7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 7

Gabrielle Come Blow Your Horn

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2002 on The CW
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Eric is stunned to find out the church has hired a new associate pastor, Chandler Hampton to help out while he recovers from his heart surgery. Meanwhile, Lucy is furious when she and Ruthie spot Kevin and Roxanne in a jewelry store--as she thinks they're picking out her engagement ring together without her. Meanwhile, Simon listens unenthusiastically as Cecilia tells him all about her new French boyfriend. Lastly, a loud, chain-smoking housekeeper (guest-star Phyllis Diller) sent by "The Colonel" arrives to provide order in the Camden household.moreless

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  • A surprise for Eric, jealousy for Lucy, and a farting old lady make up for a uncomfortably unsatisfying episode.

    Something was just off almost immediatley. You could tell right off the bat that once the seventh season started, that there was something that was just not right at all. Something was gone. Something was missing. It just wasn't the same show. Barry Watson and Jessica Biel were now both gone, so it was sayonara to Matt and Mary. Two major and important characters to the show. They left a big black hole that was not going to be easy to fill. In fact, it couldn't be filled. The first six seasons were glorious. Every single one of them. Once this season started, and the changes and new additions came into the fold, it was clear that everything was not hitting on all cylinders. This episode was the introduction to the Chandler Hampton character. A new face in a sea of new faces that come to make up seasons seven and eight. Some may deem this episode important, and maybe even pivotal, because of the introduction. But I guess that really only matters on how you view the character and his addition/importance to the show. This episode did have some good things about it. Most of them, not surprisingly, were because of Phyllis Diller as Gabrielle. One scene in the basement was tense and was un-7th Heaven like. This episode left me feeling what I did with the previous episodes before in this season. That something was just not right. So, what happened?....

    Eric is still at home and is still recuperating from his recent heart surgery. Eric is at a crossroads now, and is in a bad state with things. His health, and the fact that he feels let down by the man upstairs for all of this happening. Annie had her life changes last season, and now it's Eric's turn. But things get darker. By making matters worse, Lou stops by and introduces Chandler Hampton(new series regular Jeremy London)to Eric and Annie. Lou hired Chandler as the new associate pastor, to be a replacement at the church while Eric gets better at home. As if feeling let down by God wasn't enough for Eric, he now feels betrayed by his very own church. Eric is very upset about this new situation, and deservedly so. Annie seems to be just as upset with the matter as well. It does raise questions. Sure, Eric needs to take time for himself to get better, and the church does need someone while he is away. You can't just close down shop. But there is just something sneaky and not right behind the whole thing. I'm sure Lou and the rest of the church meant nothing by it, but it just doesn't feel like everything is on the up and up. It all boils down to a very tense filled moment in the Camden basement. At least the writers remember that Casa Camden does indeed have a basement. Things come to a head in a heated discussion between Eric, Annie, and Lou. Eric speaks to Annie in a way you never thought you would hear on this show. He tells her to "shut up". And you gasp. And gasp you will. That's not all. Annie slaps Lou. While it was a very strong, powerful, well written and well acted moment, it's uncomfortable. You like the fact that they have done it, but don't want to see it again. Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks both do really good work in this scene. As for Jeremy London, he makes a decent impression. It's just that it's not a very solid one. He seems nice and all that, but that's about it. Strong character development has never been the show's strong point. He doesn't do a bad job, but he doesn't have much to go with anyways. I appreciate what they were going with here, and there was some strong work, but it was unsettling and uncomfortable to me.

    A seconday storyline has everyone's crazy middle daughter getting crazy and jealous again. Lucy sees Kevin looking for an engagement ring for Lucy, and he sees him doing it with Roxanne. The nerve!. Actually, what's wrong with it?. Lucy gets jealous that Kevin is shopping for her ring with Roxanne for some strange reason that only Lucy could create. Lucy has already had jealous thoughts in her head over Roxanne, and I guess she will find new things out of nowhere whenever she is around. It isn't a bad idea for Roxanne to be around. Kevin could get a female's perspective on the whole thing. Not such a bad thing. Everything comes to an understanding, of course, and Lucy drops hints with pictures of rings she ripped out of magazines to show to Kevin. This storyline started out annoying, as most storylines do that concern Lucy/Kevin/Roxanne. It ends much, much better, and is actually kind of cute and sweet. But the jealousy thing is really just starting to kick in, and it's already as old as the hills.

