7th Heaven

Season 1 Episode 2

Family Secrets

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 1996 on The CW
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When Matt reveals that he is close friends with a pregnant teenager, his parents fear the worst. Meanwhile, Mary tries to be secretive about her new boyfriend, while Lucy is more than happy to tell the whole world about her newest crush. Eric doesn't understand why his shoes keep disappearing around the house, and Annie is unsure of how to tell her children about their grandmother's illness.moreless

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  • Spin-Off HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Perfect "Series classic"

    Truth or Dare

    Every show has a bathroom scene in it's series. well here's the one for this. Every show has a bathroom scene in it's series. well here's the one for this.

    (Annie knocks outside the bathroom door of the one bathroom in the house)

    Ruthie:We're in here.

    Annie:Still? It's been 2 hours, and two hours ago I finished a huge milkshake.

    Simon:But mom we need our baths.

    Annie:I need to pee, and my bladder is about to tip over, Eeee! come on hurry up.

    (Annie outside the door has her legs crossed in torment.)

    Ruthie:I think I still missed a spot somewhere.

    Annie:Well just hurry up and find it or there's going to be a huge accident near here. Ohhhhhhhhh!

    Ruthie: Maybe we should clean up Simon, mom sounds desperate.

    Simon: She'll be fine.

    Annie:Dohhhhh, losing it, leaking.

    (Annie has her legs crossed hopping around the spot in demise)

    (Annie holds crossed desperately)

    (3 more hours later)

    (Annie knocks outside the bathroom door again)

    Annie:Guys you done yet?


    Annie:I really need to use the toilet this very moment, now I can't wait any longer let me in pleaseeeeeeee!

    (Mary comes running down the hallway)

    Mary:Mom, who's in there!

    Annie:Ruthie and Simon they're hogging it and I have to pee!

    (Mary's legs are flapping and squriming showing she has to use the toilet too.)

    Mary:Guys let me in I gotta pee badly I gotta use the toilet NOW!

    Simon:Just HOLD IT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Mary:Guys, I'm begging you please I gotta do my buisness!!!!!!!!!

    Annie:Open up guys, I gotta get in there.

    (Mary and Annie both have their legs scruthcedand crossed together squriming.)

    Mary:Oh my bladder, I can't take it anymore!!!!

    (Mary suddenly gets bigger and bigger.)

    Annie:Guys open now Mary really needs to get in there and go, and so do I. Oh Oh Ow Ow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Mary:No gotta go pee NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Mary explodes with pee ending it all.)moreless
  • I love it!

    Family Secrets is a great second episode. Two thumbs up! Every moment is exciting. The good plot is well thought out and everything fits into place. It is filled with tears, laughter, and emotion. When Matt finds out about his grandma, it is so sad. When Eric finds out about his shoes, it is funny. All of the essential things to make an episode great! He does help a pregnant friend in need though, staying out all night was not a good idea. Secrets abound everywhere for the Camden family. I give this special episode two thumbs way up there. 10 out of 10!moreless
  • brings some good flashbacks

    a special esiopode for Jenny Annie's mother. and it brings some good flashbacks. I miss the old eppies but dont get wrong idea I still love 7th Heaven!!!!! I like Jenny she was very loose non-carely and dont care about her health bez she was going to die anyway. Everyone has to go loose not be a good person all their life. I am crazy sometimes... Present eric isnt the same as old eric. I was so glad it broke the record of 11 years!!!!!! I guess it is good. i guess i better geting going so bye bye bye!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Matt stays out all night with a pregnant woman, Mary gets kissed, and Lucy's first crush. Not to mention, shoes are disappearing, and Matt finds out about his grandmother's lucemia.

    This particular episode was funny, and very emotional. It is the exact reason I watch this series! I love all of the surprises around every bend. My favorite part of this episode was when Mary would not let Lucy use the bathroom. She had to resort to tickling just to get her way. Someone called Mary later and Lucy said it could wait, even though she had eariler said that she had to go really bad. I wonder why they jumped for the phone before it rang though. (I thank the Trivia section of this episode for that information.) It is now my favorite episode.moreless
  • During this episode, Matt reveals a important sectret and Lucy and Eric get a suprise.

