7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 12

Got MLK?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2006 on The CW
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Racism comes to light at the high school when Alex, a new African-American student, wants to give a report on Dr. Martin Luther King, but his teacher argues that they have already covered that topic in class. When Martin inadvertently supports Alex's case, he falls victim to a hate crime. His car is defaced with racial slurs, and he refuses to wash it off until the culprit is caught. Meanwhile, for her own report, Ruthie attempts to recycle an essay that she wrote three years ago.moreless

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  • I hate racism.

    When Alex, a new boy who goes to Ruthie's school, wants to do a report on Martin Luther King Jr., the teacher says he can't because Martin Luther King Jr. Day had already passed. Martin makes a remark and the teacher decides that Alex can do his report and everyone in the class has to do a report on a great African-American. Martin finds his car vandalized with racist words written there. Lucy has a car wash as a fundraiser for the church.

    This was a great episode! Racism is so mean and hateful. I'm glad that they addressed it once again. It was great seeing Eileen Brennan again! I also liked Julia Duffy's appearance as I know her from Drake and Josh. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Not great, but better than I expected

    At first, I was not even going to bother to write a review for this particular episode. I didn't feel as if I had enough to write about to fill out a review the way I usually do. Plus, when the entire one hour episode is mainly about one thing, it makes it harder. But hey, why not?. I was pretty happy that 7th was back with a new episode, but here lately, the show doesn't return from a hiatus with episodes that fans have been waiting for. I don't think anyone was really excited for this episode. I was one of them. Not because of the storyline, but because 7th, for the most part, doesn't do these kinds of episodes well. Season one's "The Color Of God" was really good, but this one can't hold a candle to it. Well, after seeing the episode, it wasn't too far off from how I thought the episode would be. I will admit that it was a tad bit better. It kept my attention all the way thru, and I really wasn't expecting that to happen. More often than not this season, I find my mind wandering during the episodes. This has never happened before. I guess that is a sign for the show to wrap it up. But I didn't with this one. I guess that says the episode was better than others this season. God knows that if this episode was filled with the bantering and boring storyline with Rose and Simon, I would be wandering. But I thought this episode was handled and written better than I had anticipated(maybe that's because Brenda Hampton didn't write it. :)). And it was nice to see Eileen Brennan again as Mrs. Bink. I hope we see her again. She was in the very first episode, so it makes sense for her to appear in the very final episode. But onto the episode. How was it really?. Read on...

    A new student at school starts a ruckus in class(that includes Ruthie)when he wants to do a report, on great americans, on Martin Luther King. The teacher, Ms. Porter, informs him that Martin Luther King day was last week, and he would have to pick someone else to do his report on. Alex doesn't understand why it matters. King is a great american every day. Martin steps in to try to help and before he knows it, he is the victim of a hate crime. Because of what Martin did, Ms. Porter says that the entire class will re-do their reports on a famous african american. Word gets out to some of Martin's teammates, who are none too happy about this new situation. When Martin goes to his car, there is a racial remark written on his back window. But the episode never lets us see what is written there. But I will get to that later. Martin takes the car to show Eric and later Kevin. This is a hate crime, and no one is going to stand for it. Det. Michaels gets involved, and the entire thing really comes to blows. Martin is steadfast in his determination to stand up to the crime. He refuses to wash his car. He says that whoever did this is going to wash it off. This leads to more drama in the school parking lot, with the vice principal threatening to tow Martin's car away if he doesn't move it himself. 7th Heaven has never been the kind of show to handle such touchy, controversial subjects very well. They do okay when they touch on the subject in a more stand off kind of way, but when they jump in head first, it doesn't turn out so well. Especially if the whole hour is devoted to it. "Vote" and "Healing Old Wounds" immediatley spring to mind. But I will say that this episode was a lot better than the both of those. The writing was stronger, and while it dipped into maudlin drama here and there, it would have something better come along shortly. Tyler Hoechlin has never really had much to do on the show as Martin. He has gotten his big storyline this season, and he is getting to show off more. Make no mistake that Hoechlin isn't exactly "Emmy worthy", but he is pretty good here. Good for 7th anyways. This is probably his best episode to date since joining the show. But Martin has been so unlikeable this year. Maybe that is why I didn't particularly feel much empathy for him in this episode. Everything with Sandy and his attitude towards her has soured the character. Hopefully that storyline will have a satisfying ending. But this one had some good parts. The end scene with Alex speaking to the congregation was good. It put more sense into the story and the character's motivation. Sam Jones III did well in that scene too. I miss him as Pete on "Smallville"!. I also liked how we never see or hear what was actually written on Martin's car. When we do at the end, Martin and Alex are washing it off(as part of Lucy's idea for a church fundraiser)and we get a quick view and a good idea of what it said. I thought that was nicely handled. I also thought that it was bad scheduling for this episode to air a week late, but it turns out that it fits in with what went on in the storyline. Maybe we don't give the writers enough credit!. There were other, smaller things going on. Ruthie was fluttering around the episode and she has to re-do her report because she recycled an old one on Eleanor Roosevelt. Turns out most every student recycled theirs as well. Some people think this episode was really about that, but I disagree. I think it was just a side storyline to pad out the episode a bit. Also, we get a small look at Simon, Rose, and Sandy. That's great in case of Rose and Sandy, but not of Simon. Is this all they have to give David Gallagher?. That part was so unnecessary, I don't need to dwell on it any further. And finally, the twins try to understand what is going on. Annie(who barely appears herself)tries to explain the drama going on with Martin. The twins, who will never be scholars, ask if Martin was black. These kids will be seven on Valentine's Day(and let's hope they don't do a V - Day episode this season), and they actually ask that. Either this was supposed to be taken as a joke, or Sam and David are mentally retarded. Something is wrong there. In the end, "Got MLK" didn't stray too far from my earlier thoughts on how it would be, but there were things I thought were better than expected and some nice touches. Hoechlin had a nice shining moment here, and it was great to see Mrs. Bink again!. It was also nice to see Julia Duffy as Ms. Porter. She was Stephanie on "Newhart" for years. I would love to see Meredith Baxter return however. Lucy and Kevin had small roles, Simon and Annie were barely there, and the twins were too stupid. I just wish we knew who the culprit was!. The episode wasn't a total loss. It could of been better, but I am not surprised in the least that it wasn't.moreless
  • Martin stands up for a student who wants to do a report on Martin Luther King. As a result, his car is graffitied and the teacher decides to have all the students write a report on a famous African-American.moreless

