7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 7

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 1997 on The CW



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    • Joe: We don't search our kids' rooms.
      Eric: I don't search mine, either, but I can't be with them every minute. I've got to tell you, I don't always know what they're doing when I'm not around, and the possibilities and getting more and more frightening.

    • Joan: (to Karen) How can you do this? How? I work. Your father works two jobs, all so we can live in a safe neighborhood, so our kids will be safe! And all the time, the drugs, the violence, and the weapons were in our house? In our house?
      Joe: And you brought them in.
      Joan: We have to protect Stan. No wonder he isn't sleeping. I'll take him to my mom's. He'll be safe there.
      Karen: No, you don't have to!
      Joe: I'll see if I can get a transfer. Maybe we can move.
      Karen: No! Why are you doing this?
      Joe: Haven't you heard? Our daughter is in a gang! There are weapons in our son's bed! He is in serious danger! We all are!

    • Ruthie: How fast is one hundred miles an hour?
      Mary: Fast.

    • Mary: Wait, you're going to pick up Lucy now?
      Annie: Yeah.
      Mary: But she's not expecting you for another half hour.
      Annie: That's why they call me Mom.

    • Ruthie: When's eventually?
      Mary: Sometime in the future, but you're not sure when.
      Ruthie: Is it for sure?
      Mary: What?
      Ruthie: Eventually?

    • Mary: You know you're the only person I know that gets that jazzed about going to the mall.
      Lucy: It's not about just going to the mall, it's the whole mall experience. The neon, the blinking lights, the air...
      Mary: The air is re-circulated. Probably a thousand times.
      Lucy: I know. And it smells like...shopping. When I die, I want my ashes to be sprinkled from Level Eight so that way they'll blow around and some will land in the plants, and some will be sucked up into the vents, and some will land on that grill stuff on the escalators. And that way, part of me will be part of the mall forever.

    • Simon: Dad, please you're cutting in on my beauty rest.
      Eric: Beauty rest?
      Simon: What? It's not all genetic.

    • Lucy: (Annie's yelling at her because she and her friends walked around the mall in skimpy outfits) Mom--
      Annie: I'm still a little angry.
      Lucy: I know, but why? All I was trying to do was express my unique personality--a personality which, I might add, I'm not allowed to express at home.
      Annie: First of all, it didn't appear to me that you were expressing any unique personality at all, because you and your friends were expressing the exact same unique personality! So maybe you should look up what the word "unique" means, because judging from what I've seen, it's not very clear to you!

    • Karen: (lying in hospital bed after being beaten by gang members) I tried to get out.
      Stan: I knew you would.
      Karen: But it's not over. It's never over.

    • Karen: My friends are there for me, they make me strong, they protect me.
      Annie: Oh, really? The same friends who will rape you and beat you for drugs and money?
      Karen: You are so out there! My friends would never betray me. And I can handle whatever it is I have to handle.
      Annie: Well, it's good you're that strong, because this is going to take all the strength you have.

    • Simon: (about Matt) I trusted him and he told the whole world!
      Eric: Your Mom and I aren't the whole world.
      Simon: Well, you're most of it!

    • Ruthie: Yeah, but how fast is a hundred miles an hour? (silence, her family doesn't know what to say) Is it like this? (spins her finger around really fast)
      Everyone: (relieved) Yes! Yes. Exactly.
      Ruthie: That's what I thought.

    • Matt: It's bad luck opening an umbrella in the house.
      Simon: It's bad luck being your brother.

    • Mary: (to Security Guard) They're fourteen. Get lost.
      Lucy: (to Mary at the mall) Mom's here? Thanks for the warning.
      Annie: I trusted you, and you betrayed that trust.
      Lucy: Can we ever get it back?
      Annie: With some work, we'll get it back. Eventually.

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    • Episode Tittle: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

      From the song and of the same name by 80's pop singer Cyndi Lauper which was also used in a movie with the same tittle.

    • TV Announcer: "It's 10 o'clock, do you know where your kids are?"
      This is often a public service announcment that airs on TV networks at 10 PM.

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