7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 14

First Date

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Ruthie is thrilled when her parents reluctantly agree to let her go on her first official date with Vincent. What follows is mixture of emotion and typical Camden chaos as the entire family helps her prepare.

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  • Ruthie is given the okay to go on her first official date, which unleashes a very protective side to the family, with hilarious results.

    This was on of the funniest episodes ever! The whole time I was mortified for Ruthie, but in the end she got the last laugh. Was in hysterics when she was on her date and during the movie all the guys were a few rows behind, throwing popcorn at Ruthie and Vincent, with an end result of them having to leave the cinema! This is what I love about this show, you get to see how much the characters grow up over the seasons. I mean Ruthie on her first date! I can remember the first season when she was about five! Another classic moment was when Mac was trying to flirt with Ruthie, after he found out from Martin she used to have a crush on him. It's still great to see that, after all this time, they still have a great combination of comedy and drama!

    Possibly my favourite episode.moreless
  • I can't believe it!

    Ruthie goes on her first date with Vincent. Everyone is making a huge deal of it. Matt, who is supposed to drive them, washes and details the car. Lucy and Annie pick out Ruthie's outfit. Kevin gives her a sex talk. Sam and David dress up thinking that they are going too. Matt goes to pick up Vincent, but his family isn't there. Everyone thinks that Vincent stood Ruthie up, when in fact, he and his parents went to get insurance so Vincent can drive Ruthie. Ruthie has a great time!

    This was a great episode! It was very special for Ruthie! It was also pretty funny! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • ruthies first date

    this is a rather funny episode about ruthies first date (i guess the writers didnt want to think of peter as much)

    vincent officialy asks ruthie out and everyone is coping with it in there odd ways Lucy and Annie think they should help her pick out her outfit ( and im kinda glad they did )and they get into conversations about there first kisses and first dates and stuff.

    kevin thinks its his job to give ruthie \"the talk\" and does.

    mac and martin think they should be watching out for her and mac basically tells martin he likes ruthie and martin keeps trying to convince himself hedoesnt like ruthie

    Eric is just kind of being eric and and trying to stop ruthie from growing up

    Matt is trying to protect her basically from rejection and everything elsemoreless
  • this was fun

    this was fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun funfunfufnufnfufnfufjnffujfdsuillllllll hfepiw hnsn jnbjnchc n h h h hh hy yh hy y tg t tt t yyttyftygu ygu huhu uh huhu yg uh yhu yhu uu iu u y8 ygu guh uh y hu yguh uhyu gy yg tg yug yg yhu yhu hyu hyugy h ubyg ygu yg gyu gy ygyg ugy yg yg yg yg yg ygyg yg yg yg ygyg yg gy yg gy yg gy gygy gy yg yg ygyg yg yg gy yg gyyg yg yg yg gy yg ygmoreless
  • this is a gret epesode that shows how much the camdens care in a funny way and shows ruthie growing up.

    this is a gret epesode that shows how much the camdens care in a funny way and shows ruthie growing up. this is a really great epesode and one of the seasons best.

    this epesode was all about ruthie but I will still brake it down by scenes.

    1.the vincent asking ruthie out scene is cute. ruthie's dancing is funny.

    2. the kitchen, ruthie, eric, and annie. ruthie was really good. i think she should be a layer. annie is really emotional. i love the part about do you like vincent?

    3. matt and eric in the kitchen is cute. i love the older brother matt from the earlier seasons. i love it when matt says good thing i a mhere incase your heart gives out.

    4. it is funny that kevin wan'ts to give ruthie the sex talk. i love it when kevin says she is never going to date, ever (refering to savannah).

    5. mac is so funny. i can not belive martin told mac about the pizza thing. that was a funny conversation.

    6. the driving scene was cute. i like it that matt is driving. i like it when martin says i din't do anything with zoey.

    7. annie and lucy are having a good conversation. i think annie has regrets. i think ruthie will wait longer before marrying young.

    8. the twins are the only ones who can face it that ruthie is growing up.

    9. the phone conversation is funny.

    10. the kissing thing is cute. the twins are anoying. i love it how everyone get all hyped up kissing. it is really funny. did you say kissing, i love the way martin says it. i love ruthie glaring at the twins. it is true tha tthe twins learned to eavsdrop from ruthie. matt is funny.

    11. annie and lucy get way to hyped up about the whole clothes things. i love it when ruthie says i havebeen able to dress myself for years. i like it that she is so relaxed.

    12. matt is making to big of a deal about the car thing.

    13. the sex talk with kevin is so akward it is funny(like in napolean dynamite they are so geeky it is funny). i love ruthie comment about having the same genetic makeup as lucy the make-up queen. its weird kevin did not know.

    14. it is sort of a big deal becuse as eric said it is with the guy ruthie likes. i love it when ruthie says why brake the pattern now and can i get that in writing.

    15. the martin and mac conversation is funny. they are not that smart. martin is alyer but he is trying to convince himself.

    16. it is so cute that the twins wan't to go on the date with ruthie.

    17. i like the kind of girl binding, family bonding. i wish ruthie and lucy had something like mary and lucy did. i love the whole conversation of lucy's make-up history. annie sounds snotty. the start if the sex talk is funny. the inside comments are funny.

    18. matt seems stupid when he is yelling into the house.