    They tried to keep the viewer in suspense by not showing what was written on Martin's car. Unfortunately, for all the hype it was given, the graffiti was very unoriginal. On the other hand, I liked how Martin wasn't afraid to keep it on. Racism is still a big issue, and I'm glad that 7th Heaven addresses the issue in many seasons. However, they always seem to address racism against African-Americans, but there are so many other groups that also are discriminated against.

    The ending was very beneficial. Different students said various summaries of the lives of significant African-Americans. It was interesting because most of them I had never heard before.moreless
  • When Martin helps to suggest a project for a history class, sparks start to fly throughout Glenoak.

    This is a very important episode. It shows how much racism is still left in this world. I think that Alex had every right to choose Dr. King for his \"Great American\" paper. To me, by not letting a student do a person for a certain assignment because of where it\'s placed within the year, is a way to block that person\'s consitutional right. And the ones who stand for that, ae just as sad and rude as the ones who did the actually offense. But when Alex explained the reason for why he did that paper, it gave the whole episode a new meaning.moreless
  • Martin in a racial issue? what is wrong with him this season????

    Like OMG he kept saying "but im not black" as if he himself was racist too. Like ruthie said,"who knows what people we all know are secretly racist?" He said the person who vandalized his car a coward and that whoever wrote on the car should clean up thier mess, but he is a coward for not taking responsibility for his situation with Sandy. He should clean up HIS "mess." (by mess i dont mean the car i means the sandy thing again))moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (Sam & David are in the kitchen holding crayons up to their faces, trying to figure out which color matches their skin tone)
      David: What about Pink?
      Sam: No.
      David: Peach?
      Sam: No, not really.
      (Eric walks into the kitchen) Dad what color is this? (David holds up a crayon for Eric's inspection)
      Eric: Well, it's uh, "Banana Mania". (David holds the crayon to his face)
      Sam: I don't think so.
      Eric: What are you doing?
      Sam: We're trying to figure out what color we are. Do you know?
      Eric: Well, when people say "color", they don't mean -- they, they mean, uh, not that is should matter, 'cause what matters is what's on the inside -- who you are. (Eric stops when he realizes the twins are looking at him with blank faces) But to answer your question, you're, we're white.
      David: I don't think so, we already checked. (holds up the crayon for Sam to see)
      Eric: Well guys, it's a little more complicated then that.

    • (Kevin walks up to where Eric & Martin are look at Martin's car and sees the racial remark on it)
      Eric: Where's Savannah?
      Kevin: The dogs are watching her. (Eric gives Kevin a look) She's with Annie.

    • Sam: What color do you think I am?
      David: I don't know, it's dark and I can't see.
      Sam: We'll figure it out in the morning. (David nods in agreement)

    • Martin: (on news) I didn't do anything, really.
      Sandy: (watching Martin on news) Good old Martin. Always doin' things doesn't wanna take credit for.
      Maya: Is that the baby's father? Seems like a pretty good guy to me. Standing up for the brother man like that.

    • David: (with Sam listening) Mrs. Bink, what color are you?
      Annie: Uh, boys, leave Mrs. Bink --
      Mrs. Bink: It's okay. What color? You want to know what color I am? (takes a minute to think about it) When I'm sad I'm blue, and when I'm mad I'm red. When I'm jealous, I get green with envy. Now, that I'm -- at my age, see, uh, all anybody notices is that, (points to her grey hair) I'm turning grey. (Everyone, including Mrs. Bink laughs at her words).

  • NOTES (3)

    • This is the final appearance of Christopher Michael as Captain Michaels. He was the longest recurring character on the show, having been there since Season 1.

    • Coincidentally, Dr. King's wife - Coretta Scott King - passed away exactly one week after this episode aired.

    • This contraversial episode was written by Damani Magnum, Orlando Bishop and Kevin Brownridge, three black writers who started the TV production company Black & Blue Entertainment where they produce TV and film projects.


    • Episode title Got MLK?

      Is similar to the Got Milk? campaign (celebrities with milk mustaches) started by the California Milk Processor Board.