7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 4

Come Drive with Me

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 1999 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • In the second to last scene in this episode, Mary and Lucy are loading the dishwasher and the car horn beeps outside and they run to the stairs and yell up to Annie and Simon that the new car is here. Annie and Simon come downstairs and Simon hands David to Mary, he is wearing a blue outfit. Annie is carrying Sam, he is wearing a green outfit, and they go outside. In the next scene when they come outside, Mary is carrying Sam in the green outfit and Annie is carrying David in the blue outfit. On the way out of the house they could have switched babies, but that would be pointless, and they would have had to do it quick.

    • In the beggining of the episode were Lucy and Mary are talking bout the bathroom Lucy's hair is in curlers when she comes downstairs her hair is straight. Wouldn't it be curly?

    • Recall the scene when Lou and the board members just step out of their meeting and notice Eric driving by in the expensive red sports car. The shot of him driving by was filmed at a different location. Across the street from the church is a little convenience store, its parking lot, and some other buildings, not the residential neighborhood pictured.

    • In the scene where Eric and Annie are upstairs talking about the raise, Eric comes from the room and the door is open, but when Eric and Annie are talking the door is closed. When the camera is on Eric, then after it is open again.

  • Quotes

    • Matt: I hate this job, I hate this job, I hate this job!
      Adam: So let me ask you something. Do you hate this job?
      Matt: Who's there?
      Adam: My name's Adam. (emerges from hospital bed covers)
      Matt: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there.
      Adam: Gee, I wish I could say I've never heard that one before. (Matt looks embarrassed) Relax, I don't take that kind of thing personally.

    • Lou: The entire board saw you riding in that new red convertible, Eric. And the other day when I was here, some guys delivered some fixtures. We thought if you had the money to get the car and to remodel the house, chances are you didn't need the raise, especially with as well as Annie manages a household budget. Now, I'm sorry. Ruthie explained everything, and of course we will give you your annual raise. And we're sorry if we gave you an impression other than that we are grateful for everything you do for us.

    • Lou: Where's your father, Ruthie?
      Ruthie: He's at home and he doesn't know that I'm here. And I risk being punished to tell all of you that my dad really needs that raise so he could buy a new car. But I think you should change your minds. Do you know all the things my father does? He helps kids who are in trouble and people without jobs or houses. And when something really bad happens, he's there. And you know why? 'Cause he cares. But don't worry he'll keep caring whether he gets the raise or not. I'm just hoping you'll change your minds. That's about all I have to say.

    • Eric: We haven't seen you around. What, did you finally buy some groceries?
      Matt: No, I've been bust deciding what I'm gonna be when I grow up.
      Eric: Picking a major?
      Matt: Yup. Pre-med. I'm gonna to be a doctor.

    • Annie: Look, I'm sorry. I can't believe how insensitive I've been.
      Mary: Forget it. It's no big deal.
      Annie: No, it is a big deal and I'm definately the one at fault. It was so easy for Lucy and me to leave you out because we have this common interest in building things. But instead of showing our interest with you, we actually formed this little bond and kept it from you. Now that I think about it, I really made no attempt at all to include you and I'm really sorry.
      Mary: You know, it's okay with me if you and Lucy wanna do stuff that you like to do together. I just wanted you to admit that you had left me out. Otherwise, I just felt crazy, you know, for... feeling left out.
      Annie: You weren't imagining it. It was true. It is also true that I don't have a favorite kid. You know that, don't you? I love you all... it's just that I'm human and I make mistakes.
      Mary: I just never figured for one this big. Kidding! Just rubbin' it in.
      Annie: So what do you say this Saturday, the 2 of us got to a movie? We haven't been to the movies without the rest of the family in ages.
      Mary: Um, just the 2 of us?
      Annie: Yeah.
      (They both happily hug each other.)

    • Annie: (Talking about the new hybrid car) Don't worry we can pay for med school with our fuel savings.

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