    19. in theiving room ruthie is so pretty. the kevin picture thing is funny. kevin is such a dad.

    20. matt is such a rambler. the conversation with the pharmasist is funny.

    21. it is funny everyone thinks ruthie is being stood up and she does not tell them. matt is a bad lier.

    22. they are all over reacting.

    23. the mac and ruthie scene is really akward. it is a flip from the ruthie liing mac thing. ove comartin should not have told. i like the way ruthie said what do you know. martin was so eavsdropping.

    24. they should stop blaming themselves. ruthie is really funny. ruthie and annie are trying to hard. annie wasreally rude saying it used to happen to lucy all the time. ruthie is determined.

    25. vincent is really sweet in this epesode. i love ruthie's smile. she is auful to matt but he deserves it. and obveusly everyome follows. the girls are so much better. i love it when vincent says i got an a in drivers ed the third time i too it.

    26. matt must have seemed weird. it is funny when vincent drives over the mail box. i love the way ruthie says maybe not.

    27. i do not like group dating. they have really good points.

    28. ruthie and vincent are better than lucy and her boyfriend. it is funny when the guys through popkorn and get kiked out of the movies. the movie theater guy was funny. kevin should have known better. i like it when ruthie waves.

    29. i love ruthie's coat. matt is ausome. i love it when matt says you are way to interested in kissing and ruthie repliesi can't help it i am a camden. matt was not that bad at dating.

    30. annie is so smart. she knows girls.

    31. i love the song kiss me. eric (stephen) has a good voice. ruthie does a lot of dancing which always reminds me that mary taght her (and robby) and them i miss mary. then it reminds me of her and robby. i love how it ends with the phone ringing.

    this was a really great epesode. the acting is great and the writing is amaizing. it would not be funny without the acting. you deffenatly should watch this epesode.

Cheryl White

Cheryl White

Vincent's Mother

Guest Star

Tim Bagley

Tim Bagley

Vincent's Father

Guest Star

Hiram Kasten

Hiram Kasten


Guest Star

Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker


Recurring Role

Kyle Searles

Kyle Searles


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Eric, Matt, Kevin, Mac, Martin, Sam and David all chaperone Ruthie's date with Vincent at the movies. However, they all get kicked out.

    • When Lucy and and her mom are talking you can clearly see at one point it is the real baby but then it switches to a baby doll. This was probably due to the fact that infants can only spend so much time under the lights of the set.

    • How is Vincent able to drive? Ruthie's a freshman and she said that Vincent was in the same class as him. That would mean he would be 15 at the most and you have to be seventeen to drive someone who isn't a family member.

    • Response to 2nd goof: With Peter they never really had a "date" date. With Harry we never saw them go out on a date so I assume they never really went out on an official 1st date so Vincent was Ruthie's first date.

    • Response to last goof. Ruthie and Vincent could have been in the same class together, but at a different age. My freshman year, I had classes with sophomores, juniors, and seniors, so it is possible that Vincent is of age to drive with Ruthie in the car.

    • Response to "ice cream wrappers" and "ties": Some kids might have trouble opening certain packages- Forget kids, sometimes I can't even unwrap some packages! Learning how to tie a tie is something that you must be taught. If they were taught how to tie a tie at one point, then they probably remember. Don't they wear their "Sunday best" to church every Sunday? Couldn't that include ties?

    • When Kevin was talking to Lucy in their bedroom and saying that their baby would never go on a date, you could tell that it was a baby doll he was holding.

    • Nitpick: What was up with the sound? Several times I noticed that the actors lips were moving and no sound! It was very obvious.

    • Nitpick: How did the usher know that Ruthie and Vincent were on a first date as he told the guys right before he escorted them out of the theatre?

    • The writers must have a different definition for official than the rest of the world. Because...how could this be Ruthie's first official date? What about Peter and Harry?

    • Response: The usher saw them throwing popcorn at two young teens at the movies. It's not hard to figure out they were on there first date.

    • Last episode, the twins couldn't remove the wrapper from an ice cream bar, but now they can tie their own ties? For that matter, anyone capable of dressing themselves should know how to take the wrapper off an ice cream bar.

    • Response to Response: The usher may have guessed that they were on a date, but there's no way for him to know it's their FIRST date.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Kevin to Lucy: "Excuse me Miss Makeout Queen? Your daughter is calling."

      Kevin to Lucy (about Savannah): "She's never going to date. Ever!"

      Martin to Mac: "Ruthie's like my sister."

      Mac to Martin: "Are you trying to convince me, or are you trying to convince yourself?"

      Sam and David to Ruthie: "Ruthie and Vincent sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G."

      Kevin to Sam & David: "Whoa! What's up with you two?"

      Sam to Kevin: "Ruthie and Vincent talking on the phone."

      David to Kevin: "Yeah! About kissing."

      Kevin to Eric: "Did you hear that?"

      Eric to Kevin: "No! What?"

      Sam to Eric: "Ruthie and Vincent."

      David to Eric: "Talking about kissing."

      Martin: "Did you say kissing? But its there first date they shouldn't be thinking about kissing."

      Matt to everyone: "Whose kissing?"

      Sam to Matt: "Ruthie!"

      Matt to Ruthie: "You are way to interested in kissing."

      Ruthie to Matt: "I can't help it, I'm a Camden."

      More Coming Soon!

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