7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 21

Good News For Almost Everyone

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 06, 2007 on The CW
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Annie rushes her husband to the hospital when he wakes up with a certain hunch about his heart condition. The kids are a bundle of nerves--especially Lucy--since they don't know whether the news is good or bad. While sitting around in the waiting room, Ruthie and T-Bone decide to get back together, but an unexpected twist of events brings back unresolved issues with the guy who broke Ruthie's heart a year ago.moreless

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  • It was okay.

    Eric rushes to the hospital after having a weird feeling that everything is fine. Ruthie and T-Bone get back together. Lucy announces that she's pregnant. Martin talks to Ruthie, hoping to change her mind about dating T-Bone. Sam and David are left home alone. Eric finds out that his heart condition is fine now. Sandy and Martin have agreed to be "friends for life."

    This was a good episode. It did seem a little boring to me. I really don't like Ruthie with T-Bone or Martin, so either way, I wouldn't have been happy. I love when Margaret calls out the orders for the Dairy Shack, it's so funny! I'm really glad Eric is okay. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!moreless
  • Counting Down To The End

    All in all, I thought that this was a good episode. Given the budget cuts and the fact that so many of the core family members are absent from the canvas, the writers are doing right by true 7th Heaven fans by focusing on the two longer-running storylines as they approach the series finale. I liked the scene with Ruthie and Martin and I hope that they end up together in the finale. It's been a long time coming. I suppose that I was a little disappointed with Eric's very sudden recovery, although I feel confident in saying that no one wanted to see him die in the final episode. I'm looking forward to next week's finale. 7th Heaven will be missed, but it will always live on in syndication and through the DVD sets!moreless
  • Too many good things. Seemed a little overwhelming in a way, but still good.

    This show has gone through 11 wonderful seasons of pure family drama, and it's been able to hang in there for the season we've been currently watching. This episode was a great way to begin the end. About three or four fights are resolved, including t-Bone and Ruthie's... Whatever they called it; Arguement, fight, misunderstanding, I don't know, but whatever. Nonetheless, that was over, but they were friends again... Well, maybe more than friends. It wasn't fully clear to me whether or not they decided to get back together. Also, Sandy and Martin are, as of now, not arguing anymore, which I am honestly happy about. We also find out Lucy has been hiding a pregnancy from us for a few months now... So yet again, there are plans to end the show with Reverend Lucy Kinkirk pregnant, except she lost the baby last time... Hopfully, thing will go better for Lucy this time.moreless
  • Lucy tells Kevin that she has been prgenant already for a couple of months. Eric is cured form his herat condition. Ruthie and T-Bone get back together. Matin tells Ruthie how he feels about her. Wow!!moreless

    By far, the best episode of the sason. For once, it wasn't all about Ruthie and T-Bone. It was a very emotional episode: Eric was cured of his herat condition, Ruthie and T-Bone get back together, and my favorite part of all: Lucy tels Kevin that she is pregnant. This episode was very emotional, but it also had some humor in it: When annie accidentaly leaves Sam and David home alone. They are fine, but Annie tells them to go over to Kevin and Lucy's: where no one is home there, either. Over all, this episode is definitly one to be remembered. I'm still not 100% sure what is going on with Sandy and Jonathon, nut I'm sure that it's good. Another good part is when Eric tells the congregation (or sings, rather) how he feels bout the possibilty that Lucy might be moving. "Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away."moreless
  • An Unforgettable Episode! 7th Heaven is going out with a bang- Camden, old feel style!

    The Promos may be saying the new episode, the finale is unforgettable. But I believe this episode is truly unforgettable! Eric wakes up with a good feeling about his heart, and rushes to the hospital, Annie in tow, and the entire family soon to follow. I love how everyone in this episode, gathered at the hospital, awaiting the news, has this old days feel to it. Stephen Collins gave his best performance to date, I believe, turning the words in his mind into something deeper, making them Eric Camden and real, meaningful. This was evident right at the get-go, in the teaser, in scene with Beverley Mitchell, talking about how he believes his body has shifted. Then switches gears naturally to comedy- "skipping in the church" "high on life", "if I had anything to drink, why do people keep asking me that", "I don't think Annie is leaving me". The old days feel continues-Annie pacing, hehe! Then she asks, Kevin if Lucy is pregnant or not, and he replies.. "No..I am trying my best". Funny! Beverley Mitchell also, delivers, and can totally act on Stephen's level..any scene where they are together-feels like magic. The Martin and Ruthie scene at the hospital, as he tells her how he feels about her, feels so comfortable, its like this is where they are suppose to be. Only, I guess we won't know what Ruthie will decide until the next episode-the cliffhanger leaves me definitely wanting more. I so want them together!

