7th Heaven

Season 1 Episode 22

Dangerous Liaisons (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 19, 1997 on The CW

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  • Season Finale!

    After Mary is hit by a car, she ends up getting surgery. Wilson reveals to Eric that Billy is his son. Matt wants a second chance from Heather. Jimmy Moon breaks up with Lucy after seeing her hair. Michael Towner confesses to be the driver. Matt punches him, which scares Heather. Annie still can't cope with Ginger. She leaves for Phoenix. Mrs. Bink helps Charles. Annie gives Ginger a second chance, as Heather gives Matt a second chance. Eric finds out that Mary might not be able to play basketball.

    This was a great episode! Jimmy is such an idiot! For one, horrible actor, and two, who would break up with someone just because they changed their hair color? That's dumb! Wow! Michael Towner was a big shock! This episode gets a 10!
  • Even though Mary is out of surgery, she might no longer play basket ball, but her family is there to help her through this ordeal...

    Second part of season one finale. Mary undergoes surgery after she had been hit by a car outside church. Annie is still struggling with the fact that her father is dating someone after the death of her mom. Matt is getting to know Heather, and learning sign language with a little help from … Simon and Ruthie. Lucy still upset about her blonde hair gets comforted by Simon who tells her that if Jimmy doesn’t like her with her new hair color, she might be better off without him. Mary comes out of surgery, but the doctor tells Eric that although the surgery went on well, she might never play basket ball again..
  • this was perfect.

    i really loved this epesode.
    i will brake it down by charactor.

    ginger and charles- i really liked the older people love story. i am glad it ended happily. it was really fun to see what the kids thoght of ginger.

    ms. bink- this was just a cute litter addition.

    annie and eric- they supported everyone so i will not really have anything for them.

    matt- it was an o.k. storyline with matt dating heather (a deaf girl). i did not love it.

    mary- jessica was great. i really liked how sweet mary was. i really like wilson. he is cool. i like it that she is so determined to be able to play basketball. its her pation,

    lucy- i really like the hair storyline. lucy did not look that bad, the color was just simmalar to her skin color. i she got a few lowlites it would look great. she also is not a dark burnette. jimmy moon is a jerk. i really liiked siomons conversation with lucy. he was totaly corect.

    siomon- he ws just helping other caractors but he was realy smart. i love the scene when siomon is listening to how chales and ginger met.

    ruthie- ruthie, ruthie, ruthie. as always she was great. i really liked it when ruthie told heather matt loved her (in sign language). it was so cute. i really liked her surpize for annie..................charles.

    everyone- i liked the scene with everyone playing basketball. it was really good.

    this was a great strong end to season 1. way to go to the writers, directers, the crew, and of coarse, the actors and actresses.

    this was deffenetly a highlite of the season, and of all seasons (1-10 even though 10 has just begun).
  • This was such a great thriller episode that chows family Values well for this tight family show.

    WHen MAry is in surgery after her car accident and Meanwhile Matt finds Micheal TOowner the guy who hit Mary and develops a fight with him. Jimmy breaks up with Lucy after he found out her hair is blonde. Annie also begins to mend her relationship with her father and Ginger with some help from Mrs. Bink
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