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7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2004 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Eric seeks help from one of Mary's former boyfriends, Wilson West (guest-star Andrew Keegan) after newly teen father Charlie (guest-star Eric Panler) confesses to Eric that he has made a terrible mistake with his girlfriend Leanne and can't handle the responsibility of being a young dad to his baby. Lucy and Kevin argue over which OB/GYN doctor they prefer during the course of her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Kevin's brother Ben (guest-star Geoff Stults) shows up in town and has taken an unusual interest in the couple's pregnancy, which only makes matters worse when Ben sides with Lucy's choice of doctor as well as taking an interest into Lucy's potential female OB/GYN doctor. Lastly, Ruthie has hidden intentions for wanting to hang out with Martin and his best friend Mac (guest-star Kyle Searles) all of the sudden, which only leads to disappointment since Mac thinks of her more as a little sister.moreless

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  • Wilson and Ben are back!

    Charlie, a new father, comes to Eric for advice. Ruthie wants to hang out with Martin and Mac. Her real intentions are to go out with Mac. Lucy, Kevin and Ben go to a doctor appointment, but Kevin doesn't want Ben there. There is a new doctor filling in and Lucy likes her, but Kevin doesn't. Ben thinks that she is hot. Eric calls Wilson to help Charlie go through this. Mac mentions to a girl that Ruthie is like a little sister to him. Eric tries to spend the day with Sam and David. Ben goes out with the doctor.

    This was a great episode! It was great seeing Ben and Wilson again! I can't believe that Wilson got married! I still wish that he was with Mary. Ruthie looked great with make-up! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • A one of a kind episode

    I was delighted to see Wilson return to the show, even if it was for just the one episode. The "I'm the uncle." tagline from Ben was a pure stroke of genius and him with the doctor and the feud with Wilson were absolutely brilliant. I could really relate to this episode.
  • This episode definitely delivered what the first three episodes this season did. There was quite a bit of comedy (i.e. Ben), some drama (i.e. Ruthie, and Charlie) and the return of an old favorite "7th Heaven" recurring star (Wilson).moreless

    This episode definitely delivered what the first three episodes this season did. There was quite a bit of comedy (i.e. Ben), some drama (i.e. Ruthie, and Charlie) and the return of an old favorite 7th Heaven recurring star (Wilson). There was a bit of concern in the last two episodes (Bad Boys, Bad Boys... and Vote) where both were less than stellar. After such a strong start it started to go down a bit, but hopefully that was a fluke for this season as this episode six went back on course for the series. With this episode titled Fathers it was obviously go to revolve around fathers. For this episode one storyline involved a new and comfused father (Charlie) and the other involved a father for many years helping his daughter. Let's break it down...

    Eric, Wilson and Charlie: Well, this was a surprise. Eric is counseling a scared teenage Charlie (Eric Parker) who has shown up at his house all the sudden just two weeks after his former girlfriend Leanne gave birth to their child. Just so you know, Charlie was the kid who was reunited with a pregnant teenage Leanne two episodes ago and was the father of her baby. I think most fans can agree that 7th Heaven tends to have characters in one episode of a pivotal storyline and then we never see them again. So seeing the continuation of Charlie and his storyline was great. It was a great way to also bring Wilson (Andrew Keegan) back onto the show as Eric wanted to help Charlie more by finding someone who was in a similar sitiuation as Charlie is in, than having Eric continue to spew his moral advice on him on what he needs to do. Eric is finally thinking more when talking to people than always talking by himself to others. This was definitely a storyline where Wilson would be a great help than Eric as he couldn't be since he's never been in a situation like Charlie is in. Eric is finally trying to not solve everyone's problems all by himself, but getting other experienced people in certain matters to council. The writers are finally keeping to their promise that character Eric made in Vote where he'd be doing a lot less talking.

