7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 1

Don't Take My Love Away

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 1997 on The CW

Episode Recap

Nora, a woman whose husband was killed, walked into Eric's office and asks for his help because she wants to talk to Martin, the boy that killed her husband. During the small talk, Eric tells Nora that his 19th wedding anniversary is coming up on Saturday. Eric calls Annie at home and tells her not to go anywhere. Hearing about this, Simon runs frantically around the house trying to get everyone to gather since their father is coming home during the day for a big announcement. Eric runs home and immediately gets down on his knee and asks Annie to marry him.

Annie is busy getting the plans ready for the wedding. Simon interrupts their kissing and asks about moving into the attic before he starts junior high. Ruthie tells Eric and Annie that she may not be there since everyone else is busy and she may not have a ride to get there. Eric tells Annie that he found out that the boy in jail really wants a burger, so he tells Annie that he is willing to bribe him to talk. Matt is on a date with Heather and he tells her that his parents are getting married again and they will have to change their plans before Heather goes back to school since he will be the best man. Mary and Wilson get home and Wilson tells Mary that she needs to talk to someone about her bad mood. Lucy is still pining away for Jimmy and when she calls him, his answering machine says that he may be at Ashley's. When Mary walks into the bedroom, Lucy pretends to be sleeping, but they start arguing about Lucy being sad all of the time and Mary's bad mood. In the attic, Simon is helping his mother get his bedroom ready, but when Annie tells him to go with Matt to get a tuxedo for the wedding. Annie tells Ruthie that she is going to make her a dress, but Ruthie doesn't want to wear a dress, she wants to wear a tuxedo. Eric calls Annie's father, Charles, and tries to make secret plans for the wedding, but is interrupted by Annie walking in the kitchen and putting her paint brushes in the freezer. In the car, Matt and Heather are kissing, but they get interrupted by a guy that Heather hugs, Matt thinks the worst.

Mary is surprised that Wilson shows up unexpectedly to help her get her knee back to normal and work out in the pool, but Mary is defensive and gets upset. Wilson asks if he is invited to the wedding, but leaves when Mary is still being mean to him. At the tuxedo shop, Ruthie is trying on tuxedo while Matt and Simon discuss Heather's friend that she will be driving to school with who happens to be a guy. Matt thought that it was a girl that she would be riding with, but was wrong and is jealous. Ruthie is taking a while picking out a tuxedo and Matt tries to help her out by finding out what the real reason is behind her stalling. Ruthie tells him that she thinks that since Simon wants to move into the attic, he doesn't like her anymore. Matt tells her to try living by herself, but when she refuses, Matt tells her that if she picks out a tuxedo that she has already tried on, he will help her out and make sure that Simon doesn't leave the bedroom they share. While Annie is painting, Lucy tells her that she feels more depressed because of the wedding and wants to invite Jimmy to the wedding. At the juvenile detention facility, Eric is meeting with Martin. He acts mean and heartless and tries to explain his actions by blaming them on his childhood. When Eric tells him that he still knows the difference between right and wrong, the boy tells Eric he won't see Nora. Eric throws the burger on the floor, but Martin picks it up and eats it after Eric leaves.

Lucy and Mary are trying on dresses for the wedding and Lucy calls Jimmy, but hangs up, but she didn't know that Jimmy has call return and called right back. Mary tries to lie for Lucy, but Jimmy doesn't believe it and asks to talk to Lucy. Lucy invites him to the wedding, but Jimmy says that he is dating Ashley now, so Ashley gets invited also, much to Lucy's disappointment. Matt shows up at Heather's house, Zack, Heather's friend answers the door and when Heather tells Matt that she doesn't want to leave Zack alone, they decide to spend the evening at Heather's house. Simon is describing what his vision is for his room, but to get Simon to stay with Ruthie, she tells him a story about a ghost in the attic from the woman who left the house to the church. Eric arrives home and tells Annie about the plans that he has completed for the wedding. Mary and Lucy tell their parents that Mary hasn't invited Wilson and Lucy invited Jimmy and his new girlfriend to the wedding. Wilson shows up at the house, but Mary doesn't want to see him, so he leaves and Annie goes upstairs to fix the situation.

Wilson is outside throwing pebbles at Mary's window, but Mary ignores him, but as Annie walks in the room, Wilson throws a rock that breaks a pane of glass. Annie tells Mary that she will either break up with Wilson or talk to him. Annie then tells Lucy that she needs to stop feeling sorry for herself also and need s to uninvited Jimmy and Ashley. In the living room, Wilson and Mary talks about how she hates using crutches. Eric is working on a laptop in the kitchen and Matt walks in to get advice from him about Matt and Heather's plans while Heather is off at school. Eric tells him that he needs to think about who he will ask to prom, homecoming, etc. that is held by the school while Heather is away. Matt tells him that he won't go and that he is feeling jealous because Zack will be able to do those things with Heather when Matt won't be able to. Simon creeps upstairs and slowly walks into his future room and determines that it is not so bad, but gets startled when the door slams shut when he opens the window. His mom runs in because she heard something in the room. Simon tells Annie that he was looking for the ghost of the lady that left the house to the church, but Annie tells him that the lady died in Florida after she had retired there. Annie tells Simon that Ruthie may not want Simon to leave, but Simon doesn't want his mother's work to go to waste. Eric gets a phone call from Martin's social worker who wants Eric and Martin to get together on Saturday. Even though he is supposed to get married, he is willing to meet Martin if he is ready to talk with Nora.

Eric receives a package from Charles, Annie's father, and gives it to Annie. She starts crying after she reads the letter and sees the dress. Matt arrives at Heather's house to pick her up for the wedding and Zack gives a gift to Matt for his parents. Matt asks Zack to join them at the wedding and apologizes to Heather for acting so weird. Simon tells Ruthie that he will wait 6 months to move into the attic. At the juvenile detention facility, Nora gets to talk to Martin. Martin responds to Nora's question about how her husband died by being mad and angry. Nora explains how her life has changed since the murder and forgives him before leaving the room. Martin yells at her, but before Eric leaves, Martin asks him if God will forgive him. Eric responds that he doesn't know, but he isn't sure that he ever will.

Mary and Lucy are fighting about each other feeling sorry for themselves. Lucy wants to fist fight Mary and when they start pushing each other around, their dresses get ruined as they roll around on the floor, pulling hair. The rest of the family walks into the room and watch them as they fight, which makes them realize they are being watched and stop. Matt tells them that Eric just showed up and the wedding would be starting. Ruthie walks down the aisle, Mary and Lucy apologize to each other as they walk down the aisle, then Annie walks down the aisle in her mother's wedding dress.