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Season 9 Episode 1

Dropping Trou

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In the ninth season premiere, a now-grown Simon appears to be getting extremely close to his new girlfriend, Georgia (guest-star Rheagan Wallace), causing Eric and Annie to suspect they are having sex. Simon's new attitude of being comfortable in the house in his old bedroom alone with Georgia and getting caught by Annie only spurs Annie and Eric to begin grilling Simon about possible sex. When the truth finally comes out, Eric and Annie are scandalized and try to follow the couple when they are out on a date at a fancy restaurant. Meanwhile, Kevin worries that mother-to-be Lucy may be in denial about her pregnancy when she refuses to go shopping for maternity clothes---even though her pants keep falling down. Also, Matt returns home for a visit and is instantly pulled into the family drama, especially regarding Simon and the Georgia situation as he feels Eric and Annie are not handling it the right way. Lastly, newly high school freshman Ruthie gets in trouble at school when she decides to pull down Martin's pants in front of everyone as a prank. Plus, the twins end up in major trouble as well in their first day at kindergarten.moreless

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  • LOL!

    I was laughing at the way Lucy's pants kept falling down and I got a kick out of Ruthie pantsing Martin for not giving her a ride, and then playing the innocent bratty victim. And that was so bad on Simon's behalf the way it looked like he got back with Cecilia and slept with Georgia behind her back when she was on vacation. I think Lucy went too far when she told Simon and Georgia to keep their hands off eachother till marriage and i found it a bit annoying with the way the camdens made a big deal out of Simon having sex before marriage. I thought Matt hit the nail on the head when he suggested condoms and Kevin told Simon and Georgia to get a room. Lucy and Kevin had every right to get onto Simon and Georgia for being in the garage apartment without their approval while they were away, especially for the fact that Simon brought a girl they didn't know to the garage apartment when they were gonemoreless
  • Simon let me down.

    Eric and Annie think that Simon and a new girlfriend, Georgia, are having sex. Matt, Lucy and Kevin also suspect. Ruthie pulls Martin's pants down during her first day of high school because Martin wouldn't give her a ride. Lucy must handle school and a baby, but she wants to be the associate pastor on top of that. Cecilia is on vacation and Peter moved closer to his dad's work. Matt is in town and is talking to Kevin about pregnancies. Sam and David get into trouble on their first day of school.

    This was a great episode! I can't believe that Simon is having sex! He was my favorite character and still is, but I don't believe in sex before marriage. This is one quality that I really dislike about him. Matt was a little questionable too at the end. He said just to buy Simon a pack of condoms. I thought Matt was for marital sex only. It was funny when Lucy's pants kept falling down. I really felt bad for Martin. I would feel bad if someone was taking another person's side after what that person did. Ruthie was also really rude to Martin. This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • I really liked thisepisode in the series it was a good way to kick off the 10th season and I found it to be pretty funny!!

    I really liked the whole Lucy and the pants plot and what Ruthie did to Martin was pretty funny too ecept I didnt't like how Ruthie cried it just seemed so unlike her!! I think this episode wasn't as good as other one's in the series but it was also one of the better one's!! :)
  • The new season is finally here and with many changes---all of them good so far, and with reason. First off, the producers have listened to fans (like myself) and trimmed down a very large cast from last season---Four non-Camdens are gone (Chandler, Peter,moreless

    The new season is finally here and with many changes---all of them good so far, and with reason. First off, the producers have listened to fans (like myself) and trimmed down a very large cast from last season---Four non-Camdens are gone (Chandler, Peter, Cecilia and Roxanne). I felt kind of bad they let Scotty Leavenworth go cause I did like him a little, but after watching this episode I think it was for the best. The show really returned to what we all kind of missed the last two seasons---Camden drama and comedy mixed together with much better writing and delivery on many levels of all the real important characters on the show for this season. The scenes in this episode were long (as they should always be) and not cut so short like so many episodes last season in order to fit so many in the cast. All storylines got excellent play and more in-depth characterization. Let's break it down...

    Eric and Annie: Wow, the basic theme that I got from these two is that they are really starting to experience the Empty Nest Syndrome as they're children don't need them as involved in their lives anymore, and so far they are really failing. You could see it all the way in the beginning of the show when Annie was having a hard time of letting Eric take Sam and David to school on their first day. She knows it'll be the last time for her as a parent of her kids to have this experience. That part was okay, because it's understandable, she's a mother of seven.