    A funky old lady comes to the door. Her name is Gabrielle, and she informs Annie that she was sent to their house by the Colonel to help out Annie around the house while Eric is on the mend. Gabrielle is not one you would think the Colonel would sent to help, let alone know. Gabrielle likes to nap, drink, and pass the occasional wind here and there. Annie doesn't take to the kooky new visitor, and calls Buffalo to see if they can take her back. Phyliss Diller has always been incredibly funny in her very long career, and she was the best thing in this episode. She already appeared, albeit briefly, on the show before. But here, she is the one saving grace for the entire episode. The scene with her cutting the cheese in the backyard in front of Eric, Lou, and Chandler, was hilarious. If people didn't like a simple little dose of fart humor, you must be humorless robots. It was a brief shot of comedy that this show needs, but never has. If there was one thing I liked about this episode, that was it. Phyllis, you were great, and the fact that this crazy lady was sent by someone as the Colonel just makes it funnier. But really, the character of Gabrielle was so great to see on this show. Someone who doesn't act like a proper thing. Someone more real than most characters on the show. She farts, she chugs wine, and smokes. It was so refreshing to see someone on the show to act that way.

    If the Lucy/Kevin/Roxanne thing doesn't do it for you, then the Simon/Cecelia one won't either. Simon obviously has feelings for this girl, even tho she told him that she wants to be just friends with him. Simon was in it all the way. He was in love. This upset him, and understandably, isn't going to be going away anytime soon. So, when Cecelia comes and flaunts her new french friend around like that, you just want to slap her. Simon really felt for her, and I guess she felt she could just do this him so soon. Simon needs time, and for her to act that way and do that is just tasteless and uncaring.

    "Gabrielle Come Blow Your Horn" was not without some good parts. It was kind of dark and depressing most of them, except for that one scene with Gabrielle. There was some good acting and writing here, but the whole overall episode left me cold.moreless
  • Oh boy!

    The Colonel sends an old lady named Gabrielle to help Eric. The family finds out that Lou and the deacons have hired an associate pastor for Eric named Chandler. Roxanne seems interested in Chandler. Simon is annoyed by Cecilia and her boyfriend. Lucy thinks that Kevin is letting Roxanne pick out her engagement ring. Robbie has dinner with Roxanne. Gabrielle helps Eric by helping him relax by smoking and drinking, which isn't the best way, but I guess it worked. Sam and David sing "Jesus Loves Me" for Eric.

    I loved this episode! This is the introduction of Chandler, and to me, he seemed very shy. I really think that Kevin is hilarious everytime Lucy is going crazy! He jokes around when she is serious and always comments on how much he loves her whenever she is frustrated with him. I really do feel pity for Simon, who must be having a difficult time watching the girl of his dreams going out with a French guy. I have to admit that the twins singing "Jesus Loves Me" did get a little annoying after a while. Overall, I loved this episode and it gets a 10!moreless
  • I must say, this was one of the most funniest "7th Heaven" episodes I've seen in a long time, mixed in of course with some drama too. And this is thanks in no small part at all to Gabrielle (Phyllis Diller). Boy was she a hoot! Let's get started....moreless

    Eric, Annie & Lou: Boy, does Lou really have bad timing lately. First, he disgracefully confronts Annie in the waiting room at the hospital while her husband is having heart surgery to talk about what to do about the church when he had all week to talk about it. And now he drops a bombshell on Eric out of the blue that he has hired a permanent replacement until he gets back, an associate pastor for church, Chandler Hampton. Since Eric just recently had heart surgery and feels a little betrayed by God right now it's understandable that he feels vulnerable and that he got extremely upset. The scene with the three of them down in the basement was very good. When Eric told Annie to "shut up" I really enjoyed that a lot. Even though she had no blame in this whole Chandler thing, I'm glad he kind of back-lashed at her since she's been doing most of it to him all of last season. It's quite appealing for Annie to get a taste of what she put Eric through last year with her menopause when now he's going through his mid-life crisis.

    Lucy, Kevin and Roxanne: Their storyline in this episode started out kind of weak but got better. Lucy spying on Kevin and Roxanne at the jewelry shop was quite chidlish and probably the least funniest out of all in this episode (especially the ducking). But later on as we see Lucy talking to Kevin on the phone and tearing out diamond rings outside the magazine was quite humorous. The interaction between them and Roxanne & Robbie in the house was better and made their storylines more appealing. But note to writers, when you try to be funny (i.e Lucy's spying) it's not funny!

    Simon, Cecelia and French Guy: I really haven't been liking Cecelia that much in this episode or the previous one. This girl knows damn well that Simon likes her and yet she keeps tormenting him. She brings this little French boy-toy around and flaunting him around Simon like she'd actually thinks he'd be okay with it. Even though she expressed her intent with Simon from the last episode as just to be "friends" she should know that his feelings won't just automatically turn off for her. Then, to treat him like he's one of her girlfreinds and ask him what he thinks of her new boyfriend is perposterious. What a little heartbreaker.

    Chandler Hampton: Jeremy London made a pretty good introduction of his character in this episode. Even so, we didn't get to know that much about him nor see him that much since it was more about Eric dealing with his unplanned and unknowing arrival to his church. But the scenes that he played in were quite good and Brenda Hampton does a pretty good job opening this character for many possibilities in the rest of the series to come.

