7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 9

Dirty Laundry

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 1999 on The CW

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  • I loved this epesode.

    There were many themes through-out the epesdoe; being ashamed of your identity, excluding people, and fitting in. The overall Eric/church storyline was that a member of the church, Sachico, who was in an intermitten camp as a child. The money was from the governmentand to Sachico it was blood money. Eric, with the help of a man who fought in the war with Sachico's brother, helped Sachico get over her pain. This falls into all the main themes because Sachico, and many other Japanese Americans, were excluded and did not fit-in and Sachico along with many other Japanese were ashamed.
    Matt and Shawna get into a fight, basically over laundry. In this story, laundy is a form of intamacy. Annie and Shawna talk leading Shawna to realize that she is just afraid to be herself and usingher good grades to seem normal. A fun part was when Mary and Lucy overheard part of Matt and Shawna's conversation and it seemed like Matt and Shawna were talking about sex.
    I loved all the scenes between Lucy and Matt, Mary and Matt, and Lucy and Mary. They were really sweet and deep. First is Lucy and Matt. Matt yelled at Lucy for using the word intamate infround of Annie (about Shawna). Because of this Lucy and Mary had a great discussion. Lucy told Mary what happend and how hurt she was. Matt was leaving Lucy out of the conversation leading Mary to make the observation that Lucy really does not like to be left out of things (being an outsider). Lucy tells Mary that she would nmot understand what it was like to be left out because she had been poular and a star athlete all her life. Matt also told Mary she only thought of herself. All three apologies were sweet (Matt and Lucy, Matt and Mary, Lucy and Mary) perticularlly Mary and Lucy. A note, people all over school were shunning Mary (because of the gym vandilization).
    Simon was reading a book called the the Outsider. At first he was in a really bad mood because people were starving and everything. Everyone was in a bad mood because it was contaious. Later Annie told Simon to get in a better mood because bad moods are as contagius as Chicken Pocks. Simon starting helping people and got into a contagiusly good mood, the exact opposite as before.
    In the beggining of the epesode Ruthie is friends with these two really mean girls nad the have a clique (or the 9 year old version). Ruthie's friends are mean to this "geeky" girl Sarah because beeing seen with her would bring down there standing. Ruthie just stands there, a bystanders. Eric and Annie made Ruthie apalogize to Sarah and without meaning it she says sorry. Later Sarah and Ruthie talk on the phone and Ruthie truely apalogizes and they become friends. The mean girls get mad at Ruthie and they are no longer friends. Ruthie also learns about the internment camps.
    I really enjoyed this epesdoe of 7th Heaven. It was sweet and had a happy ending. I needed it after Sin.... .... And Explanation. By the way the twins are so cute in this epesode.