    In this great episode , MAtt erveals an important sectret about a girl he has been helping , although there is a slight twist , she is pregnant. Her name is Renee. Matt is not the father , he is just trying to help out a single mother in need. While Matt is busy , Mary is keeping her new boyfriend a secret from Matt. Who eventuallt finds out later in either this episode or the next. Meanwhile , Lucy finds out about a secret crush who is a classmate of hers. His name is Jimmy Moon. And it so happend that LUcy likes him to. ALso , Annie tells Matt the truth about whats going on with his Grandmother. She has Leukimia and is eventually going to die. This ending of the episode is very heart breaking, finding out you are going to loose someone hurts.moreless
Ashlee Levitch

Ashlee Levitch

Renee Nicholson

Guest Star

Rebecca Cross

Rebecca Cross


Guest Star

Michael Cade

Michael Cade


Guest Star

Graham Jarvis

Graham Jarvis

Charles Jackson

Recurring Role

Alice Hirson

Alice Hirson

Jenny Jackson

Recurring Role

Matthew Linville

Matthew Linville

Jimmy Moon

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Lucy and Annie are talking in the kitchen about her date the part in her hair switches from left to right and then back to left...

    • When Mary and Lucy are pretending to be pregnant and they sit down on the bed and the phone rings, they get up and jump for the phone before it rings. You have to catch it just right to notice. They jump for it less than a second before it but if your watching closely the you will notice

    • After visiting the church in person, I realized this goof. First, a little about the structure of the church. To the left of the church we now see in 7H, is a garden (where the beginning of "Boyfriends" was filmed, for example). If you walk back more, there is another entrance to the building. (The building on the left is a rectory, I think.) If you enter the building through the garden entrance: straight ahead is a small chapel; to the left are offices and stairs leading downstairs; and to the right is the sanctuary, where 7H is filmed. That door will take you into the church on the front-left side, where the pulpit is.
      Recall when Simon is selling lemonade. He is set up in that garden, and the parishioners enter the church through the entrance I mentioned above. However, if you remember, when his cup is full of money, he goes inside this entrance, and the next scene shows him coming in from the back of the church. This is an error. He should have entered from the front, left-side door near the pulpit.

    • At the end of the episode when Renee (Ashlee Levitch) is singing, you can tell they recorded the sound at a different time as the lips and the words of the song do not match up in spots. Ashlee Levitch sung although it was most likely recorded on a sound stage.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Ruthie: Is something wrong with Daddy?
      Mary: What makes you think something's wrong?
      Ruthie: Because when I woke up and went into the kitchen, he said "Good morning".
      Mary: So? What's so strange about that?
      Ruthie: Usually, when I come into the kitchen, he says "Good morning, pumpkin!".
      Mary: Well, maybe he just forgot.
      Ruthie: He never forgets unless he's mad.

    • Matt: See ya.
      Annie: See ya. Wouldn't wanna be ya.

    • Ruthie: (coming in the door) What are we doing?
      Simon: Uh... I'm making Dad a surprise.
      Ruthie: What kind of surprise?
      Simon: I'm fixing all of his shoes here, see .... (showing Ruthie the shoes Happy has eaten) So don't tell anyone, okay?
      Ruthie: Okay.
      Simon: You swear? (Ruthie nods)
      Simon: Okay, fine. Just don't tell anyone.
      Ruthie: Okay.

    • Simon: Are you two going to have a baby?
      Eric and Annie: Simon!
      Renee: No, I'm, I'm gonna have a baby, but Matt's not the father.
      Simon: Oh, well, there's some good news, huh?
      Eric and Annie: Simon!
      Simon: Um, would this be a good time to tell you that Happy's going to have puppies? And she's been eating your shoes, Dad?

    • Annie: What happened to your shoes?
      Eric: Oh, this....this nurse took them to the shoe shop to be stretched, only it closed for the weekend."
      Annie: Was she pretty? (giving Eric his wedding ring him had forgotten by the bathroom sink)

    • Matt: Look, I'll bring her by sometime so you can meet her, okay?
      Annie: I'd like that. When?
      Matt: Mom.
      Annie: Maybe when she's feeling better?
      Matt: Can we talk about this later?
      Annie: You bet. After dinner. With Dad.
      Matt: So can I go to the library now?
      Annie: Yes, but dinner's at six.
      Matt: All right, see ya.
      Annie: See ya...wouldn't wanna be ya!