    The twins are becoming Camdens! Left behind at the Camden, and Kinkirk household, they take it upon themselves to order pizza-wow! they are becoming little men! At least they got dialogue that doesn't have them both talking at the same time-its good to see they can carry a conversation with each other that doesn't seem flat, but rather very interesting.

    In the end, they all end up at the hospital, and then Eric goes to the church,(great to see the church, haven't seen it for quite a while) where apparently the congregation awaits the news. Stephen continues to dazzle, with a not too long of a speech, that doesn't seem like one at all, but rather they are sweet,wise and insightful words, that inspire me to look at myself differently, and really be thankful for what I've got. In the final scene, there is even more good news, Lucy and Kevin give their announcement, one that is particularily memorable, considering the year they have been through. Lucy is pregnant!

    Well written and acted! Sweet, funny, tender and emotional in bits! Spiritual in its little lesson, that nothing is impossible! The incorporation of "You are my sunshine" song is right on the money,and so beautiful, and just so darn pleasant, and fits the episode perfectly. Only thing is, everytime the cast sings it, I break into tears...it is so sad and happy all at the same time- the song is laced into invisible threads throughout the episode. Making any silly or serious moment, precious! Great work!

    Thanks for a great run, cast and crew!moreless
Alyssa Yadrick

Alyssa Yadrick

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Hannah Yadrick

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    • David: (talking to Margaret on the phone) We're over at Lucy's house and we're hungry. Me and Sam.
      Sam: Sam and me!
      David: (putting the phone off his mouth) You're Sam!
      Sam: I know, I was correcting your English!

    • Kevin: (spots Ruthie and T-Bone making out in a corner) Excuse me!
      Ruthie: Oh, hi, um
      T-Bone: We made up!
      Kevin: I can see that. Come on we got to go to the hospital. Your dad's there.
      Ruthie: But when I left this morning he was fine.
      Kevin: I know, it's good news. I thought you'd like to be there when we all got the good news.
      Ruthie: But we can't just leave school.
      Kevin: Sure you can! There will be plenty of places to make out at the hospital!

    • Martin: Ruthie, I lived at your house. You were like a little sister to me, and then you.....and then you grew up. And then I grew up, when Sandy and I had a baby--at least I tried to grow up, and I tried to do the right thing and marry Sandy. That's what I felt I should do. I love my son, and I'd do anything for him, and I really do care about her. But my heart was just never really in it, and that's maybe why I screwed up. I guess I've never really wanted things to work out, and whatever chance I had with her, with the relationship--a romantic relationship--well, I screwed that up.
      Ruthie: Isn't this the conversation you should be having with Sandy?
      Martin: That's kind of funny, because I've had this conversation with Sandy. This was our conversation last weekend, when she told me she was marrying Jonathan, the doctor she's been going out with. But we didn't talk like you and I talk. It was more of a--it was more of a lecture from her than a conversation.
      Ruthie: You're all over the place. What are you trying to say to me? And whatever it is, you should start with an apology for not telling me that you were also dating Jane.
      Martin: I'm sorry, I am. I like Jane, she's really attractive......but not as attractive as you. I'm really physically attracted to you, and it feels incredibly awkward saying that, and also, I can't talk to Jane the way I can talk to you. And I think that if we can just start over, if we can agree to date each other and not date anyone else, and if you can let me be more than a friend.....I think we could be really good together.
      Ruthie: What?
      Martin: I keep trying to treat you like a friend or a sister, but you're older now, I'm older, and that's not the way I see you. And we did kiss.
      Ruthie: (pause) Yeah, we did.

    • Annie: (about Lucy) Kevin......she's not pregnant?
      Kevin: No. I'm trying my best, believe me.
      Annie: (smiles) I believe you.

    • Martin: Did you tell Jonathan?
      Sandy: No, I didn't think I'd have to..

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