7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 4

Don't Ax, Don't Tell

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Eric continues to manage the household in Annie's absence. He begins home-schooling the twins and finds even more stress added to his life when their third grade teacher shows up at the house, eager to start a relationship with him. Meanwhile, Kevin and Lucy start noticing Eric's strange behavior, but their attempts to uncover the truth only make matters worse.moreless

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  • It was better than the episode before it.

    Lucy and Kevin try to figure out what Eric is hiding. Eric decides to homeschool the boys and he buys them hamsters. Sam names his Mom and David names his Jesus. Eric talks to Ms. Margo for the last time. Kevin goes to Stanley to figure out what happened the day that Eric was at the hospital. The doctor won't reveal to Kevin what happened.

    This was a good episode. I thought the "Ax" versus "Ask" thing was kind of dumb. I wish Annie were there or at least on the phone. This was an okay episode and it gets an 8.0 out of 10!moreless
  • Too much dialogue! For some reason, there just wasn't enough going on in this episode to make it exciting.

    It reminds me of Signs...how it is nearly shot all in one house (or in this case 2 houses). There seemed to be an absolute ton of dialogue that began to grate after a while. The Lucy-Kevin conversations sometimes give me a chuckle, but in this case they didn't. For some reason I found this episode rather boring and lacking of substance. I've been homeschooled nearly all my life, so I was waiting for them to say something negative about it, but to my surprise, they didn't really do that. I did like how Sam and David thought that homeschooling was illegal. ^.^ For the most part though, I found myself yawning through the episode and perhaps regretting that I stayed over at my friend's house so late to watch it. If it had been a better episode, it would have been worth it. This is the first one I've seen of the new season on cw and I've come to the conclusion that I may give it another chance...but then I might not.moreless
  • Back to the Basics - Lucy at her best

    This is a great example of 7th Heaven in its prime. Reverend Camden decides to home school the children after he can't get them moved out of the teacher's class and Lucy knows something is up. Lucy spends the entire day snooping through the house looking for clues as to why her Dad is so out of sorts. Expensive shampoo - no one in the Camden house uses expensive shampoo, opps, except her b/c she has problem hair. This is exactly why I watched 7th Heaven - the nutty Camdens jumping to conclusions, spying on each other, getting up in arms about things they know nothing about, and dragging each other into the mix. I loved Kevin and Lucy in this one. Kevin dropped some of the sanctimonious, condenscending crap he always pulls and actually became a "Camden" - neurotic and nosy! Now we just need some other good characters back and we will be in business. The twins just won't do it - I don't want to be mean but they are really annoying. This may be tough b/c they are hit and miss on recurring roles - For instance I loved when Robbie was on the show but hated almost all the Chandler and that blonde police partner of Kevin episodes.moreless
  • While Annie is away, Eric secretly homeschools the twins, which rouses suspicion in Lucy, who is determined to find out what Eric is hiding.

    This episode is filled with secrets, conclusion-jumping, and a running dialogue of the misuse of the word "ax" (which seemed more pointless, than funny). Overly-obvious insights from unexpected sources remind us, again, that Eric has a health problem-- tell us about it, already!!! While Annie is away visiting Mary and her family, Eric decides to secretly homeschool the twins in order to avoid their flirty teacher, Ms. Margo (Rachel Boston). Lucy is determined to find out what Eric is hiding, even though Kevin protests her getting involved. Their converstion over whether or not she should investigate is repetitive and exhausting ("back and forth filler"), much like some of the other conversations in this episode, unfortunately. Fortunately, writer Brenda Hampton finally gives the twins some decent lines! You'll laugh out loud when you hear why one of them names his new hamster Jesus! She delivers a classic Lucy to us when Lucy is able to put "special, man shampoo" together with a couple of hamsters to conclude that Eric is having an affair with the boys' teacher.

    Kevin decides to get in on the investigation after he sees Ms. Margo calling on Eric.

    Kudos to Stephen Collins for his fine performance as Eric internalizes his emotions one minute, and lets them go (even to the point of being livid) the next. A very poignant scene shared with the twins will have you reaching for the tissues.

    Eric finally admits to Kevin that Ms. Margo won't take no for an answer, so he is secretly homeschooling the boys. Lucy buys his explanation, but Kevin thinks there's more to the story. He searches out Stanley Sunday (Keith David), a peculiar, but likeable character, for some answers. Stanley drives a hard bargain when it comes to doling out the information-- stay tuned for a very funny return home for Kevin!

