and that Ruthie picked out a new car. Ruthie is still going to be punished for riding her bike without telling anyone. Adam wakes up from after his surgery and asks if he has had any visitors. The nurse opens the window and Matt is outside in the tree. Matt declares that he finally knows what he wants to do with his life. John walks in the room thinking that he heard Matt's voice and when he sees him in the tree, he runs outside to help him down.

The kids run out of the house to look at the new car and they find out that it is an electric car. The family is surprised that Ruthie is so smart and congratulate her with making a good decision. Matt walks up and tells Eric that he wants to be a doctor. Annie suggests that they can pay for medical school with their fuel savings.