    • Annie: (to Ruthie) Do you have Daddy's shoes honey?
      Eric: You know Daddy really needs his shoes so if you have them (Ruthie smiles and runs away)....I'll wear my good ones. Have you seen my keys?
      Annie: On the counter.
      Eric: On the counter....and uh...my wedding ring?
      Annie: Bathroom sink.
      Eric: Oh. Good. Now all I need to do is find the list of people that I'm supposed to visit...(Annie hands him the list) Thanks.
      Annie: I don't know what you'd do without me.
      Eric: A lot less of this.
      Annie: You know what I was thinking?
      Eric: That once we get Ruthie in school we can walk around naked again?
      Annie: (smiling) No...
      Eric: But we could. (Annie nods)
      Annie: I was thinking that there's more to Matt staying out last night than he's telling us.
      Eric: You really know how to ruin a moment, don't you?
      Annie: Yeah.
      Eric: Do you think Matt's having sex?
      Annie: No, no, I really don't.
      Eric: How come?
      Annie: Intuition.
      Eric: You got anything more than that?
      Annie: Yes, I asked him and he said no.
      Eric: Oh, well good. I still want to lay down the law about him staying out all night. I don't think he should drive the car for a month.
      Annie: How about a week?
      Eric: Three.
      Annie: But he can still take the kids to school because if he doesn't, it's punishing me.
      Eric: Okay. But to and from school. That's it.
      Annie: Okay...and the library. We don't want to discourage him from going to the library.
      Eric: But we don't even know if he was at the library.
      Annie: Yes. I saw his library books when he left this morning.
      Eric: Okay, the library and school.
      Annie: Two weeks. (kisses Eric)
      Eric: Three.
      Annie: Okay.
      Eric: Do you know where my good shoes are?
      Annie: The ones that hurt your feet? Yeah, you put 'em in the hall closet after church last week.
      Eric: You're right, I don't know what I'd do without you.

    • Mary: I wish we could've gotten closer. We should've waited until Mom went down.
      Lucy: Okay, let's look at the facts as we know them.
      Mary: Fact...he said he was going to the library.
      Lucy: Fact...he never goes to the library.
      Mary: Fact....he stayed out all night long.
      Lucy: Fact...he was probably with a girl.
      Mary: Okay that's not a fact but it's a safe guess so let's just assume....assumption, he spent the night with a girl.
      Lucy>: Assumption....he made out with her all night.
      Mary: Fact...you are way to young for me to be playing this game with you, now go get ready for school.
      (Ruthie walks in)
      Ruthie: What're we doing?
      Mary: Nothing sleepyhead. Come here.
      Ruthie: Are we in trouble?
      Lucy: What makes you think somebody's in trouble?
      Ruthie: Because I went down to the kitchen and Daddy just said, "Good morning".
      Mary: So?
      Ruthie: He usually says, "Good morning, Pumpkin".
      Lucy: He probably just forgot.
      Ruthie: He always forgets when someone's in trouble.
      Mary: Well, it's Matt but you don't have to worry because it's not any real big trouble.
      Ruthie: I think it is.

    • Matt: Hey, Mom, can I have the car to go to the library?
      Annie: The library? (Matt nods) You're going to the library?
      Matt: It's not like I've never been to the library before.
      Annie: Okay, but don't be late.
      Matt: I won't be late. And I'll drive safely. And, I won't talk to any strangers or cross the street without looking....Mom, I'm not going off to war, I'm just going to the library.
      Annie: I know. See ya.

    • Renee: So, how bad does it hurt, I mean having a baby?
      Annie: Ahh, hm I don't think I'll answer that question. But it does help if you're prepared, are you taking any classes?
      Renee: No, not yet.

    • Lady in the congregation: The Reverend needs new shoes!

    • Lucy: Move I gotta go.
      Mary: Really? Do you really have to go?
      Lucy: Yes.
      Mary: Really bad?
      Lucy: Yes.
      Mary: You know what's good for that...tickling.
      Lucy: No, Mary! Don't! Ok I'll tell you.
      Mary: Ok so tell me.
      Lucy: His name is Jimmy Moon.
      Mary: (laughs) What kinda name is that?
      Lucy: I don't know but he's cute. (phone rings)
      Mary: Hello? Oh, hi Jeff. (to Lucy) Don't you have somewhere to be?
      Lucy: I can wait.

    • Simon: Well, Matt I've been thinking...
      Matt: Well, don't do that you might hurt yourself.

    • Eric: I've got three daughters myself.
      Mr. Nicholson: Yeah, any of them pregnant? (slams the door in his face)

    • Simon: Now Ruthie, this is an adult conversation.

  • NOTES (1)