7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2001 on The CW

Episode Recap

Annie is working on getting papers graded to have turned in for class grades by the end of the weekend, which means she is very busy for the weekend. Eric accidentally forgot to tell Annie that her Dad was going to be joining the family for the weekend while his wife was going to visit her sister (for a break). Eric is busy with "something" at the church and can't watch Grandpa either.

Matt has an important chemistry final to study for and Robbie is "annoying" him by singing his Latin music out loud. An argument ensues that Matt doesn't like Joy and that there is a problem with the boys taking one another's opinion. During the fight, both boys make it clear that they don't feel like family members to one another.

Eric asks Robbie to watch Grandpa for the day, but Robbie's plans include doing something with Joy. Eric then asks Lucy, but Lucy finds out that Jeremy called and says that she has to wait for him to call back. She wants to hurt him back by telling him she doesn't want to get back together with him.

Eric promised to take Simon to get his learners permit today, but now has to break the promise and tells Simon to watch Grandpa. Simon is very hurt, but accepts the responsibility. Grandpa doesn't like the fact that he has to be "watched" by anyone. Just because he has Alzheimer's doesn't mean that he is a child that needs to be watched.

Grandpa decides to take Simon (along with Ruthie and the twins) to get his learners permit. Simon gets to drive home, but he only feels comfortable going 10 mph. This attracts the attention of police and they believe the car is stolen. They begin a "slow speed" chase with the police that is filmed by a helicopter. The whole Camden family begins watching. Simon wants to pull over, but his grandfather tells him that he did nothing wrong, to keep driving.

We see that Eric's thing at the church was really testing for Grandma's heart and that he is watching the car chase at the hospital. The "family" detective finds Eric and has him come help talk Simon into pulling over the car. Annie finds out where Eric is at the hospital and learns from her father's wife that she is fine and that stress was the only thing affecting her heart.

Back at home Simon apologizes for his behavior, but says that if Eric had kept his promise that it wouldn't have happened. Annie and Eric talk about not lying to one another and agree that they should always be truthful to one another. Robbie apologizes to Matt and says that Matt's opinion does matter to him and he does think of Matt like a brother. Matt doesn't apologize and is still debating on whether he feels that Robbie is like a brother.

Lucy finally gets the phone call from Jeremy. She tells him it really hurt her when his parents said they didn't like her and he didn't stand up for her in front of them, but she still wants to get back together with him. He tells her he doesn't want to get back together; he just wants his engagement ring back.
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