7th Heaven

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 1996 on The CW
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With Halloween just around the corner, the Camdens are eager to finally learn why Eric hates the holiday so much. Lucy uncovers the truth about a reclusive neighbor who has been accused of murder. Simon prepares for a pumpkin carving contest and will go to any lengths to take first place. As the family gets ready to attend a costume party at their church, there's only one way that Mary wants to spend her Halloween night--and she resorts to schemes and lies to make sure she gets exactly what she wants.moreless

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  • Halloween!

    It's Halloween time for the Camdens! Lucy makes a friend, Mike, whom everyone is afraid of because he was involved in an accident. Simon wants to win the pumpkin carving contest. Eric remembers a boy named Henry Bearnard. Eric had hit him in elementary school for a Davy Crockett hat. Ruthie has trouble finding a costume. Mary stays home alone. Matt's date isn't what she seems to be. She tries to make Matt dress up as an idiot!

    This was a great episode! I really felt sorry for Mike when Jimmy and his friends were vandalizing his house. I'm glad Lucy befriended him. Mary's scheme was pretty good! I liked how Ruthie took the word "happy" and then dressed up as Happy. This was a great episode that gets a 10!moreless
  • It's Haloween at the Camden house and time to celabrate.

    I really enjoy this epesode. I love holidays with the Camdens. Although this epesode is not extremly dramatic but all the storylines are great and it is fairly fast moving.

    Eric has a dislike of Haloween. How can anyone hate Haloween? Eric is having guilt flashbackes. I really like his conversation with Henry. At the end Eric is able to enjoy Haloween. How sweet and well...... Camden.

    Annie is so sweet and is just a helping support. She is a great mom but does not have her own storyline. Annie is so tolerant.

    Matt wants to go to the Haloween Dance. He askes a girl out how wants him to wear a really really really really really (i am getting good at typing really) ugly costume. She is such a jerk because she wont go with amtt dressed as a hobo (by choise). She does not care about what the costumes she chose meant. Matt did the right thing by standing up to her.

    Mary is so smart and cleaver in this epesode. All Mary wants is a night alone. I like it even if it envolves lying. I like watching Mary eat ice cream, bathe, and dance (mary always dances). Mry lookes really pretty.

    Lucy is so cute and sweet. Mike is a great guy and Lucy is great with him. I am glad Mike won the pumpkin contest and socialized. Lucy was great standing up to those kids who were @$$. Her costume fit her personality.

    Siomon is so competitive. His pumpkin was good but hey he needs to let others win. I love it when he surprized everyone witih his coment about how Mike was a true pumpkin carving master.

    Ruthie is so cute. I can not help to notice how Ruthie (Mackenzie) acts. For a 5 yearold following directions and memorizing lines is hard but MAckenzie does that and more. She has a really charactor that is constant. i am doing a play with 6th through 8th grades who miss cues, do not know lines, and do not have a charactoe, or it is not constand. She is completly amaizing. Ruthie lookes cute in any costume. I love it when Mary really wants to be alone so she tells Ruthie to get in a costume and be happy. So Ruthie is Happy the dog.

    The carnival is just all around cute and 7th Heavenly. Cute and sweet. My home ec. teacher would say cute puppy and candy Haloween. THis was an all aroung good epesode. It was just a filler but it was an amaizingly well written and acted (directed too) filller. You could miss this epesode and nothing would happen but I defenatly recomend watching it.

  • Halloween is coming, and the Camden clan get festive.

    7th Heaven gets into the holiday spirit with their first holiday episode, and only one so far celebrating Halloween. The end result is a really nice, fun, and celebratory episode that ranks this as another classic from the series. Too bad they haven't done another Halloween episode yet, or too many holiday ones in general. But as with all things 7th Heaven, this fun holiday themed episode comes with a lesson....

    Lucy and some of her male friends find their way to the trailer of "Mike The Mutant", a guy with a less than stellar reputation. People say that he grows large, mutant pumpkins, and they talk Lucy into riding over there to get a look. The boys taunt Mike and throw eggs at his trailer, but it's Lucy who comes into contact with the big hulking man with long black hair(played by Night Court's Richard Moll), when she tries to return a pumpkin that was taken from his garden, and comes to realize that Mike is the victim of tall tales that have turned him into this monster. Mike was shot some time back, when robbers came to the gas station where Mike pumped gas at night to make ends meet, and since then, has not been the same. The legends of Mike's accident got turned into such far out tales, but Lucy sees a nice, gentle human being, who is getting taunted for his looks, and getting turned into the neighborhood "weirdo" based on people's unfounded accusations. It's a nice lesson that is being presented about how you can't judge someone by their looks. Or, like another saying, don't judge a book by it's cover. It's not what's on the outside, but what is in the inside. It's a very nice, sweet story, and I wished Mike had appeared again.

    This same "lesson" is carried into another storyline in the episode with Matt and a young girl named Roxanne, who gets Matt into taking her to the school Halloween dance since she keeps saying she doesn't have a date. The girl is blonde and beautiful, and obviously superficial and shallow, and expects Matt to be presentable with her as well. The fact that she couldn't find a date is unbelieveable. She insists on dressing up as Roxanne(what a stretch)and Matt as Cyrano De Bergerac("the guy with the big nose?" asks Matt). When he shows up dressed as a bum(oh, excuse me, "hobo"), because he couldn't make the other costume work for him, it just doesn't sit right with the young girl, who won't be seen with Matt dressed in such a way. The lesson kicks in when Matt realizes she doesn't care about the people, or the "true love" that Roxanne had when she fell in love with Cyrano despite his big nose. It's another nice way of getting the point across, but not as poignant or as touching as Lucy and Mike. Still, it's a hoot to see Matt with the big nose.

    Eric has been having these ongoing nightmares about a Halloween incident that happened when he was in elementary school. He got into a fight over a coonskin cap with a school mate when he thought the kid was taking it for himself, and he is obviously not able to put the incident behind him. His family has always wondered why he hates Halloween, and now the mystery is solved. He finds out the kid who was actually trying to get the cap for him all those years ago lives in town, what a coincidence!, and he sets out to apologize and put his conscious at ease. It's a very nice and touching story that is nicely done, and fits in well with the message of the episode.

    Other storylines here include Annie trying to find a costume for Ruthie, who eventually goes as Happy The Dog in an all too cute uniform; Mary tries to trick everybody in the family to get out of going to the Halloween carnival so she can stay home, have the house to herself, and just hang out. It's a fun moment with Mary dancing to the radio and enjoying the fact that she has the big house finally to herself. And the dancing in her shirt?, well, that was just cool; Simon is determined to win the annual pumpkin carving contest no matter what, and is excited when he thinks the great pumpkin Lucy brought home from Mike's is for him, but it's not, and ends with another nice lesson for Simon that winning is not everything.

    The few holiday episodes that 7th has done have been great, and all are definitley classics. It's a shame that they don't do more of them. And this one is definitley a classic. It's very Halloweeny, and every story in this episode is good, maybe some more than others, but they are all good and they all gel together perfectly. Some people, mostly snobby, uptight critics, usually cringe on shows doing big holiday episodes, but they always stand out and can be just as great and memorable as any other normal episode if done right. And this one is done right. I hope to go trick or treating with the Camdens again.moreless
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