7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 8

Do Something

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 1997 on The CW

Episode Recap

After church, everyone is leaving and Eric finds out that Simon is selling greeting cards from the back of a comic book. At the meal after church, Annie is approached by David Friel who is impressed with her muffins and offers to sell her muffins in a store. Simon and Ruthie walk up as he is offering her the chance to go into business and says that his mom needs a job, then asks him to buy greeting cards from him. Annie declines his offer, but is interrupted by Mary and Ruthie. When Annie explains what she was offered, she tells David that she already has a job and Lucy asks her what she does. Eric asks Henry, a church member how things are going with his son since he is in the hospital. Henry then asks Eric if he knows of anyone who can sit with his son, Steve, but is interrupted when Matt offers to take care of him. Eric says that he will think of someone, but doesn't want Matt to do it. Mary and Lucy are reading the paper when Eric walks in and the girls tell him to encourage their mom to get out. Mary explains that since Eric doesn't do much around the house, Annie feels obligated to just be a housewife and she could be making a lot of money. Mary tells him that Annie has low self-esteem and didn't take David up on his offer because of her low self-esteem. Eric explains that Annie has many college degrees and she can do lots of things, but Mary tells him to encourage her to do something with her life. Matt and Eric walk into Eric's office and Matt tells him that he took the job with Steve. Eric gets upset with him for going behind his back and explains that it is a hard job, but Matt is confident that he can do the job well. Eric offers to go to the hospital with him the first night to make sure he will be ok.

Annie is outside doing gardening when Ruthie asks why anyone would want to buy the muffins when they could just go to their house and eat them for free. Annie explains business to her and Ruthie talks to her about Simon's greeting card business and Annie encourages her to buy them from Simon and sell them at a profit and tells Ruthie that she will invest in her business for her so she can buy the cards from Simon to sell them. As Ruthie is walking away, she asks her father and after doing some sweet-talking, he agrees to buy a box. Eric asks Annie about the muffin business that Annie was offered and after being offended by how everyone is treating her, she decides to go into the muffin business. Ruthie walks into her room and finds Simon trying to sell the greeting cards to Mrs. Bink and offers to buy them from him. Simon agrees since he will still get the prize that he wants to get. Annie is ignoring Eric as he is apologizing to her for getting her upset, but she walks out of the room. Mary and Lucy are there to watch Eric walking after her. Eric and Matt are leaving to go to the hospital, but tries to apologize to Annie before he leaves. Mary and Lucy walk into the kitchen and tell their mom that she should do the business thing since she needs to set a good example for Ruthie so that she could know that women can do more than cook and clean. Annie asks them where she went wrong. At the hospital, Matt meets Steve and immediately hits it off with him when he knows Steve's favorite comic book character.

Ruthie buys the greeting cards from Simon with a check from their mom. Matt borrows some comic books from Simon to bring to Steve. Annie is discussing the muffins with David and how their business will continue. David will be paying a flat fee for the recipe and then a percentage of the selling price of the each muffin. Eric tries to talk to Annie, but she just brushes him off. Eric walks out of the kitchen and runs into Mary and Lucy who are astonished by how much she will be making by selling the muffins. Mary tells her father to not hover around her when she is dealing with her fear of failure. Eric assures the girls that their mother is a risk-taker and is not afraid of failing. Ruthie brings the letter to send for Simon's prize and offers to sell David one box of greeting cards for $5 or three boxes for $20. When David asks why the 3 boxes is more than $5 a box, Ruthie explains that she is selling them for profit, he agrees to buy three boxes. David tells Annie that she will be receiving the supplies for the muffins and will be baking them at home. Annie notices the time and starts running around getting everything done for the day so she can get ready to make the muffins. After the children get home, the man shows up with the supplies and gives her the order for 30 dozen muffins. At the hospital, Steve looks sad and asks Matt what he thinks dying is like. Matt tells him that it is like when you are sick and your parents put you in bed, and when you wake up you think that you are not in bed, but then realize that you are and feel ok. Steve tells Matt that he wants to go outside before he dies, but Matt doesn't think that it would be good to disobey Steve's parents.

At 5:00, Annie is still making the muffins when Ruthie comes downstairs. The delivery man shows up early to get the muffins and rings the bell, which wakes up Eric. Ruthie has fallen asleep and Eric brings her upstairs. Matt runs into his dad carrying Ruthie and tells his father that he is going to visit Steve before going to school. He catches Simon counting the money that Ruthie got from selling the cards and he is astonished that Ruthie got $60 in profit. At the hospital, Eric asks the doctor how sick he is, but the doctor knows that Steve is trying to get someone to bring him out. The doctor says that it would be ok, but Steve's parents are too cautious and don't want him to leave. Steve tells Eric that he wants to really hit a ball and run some bases one last time. When a nurse comes by to bring Steve to breakfast in the cafeteria, Eric tells Steve to call his parents to not stop by before work because he is going to take him outside.

When the kids come home, Annie tells Eric that no one can find Steve. Annie tells Mary and Lucy that they will be helping her make muffins and Mary thinks that it is hard to get used to working after not working for so long. The mail comes with the cards for Ruthie to distribute. Steve's parents are freaking out at the hospital over not being able to find Steve and the doctor tells them to calm down. Eric shows up and tells them to think of where Steve might want to go and they decide on a baseball field. At home, Annie teaches the girls how to make the muffins, but Lucy tells her mom that she would feel better if she did it all by herself because they are so proud of her now. When Annie asks for clarification on the remark about only being proud of her when she is making muffins, Annie explains that she already has a career and she loves doing her full-time job. She then explains that she has many job titles by just being a stay-at-home mom. She begins cracking up and then leaves the girls to continue baking when the doorbell rings. When she leaves, Mary and Lucy still don't think that she wasn't ready for a career. Annie opens the door to David who gives her a check, but Annie quits. After David leaves, Ruthie asks her mother for a favor. In the kitchen, Mary and Lucy discuss their lives in the future where Mary wouldn't get married and Lucy will just make so much money that she will hire someone to do all of the "crummy" work. When asked who, Lucy responds that since her mother likes it so much, she will get her to do it. Annie listens in and tells them that she does all of this stuff because she loves them. Annie takes off her apron and leaves the girls to continue baking the muffins, do the laundry, and plan dinner.

Matt is with Steve at a baseball field when Steve's parents and Eric show up and interrupt their fun. Steve's parents run up to Steve and ask if he is ok and he says yes. They decide that he shouldn't be in a hospital room for the rest of his life, but be at home. Eric asks Matt what he would do if something would have happened while they were out, but Matt says that he would have tried to get him back to the hospital and if they didn't make it, he would have at least had a day out. Eric tells Matt that he is proud of him for doing something that he didn't have courage to do himself. At home, Simon walks downstairs and complains about hot dogs for dinner. Lucy surprises Simon with a big "Tick" doll that she bought with her profits. Eric and Matt show back up at home and Eric tells Matt that he has a future in helping out with sick people, but Matt says that he needs to get a paying job to pay for his stuff first.
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