    Now with the rest of the kids, Eric and Annie see their other children (Matt, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie) much older as they're growing up and trying to live their own lives and flashing back to images of what's their perception of their children's young innocence. The only problem is, that doesn't exist anymore! Eric and Annie keep holding on to those images and it's starting to affect their parenting not in a good way. They simply can't let go of the fact that their children do not need them as much anymore in some parts of their lives and are grown adults and making decisions on their lives whether they believe in it or not. That's always been a problem for Eric and Annie over the years and sooner or later the writers need to bring this circle to a close. Eric and Annie really need to let go! No matter how many years they've raised all their children they need to stop meddling in their children's business in certain matters. More specifically, in this episode Eric and Annie made the wrong decision at the closing scene to go and crash Simon and Georgia's dinner to get to the bottom if they're having sex or not. They don't need to know that. All they can do is talk to him later and make sure he's being safe in that department whether he's having sex or not. Simon is now eighteen, it should no longer be a priority for them, church people or not despite their moral belief. Simon is his own person and his views can now be different than his parents. Now, Simon having sex in their house is a different matter, I do agree with the parents on that.

    Matt was really giving them good advice in the end about dealing with Simon and his sex life. Other than Simon possibly having sex in their house, they can't control what he does and if he's doing it. All they can do is just talk to him. For them to completely ignore a reasonable Matt and downright go and sabotage Simon's and Georgia's dinner was wrong, and we'll probably see the consequences of that in the next episode. Eric and Annie, after raising 3 grown kids already still can't get it together on when they need to be involved in their kids lives and when they're going to far. Although, Simon can buy his own pack of condoms, Matt. I don't think Eric and Annie need to go there.

    Simon and Georgia: Simon, oh, Simon....where do I start. First off, I'm ecstatic that David Gallagher was willing to return to the series for about half the episodes this season. Thanks David. Now, as much as I loved Simon in this episode he did a lot of things wrong that people were justifiably upset at him about. First, he shouldn't have been making out in his sister's and Kevin's apartment without their consent, as he got caught. Kevin and Lucy were justifiably annoyed and upset when speaking to him about it. For once in a long time Lucy actually had a good reason to be pissed. I was even on Annie and Eric's side as they suspected he was having sex with Georgia in their house. If Simon is, he shouldn't be doing it at his parents home, especially since it's their home and there are children in the house. Imagine if the twins went straight upstairs after being picked up from Kindergarten.

    Simon was also dead wrong in lying to his parents on holding back that he got a partial scholarship for college. He really had no intention on mentioning it until he accidently brought it out after Eric asked him so many questions about him and Gerogia and the money he needs for dinner. Eric had every right on nailing Simon on that, and Simon (like any other eighteen year old) tried to weeze his way through the conversation (and very badly, mind you). Right there, it was obvious that Simon is starting to loosen his parents authority towards him and his parents' respect in that aspect, and that's not a good sign. This part of the parenting is what Eric and Annie should be more worried about with their 18-year-old son, not the sex! He's starting to become a good liar in their face and hiding things. That seems to be the more important issue than finding out if he's having sex or not. But like any person, why would Eric send Simon the checks for tuition? Why doesn't he directly pay it himself to the school to make sure nothing fishy is going on?

    Ruthie and Martin: This was clearly an episode where Ruthie really started to show her bratty teenage side and Martin was her prime target for this occasion. It never dawned on me that much that Eric and Annie let Ruthie get away with murder (in comparison to their other kids when they were her age) any more obvious than in this episode. What really bothered me though was the conversation between Eric and Annie in the kitchen after Ruthie pantsed Martin. Annie said "Well, he shouldn't have been wearing those baggy jeans anyway and should've given Ruthie a ride to school." that's not the point! The point is she pantsed the poor dude, whether he wore baggy jeans or not. Nothing that Martin did was wrong. And by the way, what's wrong with baggy jeans? His were not that baggy in my opinion, though he should've wore a belt. It seemed kind of loose that could fall easily on their own. What do you want him to wear? High-waters? It just goes to show that Eric and Annie are completely more blinded when Ruthie does something wrong than their other kids. Why though? It's not like she's the baby of the family, the twins fill that duty now.