    Gabrielle: Blow that horn, Gabrielle! I'm sure some "7th Heaven" fans didn't like this character at all, but I sure did! Where should I begin? Oh, good thing the writers incorparated that "The Colonel" recommended Gabrielle to Eric. I was wondering when they were going to mention Eric's parents. Who would've ever thought that such a wholesome show like "7th Heaven" you'd see an old woman farting while sleeping, or smoking on the family porch and throwing it next to their outdoor furniture to get to work. But the best part was her pouring all that liquor in the dinner sauce and jugging down the rest of the liquor in the bottle in her throat and googling with such satisfaction. Priceless. Seeing everyone in the family (even the twins!) eating the liquired, but probably very delcious sauce was hilarious. Gabrielle was basically sent to lighten everyone (especially Eric) up a little. Everyone has been quite stressed lately and it was great that an outsider like Gabrielle came in to shake and loosen things up a bit. Eric smoking on the porch and drinking wine while making her daughter Lucy feel odd about it was quite funny too. I never seen Eric like that and it was quite refreshing.

    Overall, this episode was very funny and amusing mixed in with some pretty good drama. This is one of my top faves of the season at this point. I'm glad the writers took it upon themselves to add a lot of comedic touches as the show has been quite melodramtic so far this season. Some "7th Heaven" fans may not have liked this episode as it was a departure from the usual wholesomeness but I loved it! I hope some agree with me. I really hope they bring back Gabrielle in the future though! Good job, Brenda!

    Grade: **9 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:

    *It's great to finally see one of the grandparents (Barbara Rush) appear this season at this point and to have mentioned "The Colonel". I was worried what the heck happened to them. I was also wondering did any of them even know that Eric had heart surgery! They should've been there!

    *Nice to know that we viewers aren't crazy when it comes to Roxanne's behavior. Even Gabrielle sensed and told that Roxanne is a little slut. Ha ha.

    *Nice to see Ruthie having flaws. The always-wise Ruthie ain't so perfect after all. For a 12 year-old she is pretty lazy. Not wanting to bake her friend a birthday cake for their birthday and arguing with Annie to do it was quite bad of her. She may be smart, but she is quite spoiled too. For that, I thank you writers.

    *It was quite amusing also to see Annie's dislike of Gabrielle, and Gabrielle knew it too. The tension between the two in the house was hilarious with the the back-talking (Annie calling Ruth about her and telling family members she doesn't "need that old lady's help") and the rolling of the eyes (Gabrielle).

    *I know the twins are little but they really need to stop looking in the camera. I mean all they had to do in this episode was sing directly to Eric. By the way, I thought that was also a little cute addition.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In response to Eric saying that he doubts there is any wine in the house, maybe he is just making the point that Annie is being so strict about him being careful after his surgery, that she probably threw the wine out.

    • When Gabrielle asks Eric if he wants some wine he says he doubts there is any wine in the house, but in the episode "The Last Call for Aunt Julie" it shows they have a liquor cabinet, wouldn't there be wine in it?

    • When Kevin calls Lucy to ask her if she wants to come get pizza he uses a pay phone. But he has a cell phone so why doesn't he just use that instead of wasting his money on a pay phone.

    • Eric had an associate pastor in the past, Tom Harrison, and he was a good friend of the Camdens in the episode Choices, why do they get all round up over Chandler.

    • NITPICK: Would Eric really be smoking, drinking alcohol and yelling less than a month after he had surgery?

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Ruthie: You wouldn't happen to know how to bake a cake?
      Gabrielle: I'm not baking a cake for your stinkin' boyfriend!

    • Lou to Chandler: "The Camden kids are basiclly really good kids--its just that being in the spotlight has isolated them in the spotlight."

      Gabrielle to Lucy and Ruthie: "Hopefully I'll be so drunk, I'll be creamated before they find me. Then they can just put me in an old peanut butter jar and toss me out to sea. Hah Hah Hah! Which reminds me. Do your parents got any booze in the house?"

      Annie to Eric: "I didn't want you working on your sermons when your suppose to be taking it easy."

      Annie to Eric: "Eric the doctor told you not to get excited!"

      Eric to Annie: "You think I'm going to have dinner with that man? (Chandler) Or this man?" (He points to Lou)

      Eric to Annie: "Shut up, Annie!"

      Eric to Gabrielle: "This is the best spigetti I ever had."

      Gabrielle to Eric: "I have a secret ingredient." (she pulls out the liquor)

      Gabrielle to Simon: "You like French men?"

      Kevin to himself: "I love that woman!" (Lucy)

      Chandler to Lou: "What's his wife like?"

      Lou to Chandler: "Everybody loves Annie."

      Lucy to Kevin: "Did he just invite her to church?"- Robbie

      Kevin to Lucy: "Yeah, I think she's got a crush on that new guy."

      Lucy to Kevin: "What new guy?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "The new minister at your dad's church."

  • NOTES (10)