7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 7

Getting to Know You

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2003 on The CW
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Eric and Annie throw a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" party for Ruthie's Muslim friend Jill Dupree (guest-star Randa Sabbah) and her parents (guest-stars Kamal Marayati and Yareli Arizmendi), but the Duprees are hesitant to attend. Eric is shocked and disappointed when he learns that his neighborhood is not a friendly place for Muslims. Meanwhile, Cecilia's house is robbed while she and her dad (guest-star Brad Maule "General Hospital") attend Kevin's first Neighborhood Watch meeting; Roxanne mentors a troubled 16-year-old (guest-star A.J. Trauth) and suspects that he might be involved in the robbery, and Chandler finds himself attracted to Peter's mom Paris (guest-star Shannon Kenny).moreless

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  • Great episode!

    The Duprees, a Muslim family, has trouble fitting in. Eric is disappointed at the neighbors when they have prejudice towards the Duprees. Annie throws a block party. Roxanne counsels a troubled teen, Jordan. Cecilia's house is robbed by Jordan's friends. Kevin starts the neighborhood watch. Chandler and Paris want to date. Peter says that he doesn't mind them dating. Fred, an elderly neighbor, asks Kevin to do his chores for him. Lucy fixes him up with Mrs. Bink. The neighbors learn to not judge by race, religion, or anything else.

    This was a great episode! The only thing that I didn't agree with was when Ruthie said that Protestants and Muslims believe the same God. Muslims believe in Alah, not Jesus Christ. I really liked seeing AJ Trauth, who played Jordan, in a more serious role. He is known to play Twitty on Even Stevens. I'm glad Eric helped out by showing that prejudice is not okay! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • Wow, with the exception of feeling that one storyline was rehashed already this was an excellent episode. The whole storyline again with the Dupree's and them not being accepted in the Glen Oak community because they're Muslim was a great, but an alreadymoreless

    Wow, with the exception of feeling that one storyline was rehashed already this was an excellent episode. The whole storyline again with the Dupree's and them not being accepted in the Glen Oak community because they're Muslim was a great, but an already told about storyline. Does anybody remember the "Suspicion" episode back in season 6? A few things are different but the premise of both is the same. But between the two this episode was better at executing the storyline and was better written and more well acted (Remember Yasmine's acting? Oy!). But anyway this episode was pretty great. Let's break it down…

    Eric and Annie: Finally! We get an episode where Annie spends a good portion in it, and is actually incorporated with the rest of the family again. She actually was seen throughout the WHOLE episode with the family. What a relief. As always Eric did a great job with his point into the whole controversy over his neighbors not accepting Muslims (and French) into their neighborhood, although would we expect anything less from him. If only the story line didn't seem so used already back in since Suspicion. Although I do find it surprising that after all these years with Eric knowing and helping his neighbors and community in Glen Oak that you'd think they're be more understanding of new people in town, no matter if their Muslim, French, pink, yellow, etc. Although, I guess it wouldn't be a stress that people's real true colors don't come out until they're face with it, especially in a small town like Glen Oak. It was also great to see in this episode that Eric and Annie were in a lot more scenes together like they used to. Writers, take note, Catherine Hicks is just as important and vital to series as Stephen (Eric) and needs to be more incorporated in the show again like you did in this episode. We the fans want more Annie!

    The Dupree Family: What can I say I liked them? I felt really bad for the parents when they were talking to Eric and you could see they were genuinely good people trying to make the best of things and minding their business. Between Jill's family and Yasmine's family I like Jill's better. Although, I am glad that the writers did acknowledge Yasmine in this episode even though she didn't appear. At least we know the fans are aware they're addressing the same issue again.