    The investigation of Eric's secret goes on right up until the last minutes of the program. The ending is more like a to-be-continued, than a conclusion.moreless
  • Eric explains to the twins that they need to keep homeschooling a secret and he buys them hamsters. Lucy and Kevin think something suspicious is going on with Eric Camedon and they snoop around the house to find out.moreless

    This is a great show. Everything was so exciting. It wasn\\\'t boring. I just can\\\'t wait until what happens next. In the 11th Season it got better. In the 10th season it was all about Simon and Rose, and Sandy and Martin. In the 11th Season there is a variety of things going on just like the seasons 1 through 9. My favorite part is when Eric Camedon is trying to explain to the twins thathomeschooling isn\\\'t illegal. It is also funny when Kevin goes to talk to the homeless guy and falls for his tricks. It\\\'s funny because befpre he was a cop until Savannah was born.moreless
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Rachel Boston

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Keith David


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Lucy said to Eric that she has had the same key to the house since she was 7 years old. How would she have the same key if Annie changed all the locks in the middle of the first season when Matt and her were robbed?

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Sam: I miss Mom, but she would never let us have hamsters.
      David: Yeah. I miss Mom too, but I like just having us guys in the house.
      Sam: Me too.
      David: We get to have hamsters, and we don't have to go to school anymore.
      Sam: And we get to eat hot dogs all the time!
      David: And I haven't taken a bath in three days!
      Sam: Neither have I. But I brushed my teeth.
      David: Yeah. Teeth are important....the rest of the body just takes care of itself.

    • Eric: You can think of how you want to feel and act as if you actually feel that way, and you will feel that way. You can decide that your feelings are completely inappropriate and choose some other feelings.
      Ms. Margo: What if I don't want to choose? What if I want to feel what I feel? What if I want to follow my heart?
      Eric: What if you let your mind lead what you want your heart to follow? And what if you choose good things for yourself? What if you even love yourself?
      Ms. Margo: Hey, what if you love me?
      Eric: But I don't. I don't love you, Ms. Margo. I don't want to love you.
      Ms. Margo: Could you choose to love me?
      Eric: (long pause) I could...but I'm not going to. Why would I? I love my wife. I love my children. I love my grandchildren. I even love myself.

    • Eric: (after walking into the house and having Kevin standing behind him) Can't a man come home without being surprised by a Kinkirk?
      Kevin: I'm sorry. I brought the boys over to our house and told Lucy that you and I were having dinner together. We are having dinner together, Dad.
      Eric: Would you two please get off my back? I am not having an affair with the boys' teacher!
      Kevin: Okay....but we're still having dinner together.
      Eric: Let's see, how can I put this? Oh, I know....you're not the boss of me!
      Kevin: I didn't say I was.
      Eric: You seem to think you are.
      Kevin: We need to talk, Dad.
      Eric: We don't need to talk. If we needed to talk, we'd be talking. Now, please go get my sons and bring them back to my house.
      Kevin: What is wrong with you?
      Eric: Nothing is wrong with me! Are you going to get my sons, or do I need to go get them myself?
      Kevin: Hold on just a second.
      Eric: (getting angry) Get out of my way.
      Kevin: I'll go get them, I promise. I'm on my way to get them right now. I shouldn't have brought them to my house. I'm sorry, I'm really very sorry. That was the wrong thing to do.
      Eric: Yes, it was.
      Kevin: (pauses, looks defeated) I'll be right back.

    • Eric: She's a good daughter, that Lucy. And a good sister....and a good wife, and a good mother.
      Sam: That's because you're a good dad.
      David: The best!
      Eric: (starts crying) Thank you....I'm sorry. I just....that is so nice of you guys. Thank you!
      David: Can we get a pony?

    • Lucy: So what did you guys name your hamsters?
      David: I named mine Jesus.
      Lucy: Jesus?
      David: Yeah, because it's a miracle I got a hamster!
      Lucy: (perplexed, turns to Sam) And what's your hamster's name?
      Sam: Mom.
      Lucy: Awww. Because you miss Mom?
      Sam: No. I just like that name.

    • Ms. Margo: I can't help how I feel about you.
      Eric: Really? You just can't help it?
      Ms. Margo: Mm-mm.
      Eric: So you can't decide that falling in love with a married man would be a mistake and just not do it? You can't keep yourself from hurting yourself? You can't keep yourself from hurting another woman, another family? You just can't help it?
      Ms. Margo: No, I can't.

    • Ms. Margo: Lots of women fall in love with married men.
      Eric: Yeah....lots of women do, and it's always a mistake.
      Ms. Margo: It can't always be a mistake.
      Eric: Yes, it can. You know, I don't say never or always very often, but I'm saying always here because it's true. It is always a mistake.
      Ms. Margo: Still, it happens.
      Eric: It doesn't happen here.

    • Eric: So, starting today, we are going to have school right here at home.
      Sam: Is that legal?

  • NOTES (2)