    Either way, it was great to see a different side of Ruthie and Mackenzie Rosman expanding more with her character. She was very limited last season when she was always with Peter (Scotty Leavenworth) that she was quite boring and uninteresting, but now that he's gone she's become more fleshed out in character. Plus, with her starting high school already on shacky ground, it just already leads to even more great potential for her character this season as she gets older and more teenage-like.

    Lucy and Kevin: Well, four months later after finding out she's pregnant Lucy is acting... sane and quiet. Wow, this is when I'd expect to her to act even more insane and crazy. You are tricky, writers! Very tricky! You got it backwards guys, yeesh! But thank you for making her more bearable. I'm guessing someone caught on the fan complaints and reviews from last season (wink, wink). Honestly though, I had to take what both Kevin and Lucy were saying and feelings from both sides of each person at face value. This is because I'm a guy and could never be in Lucy's position obviously, and have yet to be married and have a pregnant wife with absolutely not knowing what to do to contribute, like Kevin is feeling. It was still a breathe of fresh air though when they were finally talking at home ad their confessions to each other. They really felt like a couple going through the motions and it felt A LOT more real now, than of last season a lot of the times.

    Although it did seemed kind of left field for Lucy to complain to Eric that he never offered her the associate pastors job. First off, she's still studying theology in college with many papers, currently in the early months of her first pregnancy, still a newlywed and so many other things. One would think (especially her father) that it may not be a good time to ask her sch a thing. Plus, can Eric really hire an associate pastor at his church by himself? It sure wasn't the case when Chandler came into the picture two years ago. Either way, at least Lucy said what she felt to Eric as once again Eric saw her as a child. Lucy defended herself (kind of whiny though) but got her point across to Eric that she was bothered he couldn't see her as being more involved in the church. She wants more responsibility, despite her new life changes, and, heck, The girl finally wants a job! Finally! Thank you, writers.

    The Twins (Sam and David): They were doing so good towards the end of last season and starting to form their own little personalities that they've once again begun to talk like little robots, again! But it was still funny to hear the story they told Annie about them hitting a girl back and the teacher chasing them and then falling. Once again writers, couldn't you have shown this? It would've been priceless. You guys still keep the best parts off screen when there's no reason to. Please writers, I'd really love to see the twins outside the house and interacting with other people besides family members. They're too sheltered, let them play and run and be kids!

    Overall, this was a wonderful season premiere that was much better than most episodes last season, or the one before that honestly. This episode delivered something that a lot episodes didn't last season—some real drama in the family, and the focus of the family at the core. That's what has finally returned and this episode has proved that after 9 years a show can return back to full form after a creative slump. I'm very excited about the whole season, much more than last season (and I did like the start of last season----but it fizzed midway after November.)

    Grade: **A Strong 8.5 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits

    * I loved the new opening credits! It's been a while that I didn't feel like the opening credits were flashing so fast to get so many cast members in it. It was really ridiculous that last 2 seasons.

    *Everyone looked great in this episode. No one had any bad hair and makeup jobs----particularly Annie. I guess the 7th Heaven crew took a hint when so many kept bashing her look last season with the crimpy hair and always looking tired.

    *Once again, I do hope Scotty Leavenworth (Peter) does return for a few episodes later on in the season and Ashlee Simpson (Cecilia) since they can AT LEAST conclude on what's still an incomplete exit since we last saw them in the season finale last year.

    *Also, Brenda Hampton, once again, what's with you and pants and baggy jeans? It seems to be another fication you have over the many pants (or similar) stories you've had over the years.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Did Ruthie skip another grade at some point in the series because in this episode she starts high school but in the first season she starts prekindergarten and then skips to the first grade in the next season but if she did not skip any other grades she should technically be in the eighth grade at this point according to the calculations.

    • In this episode there were quick flashback scenes of Matt, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie from season one and of Sam and David from season three.

    • Annie didn't mean her little speech about equality in the genders from "Tunes". In that one Annie gives a speech about sexual equality and how you shouldn't use clothes as justification for sexual harrassment/rape. What Ruthie did was borderline sexual harrassment yet Annie just laughed at it.

    • If Sam and David got into big trouble at school why didn't the teacher speak to Annie in person once she picked them up from school? Aren't little children usually escorted out by a teacher at the end of the day?

    • Martin should have just worn a belt if his pants were so baggy.

    • After Eric finds out Simon's been hiding money after getting a partial scholarship why would Eric send the tutition check to Simon, as he admitted, instead of directly sending the money to the school?