    Chandler and Paris: Finally, I'm starting to like Chandler again. I guess it's because it's the first episode this season where Chandler and Roxanne are not in most scenes together and are not bickering. It surprised me very much that (I can't believe I'm saying this) Chandler and Paris had a little chemistry going on. Shocking? I know, especially when learning about this storyline the first time about them getting together, but it worked. It was actually kind of funny and cute when seeing Peter sees them kiss and make out on the porch when accidentally pressing the doorbell. I still doubt this relationship won't go beyond a few episodes as I do expect (but not looking forward to) Chandler and Roxanne getting back together later on in the season. Maybe even a wedding. You know every season there's got to be a wedding on "7th Heaven."

    Roxanne and Jordan: Again, just like Chandler, I really am starting to like Roxanne again. Writers, keep Chandler and Roxanne apart for a while. They're more likeable. Anyway, it was nice seeing Roxanne helping a troubled teen (although shouldn't Eric be doing that?) and trying to see the best in him. She also did a good job when after finding out that he was an accomplice in the Cecilia and George's break in. I'm glad Jordan's mother agreed with Roxanne to place him under temporary arrest to get the truth out of him. Sometimes you do need to put troubled youths behind bars as for them to finally talk and stop lying. Plus, it also helps set kids straight by seeing that are where they'll end up permanently if they don't straighten out. Although if I were George I'd be more upset at Jordan if he had knew the people who stole his stuff and actually took some of his stuff (Cecilia's earrings) and gave it to another. I would've press charges, but being that right before Eric gave a speech that we all have to tolerate and be human to each other I guess I understand why he didn't press charges.

    Kevin, Lucy and Fred: It's really nice that we saw Kevin pursuing his idea of performing the "Neighborhood Watch Program" in the neighborhood. Fred in this episode was just too funny. The scenes with him and Kevin at his house were hilarious with him mowing his lawn and making him a sandwich when he took Kevin literally of coming over "day or night." It was quite obvious that Fred was lonely and needs someone. There was no other great idea than have him being paired off with the delightful Mrs. Bink in the end. They both do fit each other.

    Cecilia and George: I felt bad for Cecilia and George in this episode as they're house was robbed. Although I do wonder how Simon was able to pay for those earrings he gave her. I'm no expert but those earrings didn't look cheap. But also, I wonder in all of this, where is Cecilia's mother? We only met her once in one episode last season.

    Overall this episode was pretty strong as it was well written and the acting was great. If the storyline over the Muslims just didn't seem so rehash from the "Suspicion" episode 2 years ago all would've been perfect. But even so it's very surprising seeing how the series is still quite strong without Barry, Jessica and David. Of course it's not the same, but still, it's satisfying and these episodes without them are still very entertaining. But luckily, we'll still see Matt and Mary later on in the season. Until then, let's look forward to next week's episode—--Martin returns! And Lucy stinks in baseball.

    Grade: **9 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:

    *Mrs. Bink, please come back more often. As always you were a hoot!

    *That kid who played Jordan, A.J. Trauth--- what's up with the hair!?

    *I have no complaints whatsoever of the twins in this episode. It was a really nice scene with them and Ruthie when they were so curious on "what's a Muslim?"

    *How old is Ruthie? 13? Then why is Eric picking her up like she's a baby in this episode at the end? She's too old for that!moreless
Randa Sabbah

Randa Sabbah

Jill Dupree

Guest Star

Kamal Marayati

Kamal Marayati

Mr. Moe Dupree

Guest Star

Yareli Arizmendi

Yareli Arizmendi

Mrs. Nadia Dupree

Guest Star

Shannon Kenny

Shannon Kenny

Paris Petrowski

Recurring Role

Brad Maule

Brad Maule

George Smith

Recurring Role

Christopher Michael

Christopher Michael

Detective Michaels

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • *Respond to: NITPICK: Could Simon really afford to buy Cecilia those expensive earrings? Matt, who had a job, couldn't afford to buy Sarah a ring so I doubt Simon, who had a mopping job, can buy earrings
      *yes simon can afford the earrings because he is the bank of simon and always has a lot of money.*

    • Re: the mower--I used to be the manager at a small engine repair shop, and my boss bought all sorts of antique mowers, including those old pull-string dinosaurs, to fix up and sell. So, yeah, you could probably find a model like that easy if you know where to look.

