7th Heaven

Season 1 Episode 22

Dangerous Liaisons (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 19, 1997 on The CW

Episode Recap

At home, all of the kids are waiting by the phone to hear about Mary's surgery. Matt answers the phone when it rings, but Eric doesn't have much information since Mary is still in surgery. Eric tells Matt to bring them to go get food, so after the conversation, Matt decides to bring everyone to dinner. Before they leave, Jimmy shows up at the house and questions her about her hair, to which Lucy runs upstairs. At the hospital, Wilson shows up and pretends to be Mary's brother to get information about her, but he doesn't know that Charles, Mary's grandfather, was standing behind him the entire time. After kidding him about not getting him a birthday present, Wilson introduces himself. Charles asks about Annie, but Eric tells him to ask her himself. Wilson offers to get something for Eric and Annie to eat, to which Eric accepts. Charles shows up to talk to Annie, but she begins to yell at him for bringing Ginger, his new girlfriend. Eric walks in during their argument to tell Annie that Mary is about to be out of surgery soon.

At dinner, all of the Camden kids end up going to a restaurant that is run by people who are deaf and is frequented by people who are deaf, which annoys Matt that his father taught him another lesson. Mary gets out of surgery and Eric and Annie find out that Mary's injury was worse than expected, but she should be fine. While in the room with Mary, Wilson brings the burgers to Eric and Annie. When Mary asks Wilson about his son, Eric corrects her, not knowing that Billy really is his son. Annie blames herself for the accident. At the café, Heather shows up and pretends not to see Matt. Ginger decides to leave Glenoak and tells Charles that she thinks that they should take a break. Matt asks the waiter for the sign "I'm sorry" and then everyone tries out the sign. Matt gathers the courage to approach Heather's table and signs "I'm sorry." The people that are with Heather laugh at him and Ruthie tries to help him out by signing "He loves you."

Lucy is freaking out about her hair and is upset that Jimmy doesn't like her hair and Annie tries to get the kids to make her feel better. Charles shows up at the hospital before he leaves town to say good bye. Mrs. Binks, a member of the church, shows up to offer her help and give Mary some goodies. Mrs. Binks flirts a little with Charles and offers to bring him to get his things at the hotel. At school, Lucy is trying to feel "blonde", but Jimmy doesn't like her new attitude and they break up. Eric tells Annie that Ginger left and she is happy about it. Eric tells her that if she continues to be mad at her father then she might lose him too.

Mrs. Binks is still with Charles as he gets ready to leave and waits for a cab to bring him to the airport. She offers him some advice about not letting other people get in the way of a relationship. Charles gets in his cab and leaves. Mary gets flowers from Wilson and after Annie expresses her approval for Wilson, Mary tells her that she feels special feelings for Wilson. Wilson brings his son to Eric's office to talk to him and he brought his kid along. Wilson tells a story about a friend who got his girlfriend pregnant at 16, they married, but she died during childbirth. Wilson then clarifies that it is his story and asks for Eric's permission to still date Mary. As matt leaves school, Heather is waiting for him and they decide to go to the cafe as a date. A guy, Michael, walks up to Matt and admits to hitting Mary with his car. They begin to fight and when the principal breaks up the fight, Michael doesn't say anything.

At home, Ruthie tells her mom that she has a surprise for her, so she asks her to close her eyes and brings in Charles. Annie is happy to see her father and apologizes to him for treating him so badly. Charles tells her that he will continue seeing Ginger even if it hurts Annie. While crying, Annie, calls Mrs. Binks and thanks her for talking to her father. Michael shows up at the hospital and admits to hitting her. Wilson shows up during the apology and Michael offers his apology to him also. Wilson tells Mary that he told her father about Billy and Mary says that her mother is the worst parent since she is tougher. Matt waits for Heather at the café and when she shows up, she tells Matt to write to her at school. Lucy is laying on her bed crying when Simon walks in and tells him that her and Jimmy broke up. Simon said that he didn't like Jimmy since he didn't run after Lucy when he said something bad about her hair, like their father would have. Matt tells Annie that he may still be able to have a relationship with Heather and Annie tells him that Michael's mother called about the fight at school. Annie tells Matt to apologize and make things right for Michael at school since everyone thinks that he purposefully hit her. Mary gets to leave the hospital and the doctor tells him that the recovery may be harder than normal. Charles is getting ready to leave for his home, but is surprised when Annie presents Ginger to him as a surprise. Annie then surprises Mat with Heather in the living room. When Matt shows up in the living room, Heather is teaching Lucy the sign for "Blondes have more fun." In the driveway, Mary asks about what the doctor told Eric on their way out of the hospital. Eric tells her that the recovery process may be slower than normal and that she may not be able to play basketball anymore. Mary begins to cry because she wants to play basketball, but Eric tells her that she is strong and will be able to do anything she wants to do. Mary asks Eric to pray for her. At the house, everyone is getting ready for Mary's return home. Wilson asks Annie if she knows about his situation and she replies that she does know and that Wilson can come over during Mary's recovery, which will enable them to get to know him better. As Mary returns home, everybody claps and she plays a little wheelchair basketball as Eric tells Annie that the doctor said that she may never play basketball again.
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