    For the most part Wilson did give him some good advice to Charlie when he came over to the Camden house to help Eric out, but yet again what's this aspect of everyone wanting Charlie to get married to Leanne? Once again, that was bothering as it was in the fourth episode (Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do). Wilson brought up the aspect that Charlie should marry Leanne because it will be better for them and their child in the long run. Charlie and Leanne may have had a baby, but that doesn't mean that they should be automatically getting married. They are still very young teenagers, and it's still not determined if they both Charlie and Leanne REALLY LOVE each other. So far both just wanted to be together to raise the baby and that's all. Don't get married just because you have a baby! There needs to be more when you consider marriage. I wish Brenda Hampton would get that in her thick head. This is definitely Brenda Hampton's and her writers conservative side talking in this storyline, or maybe it's my liberal side talking. Besides that Wilson did a great talking to Charlie to not abandon Leanne or the baby now as that is not good. That was definitely something Eric and Wilson needed to get through to Charlie. You do not leave a situation like that. The marriage part is another story though.

    Another complaint in this episode is that it probably would've been better if Leanne was in the episode along with Charlie. So far, in this episode and the fourth episode it was never clear on what is Leanne's side on the marriage part. If was either her parents discussed it in at the end of the fourth episode or Charlie and Wilson discussing about marriage, but no one has yet asked about Leanne and her feelings. She's the mother! Lastly, what is everyone doing by staying up all night trying to calm the baby? Have they ever heard of shifts! And yes Charlie, babies are needy and they will get better. This storyline overall, but fine, but flawed in some of advice that was given to Charlie from Eric and Wilson.

    Kevin, Lucy and Ben: Well, first of all I'm glad we got a visit from Ben (Geoff Stults) again. We haven't seen him since Kevin and Lucy's wedding in season 7. His storyline was very funny, in many thanks to Ben (Geoff Stults) as he comes back to Glen Oak to check up on his brother and sister in-law as they get ready to have their baby. He had great comic timing in just trying to intrude on his brother and sister-in-law's lives as he claims to be "the uncle" and now wants to play a better role, even if it's going to their doctor's appointment too. Although that is pretty much short-lived when he meets Kevin and Lucy's doctor, Dr. Pearson. They both had a nice little chemistry going on. She did have a nice British accent though, but what she's doing in a small town like Glen Oak is anyone's guess.

    Taking a closer look at Kevin and Lucy's storyline, what is the deal with Kevin? In this episode they both went to see a different doctor after their usual one was vacation, and Lucy liked this woman doctor better and Kevin didn't. Although Kevin has the right to express his opinion, in the end it should be Lucy who decides who she wants to be her doctor, of who she is more comfortable with to help deliver her baby. She's the one that is giving birth and it should be her choice. The fact that Kevin kept on convincing her to stick with their current doctor was insane and a total lack of respect for his wife and the fact that she's the one who is pregnant. He came around a little bit at the end, but was still hesitant. This was not an episode that showed Kevin in a good light, that's for sure.

    Ruthie, Martin and Mac: Well, well, well... Ruthie has a little crush on Mac and now wants to date him. Although there is one problem, didn't last week Ruthie said she was going to void off having boyfirends? Or at least limit the amount of boy attention she would be focusing since she didn't know any political issue or causes she was for last week? Nice continuity there writers! Also, it seems to be out of nowhere that she has a cruch on Mac when she's never shown an inkling of interest in him before. But you know what, she is a teenager and I can assure that teenagers are fickle in moods and changing opinions. It was quite a kick seeing Ruthie trying to sex-it-up whenever she was trying to get Martin and (particularly) Mac's attention in this episode. She really wanted Mac to indulge her and see her as a potential girlfriend.

    It was quite sad seeing Ruthie being rejected the way that she was. And what was up with Martin in this episode? He was kind of unlikeable in this episode as he smirked at the fact of Ruthie being rejected by Mac when those girls came over. What's also been evident that as Martin has come closer to the family he too is changing, and is not as soft and nice as he used to be in most recent episodes. Not that it's a completely bad thing, it was always a little boring last season seeing Martin the do-gooder one hundred percent of the time. It was quite a surprise when Ruthie told Wilson to "shutup," although he had it coming by the how "grown you look now" comment. It was a total throw back in her face as she hasn't apparently grown up enough for any boy like Mac to notice her. Poor thing.

