7th Heaven

Season 1 Episode 18

Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 1997 on The CW

Episode Recap

Simon talks to Ruthie about how he is great catcher. Ruthie then tells Simon how her teacher made a phone list for the class, but Simon tells her that the numbers are probably wrong. Ruthie says no, but she then tells Simon a wrong number for their house. Eric is interviewing an ex-convict at the Glenoak Community Job Fair. Annie is keeping the church board happy while waiting for Eric to show up after the job fair. The board discusses their lack of a treasurer and volunteers Annie for the job and Annie accepts.

Annie is hurrying to get everyone's lunches done quickly. When Simon comes downstairs, Annie asks him if he is going to play Little League and when he replies yes, she tells him that he needs to get a tetanus shot. Matt is volunteered to bring Simon to get the shot. Mary agrees to tutor Jimmy in science and Lucy gives her advice. Simon wants Matt to sign off on the tetanus shot without actually getting one, but Matt says no. Eric is concerned about Annie working and being able to do everything around the house. Eric tells Annie about the man that he met at the job fair coming in to the office. Lucy tells Jimmy that Mary will be tutoring him, but Jimmy is nervous about working with Mary.

At the church, the board is listening to the man that Eric found at the job fair, Ron, the ex-convict, play the organ. The board thinks that he did a great job, but the board is concerned about his past. While at the doctor's office, Simon is making small talk with people, but Matt is getting more and more nervous as they wait in the waiting room. Simon continually tries to make Matt uncomfortable to get him to sign the paper so that he won't have to get the shot, but Matt doesn't want to and they decide to come back the next day. Annie talks about Ron and the board's concerns with Eric. Eric makes Annie feel bad because he told her that the board only wanted Annie to be the treasurer to convince Eric to get a security system for the church. Lucy catches Ruthie calling the numbers in the emergency list that was made at school. Lucy also watches Mary as she is tutoring Jimmy and she begins to think that Jimmy is flirting with Mary because he is smiling at her, but he is just doing what Lucy told him to do. Lou and another member of the board is getting estimates about the security system and Eric is then told that Ron can't get the job.

After the tutoring, Lucy confronts Mary about Mary liking Jimmy. Mary tells her that she doesn't like him at all, so they get upset because Lucy won't give up the idea that they have feelings for each other. Lou catches Ron trying to get into the church to get a hymnal to practice for Sunday in case they needed him on Sunday. Lou tells Ron that they don't have the money to fill the position and Ron tells Lou that he stole money from the bank he use to work for. Eric finds out that Simon still hasn't got his shot, but tells Matt that understands how Simon makes the people that take him to get the shot uncomfortable, but says that he really needs the shot. Lucy is talking on the phone with Jimmy, yelling at him for smiling at Mary. Jimmy reminds her that she suggested smiling at Mary, but they are interrupted by Ruthie wanting to call more numbers out of the emergency number book. Lucy tells her to only use those numbers in a real emergency. Matt walks into the kitchen and tells Simon that they are going to get the shot tomorrow, but it scares Simon. Lou talks to Eric in Eric's office about Ron and tells Eric what he knows about Ron's past, but Eric says that he is willing to give someone a second chance. When Eric tells Lou that he serves the church and its values, not the parishioners and their values, Lou hints that if the board believes that Eric's judgment is getting in the way of the greater church, then they will want him gone.

The next morning, Eric is complaining about Lou's discussion with him the previous night. Annie is sticking up for the church, which upsets Eric even more, but after some more discussion, Eric apologizes and tells Annie that she is doing a great job. Matt tries to get Simon to go to the doctor's office, but Simon is resisting. Sensing an emergency, Ruthie calls 911 and tells them that someone is barricaded in their room. When the police show up, Simon decides to go to get his shot. The police officer then tells Ruthie about abusing 911. Lucy then commandeers the emergency phone list. At the doctor's office, Matt and Simon both get a tetanus shot and leave with lollipops.

Mary shows Lucy a note that Jimmy left cancelling their tutoring sessions, so Lucy apologizes for getting so jealous and upset. Annie interrupts and tells Lucy that Mr. Moon is in the living room, so when Lucy talks to Jimmy, she finds out that Jimmy doesn't want to cancel the tutoring sessions and desperately needs to pass science. When fixing the doorknob, Annie talks to Ruthie about when to call emergency numbers. Matt asks his father if he is going to hire Ron, but Eric tells him that he has hired Ron.

At the church, Annie gives a report on the financial state of the church to a few members of the church and the board. Annie campaigns for the new budget that she has proposed. After she passes out the budget, the members of the church show up. Ron shows up and begins to play the organ and Lou concedes to give Ron a chance.