    • It's strange that all the Camdens are home when Paris and Chandler ring the doorbell, and yet Peter is the one answering the door.

    • NITPICK: It's funny how the Camden's were having a neighborhood block party, and yet neighbor Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) is no where in sight.

    • When Annie went to the flower stand she said she wanted a flower pot setting for her party and the guy said that he would sell it to her for "free" and then she said "thank you" but she put it down on the stand and walked away.

    • NITPICK: It's kind of odd that Ruthie, who is now 13, would like to be picked up by her father like that as if she was still a toddler. Why?

    • GOOF: Fred says that he's lactos intolorant only, yet he had cheese in his sandwich?

    • NITPICK: Could Simon really afford to buy Cecilia those expensive earrings? Matt, who had a job, couldn't afford to buy Sarah a ring so I doubt Simon, who had a mopping job, can buy earrings.

    • Ruthie was talking with Peter and the twins and she told Peter that she hadn't told her parents Peter's religion. Do we know what Peter's religion is? When did they tell us this because I don't remember anything about Peter's religon being told.

    • How about that lawnmower? A side pull model that can idle alone like that. They haven't made one like that in over 20 years! Where did they even find one for a prop!!

    • When Chandler and Paris ring the doorbell, come in, go to the kitchen, and everyone's all like, "Where were you guys today?" Then Chandler says he will go out back to the backyard and help Lucy. How did Chandler know Lucy was out back?

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Paris: I can't believe we spent the entire day together.
      Chandler: Me too.
      Paris: I don't want this day to end.
      Chandler: You know if this was a date, I'd want to kiss you.
      Paris: I'd want that too.
      (Both lean in, than they pull back) Wait, what are we doing? First, the age difference, and this wasn't even a date.
      Chandler: Yeah, you have a point.
      (They fling their arms around each other and start making out)

    • Lucy: Can you think of anyone better?
      Kevin: No, she's prefect for him.

    • Sam to Ruthie: "What's a Muslim?"

      Ruthie to Sam: "Someone who practices the Islamic religion."

      David to Ruthie: "Are we Muslim?"

      Ruthie to David: "No, we're Protestants. Remember Yasmine? She's Muslim."

      Sam to Ruthie: "But what's the difference between us and them?"

      Ruthie to Sam: "Well, we both believe in God... (Peter interrupts)

      Peter to Sam: "Yeah, we just do it in different ways."

      David to Ruthie: "But if we all believe in God aren't we all the same?"

      Jordan to Roxanne: "You don't look like a police officer."

      Roxanne to Jordan: "What's a police officer supposed to look like?"

      Jordan to Roxanne: "Uglier."

      Paris to Chandler: "Why'd you call me?"

      Chandler to Paris: "Well, I felt badly about spilling coffee on you last night, I was hoping that I could make it up to you by spilling some lunch on you this afternoon." (Long pause) "That was my attempt at being witty."

      Paris to Chandler: "Oh... why don't you just be you?"

      Chandler to Paris: "Would you like to go to lunch?"

      Paris to Chandler: "Yes, I would, as long as you promise not to be witty."

      Peter to Eric: "How can people be so prejudice against people they don't even know?"

      Mrs. Bink to Eric: "They're French and everybody hates the French."

      Eric to Mrs. Bink: "They're Muslim!"

      Mrs Bink to Eric: "Well, I hadn't heard about that."

      Eric to Neighbors: "It's about the Duprees. They're not French. The Duprees are not from France. I know everyone is boycotting that party tonight because they think the Duprees are French but they're not. The Duprees are from Glen Oak."

      Neighbor to Eric: "Well, that's good to know."

      Eric to Neidhgbors: "And their Muslim." (Long pause by neighbors) "I had to see it with my own eyes."

      Neighbor to Eric: "See what?"

      Eric to Neighbor: "Prejudince, narrow mindedness... racism."

  • NOTES (4)