7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 1

Dropping Trou

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Unknown on The CW

Episode Recap

It's the morning of the first day of school, at the Camden household. Annie is talking to the twins Sam and David about the fact that she had been the parent to take Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie all to school on their first day of kindergarten.

Sam and David both say that they want "daddy" to take them, as Eric makes an entrance into the kitchen. He overhears and is pleased while Annie is not pleased at all.

We learn that Ruthie is starting her first day of high school this morning as well. Ruthie is angry with Martin for not wanting to drive her to school and complains loudly about it, and she rudely rejects Eric's proposal to drive her, in reluctant favour of Lucy and Kevin.

Martin leaves for school, after Eric mentions his baggy pants (that his aunt made in fashion design school), and questions whether they fit the dress code at the high school. Martin brushes Eric off and leaves for school.

Lucy walks in to make her quick entrance to the show. Simon also walks into the kitchen, and gets bombarded with questions by Eric about Cecelia, and it became apparent that Simon and Cecelia dated over the summer, and she has now gone on vacation. Simon, growing tired of his parents' over-scrutiny and intrusiveness, refuses to discuss Cecelia or much of his personal life and tries to change the subject.

Eric and the twins leave, then return home, after not making it very far to the school, because Sam and David change their minds, and want Annie to take them to kindergarten instead.

Opening credits (with Annie, Eric, Simon, Matt, Lucy, Ruthie, Sam, David, and Martin appearing)

Ruthie looks out of place at her new high school. She walks over to Martin and his group of friends, takes one glare at Martin, and keeps walking. But she's still fuming and seeing Martin socializing with his friends infuriates her even more, so she returns to Martin and yanks down Martin's baggy pants right there in the hallway in front of a crowd of students! Martin is mortified and hurt. His friends and the others students are shocked and just stare at Ruthie in disbelief and disgust.

A figure of authority in the school (a teacher or principal) walks into that hallway and sees part of the incident and is angry with Ruthie and calls her into the office. Ruthie is defiant and has no remorse over her nasty prank.

It is now the afternoon and Annie and twins are in the kitchen as Annie is reading a note from their new teacher. Sam and David explain to Annie that they got in trouble on their first day as a little girl tried to hit Sam and David hit her. Then the teacher tried running after them and fell. As they explain Annie hears a noise from upstairs and leaves the boys to wait in the kitchen.

She runs to the foyer to find Simon nervously rushing out a girl from upstairs with their hair messed up. Annie yells at them to stop, then looks both of them up and down. Simon is especially nervous under his mother's eagle wide-eyed glare and fights down a blush. Then Annie, without a word of greeting to Georgia, demands that Simon come speak with her in the living room, leaving an uncomfortable Georgia standing alone in the foyer.

In the living room Annie begins interrogating Simon about Georgia and at one point, bluntly and coldly asks Simon "Are you having sex?" Simon is stunned at his mother's tactlessness and insensitivity especially in light that Simon is now a young man, not a child anymore and that he is paying most of his way in college and for his own room and board on his own, not to mention the emotional pain he's been through in the past year from his traumatic accident where the young boy rode in front of Simon's car and was killed.

Not knowing how else to respond and reluctant to outright lie, Simon mutters that he's "taking the fifth" and starts to walk away from Annie, tired of Annie's games. But Annie fails to take the hint and angrily hints that his non-answer is "proof" that he is having sex and that she does not approve of it and plans to give him grief about it until he caves in to her demands.

In the garage apartment a pregnant Lucy is sleeping on the bed as Matt walks up the stairs with his luggage. He tries to quietly get a beer from the fridge but accidently wakes a surprised Lucy up.

Matt explains why he's here but an unconvinced Lucy sits up and accuses Matt of being there so he could help Kevin in wanting her to open up more about her pregnancy. Matt nervously tries to appease Lucy, but she continues her rant only to find out that her pants have just fallen off.

Meanwhile, Ruthie, for her mean act, is sentenced to a week's detention, which she thinks is "unfair." Ruthie complains loudly once again to her parents. Martin is still upset and demands that Eric and Annie need to get on Ruthie, as Ruthie is becoming more and more self-centered and spoiled.

But Eric makes all kinds of excuses for Ruthie, which infuriates Martin even more. And Annie is no help either; she's too busy ranting about Simon's private sex life instead of paying attention to what is going on with Ruthie.

Martin is refusing to speak to Ruthie and still furious at not only Ruthie, but Eric and Annie, takes his tent and sleeping bag and decides to sleep outside since he does not want to be anywhere near Ruthie.
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