    Eric, as usual was there for his daughter in the attic? Although as upset as Ruthie was I'm surprised that Eric wasn't more forceful and angry at the aspect that her daughter told a family friend to "shut up." What could've made the ending better though was if Annie was there as well. Geez, Annie is not there for her kids or much of the episodes anymore. Seriously writers, it's starting to seem like Eric is a single parent now when it comes to solving their kids problems. Annie so far this season wasn't there for Simon and his revelations and now Ruthie. Either she's in the kitchen cooking or out somewhere. Why would you settle for this Catherine Hicks? You're character needs more play with the family other than cooking dinner and meaningless conversations in episodes. Besides that, Eric did a good job as always being a dad to his daughter and her growing up and liking boys and knowing she won't always be liked back.

    Overall, this episode re-establishes the quality that was in the first 3 episodes so far this season. I was a little worried after the last 2 episodes, but hopefully that was a fluke. Hey, not all episodes can be great, especially a show in its ninth year. But this episode was very good despite the absence of Mary, Simon and Matt. This episode solidifies that the show without three Camden children can work if the writers do a good job. Till next week.

    Grade: **8.5 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:

    *Once again the taller Brino (David Camden) is starting to show signs of a personality again. The little is still having trouble just say his line in a proper voice. Let's keep praying for them to get better.

    *Wow, Catherine Hicks (Annie Camden) might as well have not been in this episode. She was absolutely useless. Oh, well. It doesn't seem to bother me as much anymore. I'm starting to get used to Annie not being around much. That is really sad when you think about it.

    *It was kind of out there and unrealistic that Ben would bring up Wilson all of the sudden to describe on what went wrong with him and Mary to Kevin. The idea that Ben thinks Wilson had anything to do with his breakup with Mary is preposterous!

    *Why weren't the writers more specific in letting us know that Wilson married Corey Conway? We can only assume now as Wilson was vague about it when talking to Charlie. Next time he comes on the show, can he please be more specific. But good to know he's moved on past Mary. I still always thought those two would get together though. Awwww, the memories.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Wilson and Ben meet each other for the second. However, it is the only time throughout the series they actually know each other.

    • Response: To the above goof, maybe Matt's birthday is coming up and Eric just rounded off. Sometimes people do that with ages, just round up (ex., a 19 year old would say he's 20 and a 29 year old would say he's 30 because it's close enough).

    • When Eric was talking to Charlie Eric said he understood because he had kids from 25 to 5. But when the twins were born Matt was only 19. Which would make the ages 24 to 5.

    • Response: In reply to the above goofs about the game piece falling and then being upright again, one of the twins could've easily just picked it up and out it back into proper position with their hands.

    • When Eric and the twins were playing the game in their pajamas, Eric turned his head and the twins moved their game pieces (to cheat). One of the pieces fell, and in the next shot, it was upright again.

    • Reply: Maybe he meant while Kevin was in High School

    • Ben said his father died while he was in high school, but when he first met Mary, he said his father died when he was ten.

    • Response to Goof: Matt may have been 19 when the twins were born, but he could have turned 20 soon afterwards, making him 20 before the twins hit their first birthday. In that case, he could now be 25 and the twins still only be 5.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Doctor: Oh Kevin I'm glad I caught you. I've written down a few books I think you should read. You're not reading much are you.
      Kevin: (angry and annoyed) Yes I do. I read when I have time. Thank you.
      Ben: Is that a cockey accent?
      Doctor: It is not! It's British.
      Ben: It's very Beatles.
      Doctor: Thanks uncle insensitive.

    • Kevin: You have nothing to do with this. I'm the father.
      Ben: I'm the uncle.
      Kevin: So what? If you want a wife and a baby, get your own.

    • Eric: I don't know if i've told you how glad i am that you're in the family. (Kevin nods) I'm really proud of you, and I think your dad would've been proud too.
      Kevin: (getting ready to cry) I'm sorry I can't talk right now.
      Eric: Wanna shoot some hoops? (Kevin nods)

    • Wilson: Ruthie? Wow! You've grown up!
      Ruthie: Shut Up!

    • Ben: Because I'm the uncle.
      Kevin: (to Lucy) Because he's the uncle.

    • Ben: (to Kevin) Fatherhood's turning you into a girl.

  • NOTES (10)