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Matt: Europe doesn't like us (United States) right now.

    • Martin: I know what really happened, she pantsed me in front of my friends and a hallway filled with students, all because I didn't give her a ride to school. She just wanted to embarrass me.
      Eric: Ok, but if you followed what I was saying about the brain, she wasn't probably thinking at all, just acted on impulse. And it was childish and no one saw the humor in it, and now Ruthie's upset that she did it and she's embarrassed.
      Martin: She's embarrassed? What about me? I mean, I know I'm not your son, but I expected a little sympathy and understanding. But hey, maybe your brains not working either! Maybe your whole family has brain problems!

    • Matt: How are you doing?
      Lucy: I was doing fine until someone started sharing our pregnancy with my brother.
      Matt: I think that your pants fell down!
      Lucy: Ahhhh! (after he told her that her pants fell down)

    • Annie: Are you having sex with Georgia?
      Simon: You know what Mom, I'm gonna plead the 5th Amendment.
      Annie: I need a time out, you know, we'll continue this when your father gets home.

    • Ruthie: Look I regret that...
      Martin: Yeah, you regret that?...
      Ruthie: I regret that you wouldn't give me a ride on my first day of school and you have absolutely no sense of humor.

    • Matt: (to Eric & Annie) My advice to you, and not as your son, but as a doctor who deals with pregnant women day in and day out is talk to him about responsible sex and buy him a pack of condoms.
      Annie: We appreciate your advice, but...
      Eric: We have to go. (they begin leaving)
      Matt: This is a mistake, a big mistake!

    • Lucy: (showing her stomach) Do you wanna end up like this?
      Georgia: Chubby?
      Lucy: Pregnant!
      Georgia: Well, ah, ah, no.

    • Lucy: (to Matt about Kevin) Maybe I don't want to share every little moment of my pregnancy with him!

    • Kevin: (to Simon) Aren't you in the wrong house?
      Simon: Sorry, I just came up here for a little privacy.
      Kevin: You want privacy? Get a room.
      Simon: Maybe I will.

    • Annie: Sam. David.
      David: I'm sorry.
      Sam: Me too. I'm real sorry.
      David: I'm real sorry too.
      Annie: What happened?
      David: The girl hit him so I hit her.
      Sam: Then she cried.
      David: So I tried to stop her.
      Sam: Then she screamed.
      David: So I decided to run.
      Sam: So I ran after him.
      David: So the teacher ran after us.
      Sam: Then we ran faster and faster.
      David: So she ran faster.
      Sam: Then she fall down.
      David: So we kept on running.
      Sam: Than we got tired.
      David: So we hid in the bathroom.
      Sam: Then the teacher found us.
      David: So she wrote you a letter.
      Sam & David: (together) The end!

    • Kevin: I got them. (talking about the pants)
      Eric: Do you want your mother to go clothes shopping with you....she has had a lot of experience.
      Lucy: That's nice, and when I need bigger pants I'll ask Mom to go shopping with me.

    • Eric: Where's Lucy?
      Kevin: Oh, looking for pants. (Lucy walks in)
      Lucy: (to Eric, Ruthie and Kevin) You were talking about me weren't you?

    • Kevin: (to Lucy) Can't I do something besides, what I did..?

  • NOTES (7)

    • This episode was aired in Serbia, September 15, 2008, on RTV1.

    • This is the first episode to feature Rheagan Wallace as recurring character, Georgia Huffington.

    • The summer before the 9th season premiere, actors George Stults (Kevin), Beverley Mitchell (Lucy) and Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie) did commercials for K-Mart in order to promote their upcoming season. The song that played during the commercial was called "Great Sound of Love" by the Rayonettes.

    • Roxanne Richardson (Rachel Blanchard) is now a soldier in Iraq even though she didn't agree with Bush and Chandler Hampton (Jeremy London) and his adopted son Jeffrey (former guest star James Henrie) moved to Pennsylvannia.

    • Official WB tagline - Things have changed a little in the Camden household.

    • Ashlee Simpson (Cecilia), Jeremy London (Chandler), Rachel Blanchard (Roxanne) and Scotty Leavensworth (Peter) are no longer main cast members and are taken out of the opening credits. This was done as the producers wanted to focus more on the Camdens this season. Only Peter returns in future episodes.

    • Barry Watson (Matt) and David Gallagher (Simon) return as regular cast members for this season and they'll appear in at least 11 episodes each.