7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 1

Dropping Trou

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Unknown on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Did Ruthie skip another grade at some point in the series because in this episode she starts high school but in the first season she starts prekindergarten and then skips to the first grade in the next season but if she did not skip any other grades she should technically be in the eighth grade at this point according to the calculations.

    • In this episode there were quick flashback scenes of Matt, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie from season one and of Sam and David from season three.

    • Annie didn't mean her little speech about equality in the genders from "Tunes". In that one Annie gives a speech about sexual equality and how you shouldn't use clothes as justification for sexual harrassment/rape. What Ruthie did was borderline sexual harrassment yet Annie just laughed at it.

    • If Sam and David got into big trouble at school why didn't the teacher speak to Annie in person once she picked them up from school? Aren't little children usually escorted out by a teacher at the end of the day?

    • Martin should have just worn a belt if his pants were so baggy.

    • After Eric finds out Simon's been hiding money after getting a partial scholarship why would Eric send the tutition check to Simon, as he admitted, instead of directly sending the money to the school?

  • Quotes

    • Matt: Europe doesn't like us (United States) right now.

    • Martin: I know what really happened, she pantsed me in front of my friends and a hallway filled with students, all because I didn't give her a ride to school. She just wanted to embarrass me.
      Eric: Ok, but if you followed what I was saying about the brain, she wasn't probably thinking at all, just acted on impulse. And it was childish and no one saw the humor in it, and now Ruthie's upset that she did it and she's embarrassed.
      Martin: She's embarrassed? What about me? I mean, I know I'm not your son, but I expected a little sympathy and understanding. But hey, maybe your brains not working either! Maybe your whole family has brain problems!

    • Matt: How are you doing?
      Lucy: I was doing fine until someone started sharing our pregnancy with my brother.
      Matt: I think that your pants fell down!
      Lucy: Ahhhh! (after he told her that her pants fell down)

    • Annie: Are you having sex with Georgia?
      Simon: You know what Mom, I'm gonna plead the 5th Amendment.
      Annie: I need a time out, you know, we'll continue this when your father gets home.

    • Ruthie: Look I regret that...
      Martin: Yeah, you regret that?...
      Ruthie: I regret that you wouldn't give me a ride on my first day of school and you have absolutely no sense of humor.

    • Matt: (to Eric & Annie) My advice to you, and not as your son, but as a doctor who deals with pregnant women day in and day out is talk to him about responsible sex and buy him a pack of condoms.
      Annie: We appreciate your advice, but...
      Eric: We have to go. (they begin leaving)
      Matt: This is a mistake, a big mistake!

    • Lucy: (showing her stomach) Do you wanna end up like this?
      Georgia: Chubby?
      Lucy: Pregnant!
      Georgia: Well, ah, ah, no.

    • Lucy: (to Matt about Kevin) Maybe I don't want to share every little moment of my pregnancy with him!

    • Kevin: (to Simon) Aren't you in the wrong house?
      Simon: Sorry, I just came up here for a little privacy.
      Kevin: You want privacy? Get a room.
      Simon: Maybe I will.

    • Annie: Sam. David.
      David: I'm sorry.
      Sam: Me too. I'm real sorry.
      David: I'm real sorry too.
      Annie: What happened?
      David: The girl hit him so I hit her.
      Sam: Then she cried.
      David: So I tried to stop her.
      Sam: Then she screamed.
      David: So I decided to run.
      Sam: So I ran after him.
      David: So the teacher ran after us.
      Sam: Then we ran faster and faster.
      David: So she ran faster.
      Sam: Then she fall down.
      David: So we kept on running.
      Sam: Than we got tired.
      David: So we hid in the bathroom.
      Sam: Then the teacher found us.
      David: So she wrote you a letter.
      Sam & David: (together) The end!

    • Kevin: I got them. (talking about the pants)
      Eric: Do you want your mother to go clothes shopping with you....she has had a lot of experience.
      Lucy: That's nice, and when I need bigger pants I'll ask Mom to go shopping with me.

    • Eric: Where's Lucy?
      Kevin: Oh, looking for pants. (Lucy walks in)
      Lucy: (to Eric, Ruthie and Kevin) You were talking about me weren't you?

    • Kevin: (to Lucy) Can't I do something besides, what I did..?

  • Notes

    • This episode was aired in Serbia, September 15, 2008, on RTV1.

    • This is the first episode to feature Rheagan Wallace as recurring character, Georgia Huffington.

    • The summer before the 9th season premiere, actors George Stults (Kevin), Beverley Mitchell (Lucy) and Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie) did commercials for K-Mart in order to promote their upcoming season. The song that played during the commercial was called "Great Sound of Love" by the Rayonettes.

    • Roxanne Richardson (Rachel Blanchard) is now a soldier in Iraq even though she didn't agree with Bush and Chandler Hampton (Jeremy London) and his adopted son Jeffrey (former guest star James Henrie) moved to Pennsylvannia.

    • Official WB tagline - Things have changed a little in the Camden household.

    • Ashlee Simpson (Cecilia), Jeremy London (Chandler), Rachel Blanchard (Roxanne) and Scotty Leavensworth (Peter) are no longer main cast members and are taken out of the opening credits. This was done as the producers wanted to focus more on the Camdens this season. Only Peter returns in future episodes.

    • Barry Watson (Matt) and David Gallagher (Simon) return as regular cast members for this season and they'll appear in at least 11 episodes each.

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