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Peter staying the night at the Camdens?

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    I found this odd in season 8 there were couple of episodes where Peter was staying the night. If any of the other kids came and asked if there boy/girlfriend could stay the night Eric would have had a cow. With Peter ok. He's a minster so don't you know other people would be talking. So not really smart on his part.

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    Do you remember the exact episodes? I don't off the top of my head, but wasn't Peter's home life a little, um, interesting about that time? If so, he may not have been staying as Ruthie's bf, but just as a kid in need, the way some of Lucy's best friends did through the years. Then again, it may just be that this is Ruthie, so she gets the "baby of the family" treatment. They did, after all, let T-Bone live at the house in Season 11, while he and Ruthie were together. I found that a little weird, especially because she was older then, and right at the peak of the high school hormones, where she probably wasn't in season 8.
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