7th Heaven

Season 1 Episode 15

Happy's Valentine

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 1997 on The CW
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Episode Summary

While both couples, Annie and Eric---Patricia and Morgan Hamilton spend a romantic Valentine's Day camping, Matt is left in charge of the rest of the family and allows chaos to reign in the Camden household. His preoccupation with his date and Mary's party allows the dog Happy to slip out of the house in search of her puppies. When a car hits Happy the family holds a vigil, aided by a caring veterinarian. Simon blames Matt for the whole entire accident. Meanwhile, Lucy is enjoying her first Valentine's Day with her boyfriend Jimmy Moon.moreless

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  • how do you actually get to watch it?

    i dont under stand are we supose to just read the summary they wrote or can we actually watch the show if so how? that pretty much what u have to say but i need at least 100 words so i got to keep typing but any way ummm

    do we get to watch it im so confuseeeeeeee someone help me thanks it would be very thankful and as you kn i still have to type to make 100 words but yeah i love this show so much i just dont under stand this website so can please someone peasle help me thanks againmoreless
  • An amazing, heartwarming, and memorable V-Day episode.

    While Annie and Eric go on a camping trip with Reverend Morgan and Patricia Hamilton, the kids are left on their own. Lucy wants to go on a date for her first Valentine's Day with Jimmy Moon, and ends up taking the little kids to the movies with her, while the older kids throw a big party aganist their parent's willing, of course. Happy ends up getting hit by the car after she is able to escape from the house because nobody was watching her. Simon blames Matt for this. I loved this episode. Number one, it was very realistic. Number two, it was captivating and enjoyable. Number 3, it was just plain interesting, great, and well-written. I liked this episode because while it was comical and fun, it was also able to be heartwarming and maybe a little tear-jerking at times once Happy was hit and the Camdens gathered to pray for her. I liked the part where all the kids were telling their sides of the story. This was definitely one of the best 7th Heaven episodes and deserves a lot of credit. Definitely one of the best V-Day ones as well.moreless
  • It's Valentine's Day, but with the Camdens, it's much more.

    I really liked this episode.

    Happy gets hit by a car after Matt promises that he'll take care of her. Mary and Keisha invite some friends over, but it turns into a party, with alcohol. Lucy and Jimmy share their first Valentine's Day at the movies. Simon, Nigel, Ruthie, and Lynn go to the movies, but get in trouble when Simon and Nigel are caught throwing popcorn. Eric, Annie, Morgan, and Patricia go camping. The Camdens give the puppies away.

    I liked this episode because it's so realistic. There is a party, but the parents aren't there. Matt tries to get two boys to stop drinking and one of them turns out to be Sargeant Michaels's son. Eric and Annie learn that Patricia's ex-husband calls her every Valentine's and the family dog gets hit by a car. Simon hates Matt because he promised to watch over her because the puppies are now with Dwight, a friend of Jimmy's. Lucy and Jimmy almost kiss, but Jimmy doesn't think it's the right time. I loved the part where the parents are interrogating the kids. It was funny! I think this episode deserves a 10!moreless
  • While the parents go camping with the Hamilton parents, all the kids stay home together and each get into their own situation.

    Not the greatest episode, but still very fun to watch. I practically started crying when Happy was in the hospital - it reminded me of \"My Dog Skip.\" Of course, we all knew she\'d live, but David Gallagher is a fabulous actor that really pulled off the emotion well, even if he was just 10 or whatever at that time. It was also nice to have the Hamiltons back. \"The Color of God\" was a wonderful episode, and I love those characters. They\'re back! Plus, it showed the bad side to each one of them, and yet how they deal. Very fun to watch.moreless
  • matt, mary, john, and keisha throw a party whiel their parents r on a trip. meanwhile happy slips away

    i cant believe matt let happy slip away after he promised simon he wouldnt. that waz very selfish of him. anyway i dont kno y morgan hamilton was so agaisnt patricia\'s (his wife) ex-husband, kevin. i mean their relation ship was completely over. well i thought matt did a really poor job of watching over happy. and on top of all that he lied 2 simon by telling him he took happy 2 the pet hospital when srgt. michaels waz the one who took her. but thank fully happy wakes up the next morning 2 find simon sleeping next 2 her and the rest of the family waiting in the waiting room!!moreless
June Lockhart

June Lockhart

Happy's Veteranarian

Guest Star

Tara Boger

Tara Boger


Guest Star

Tracy Y. Costen

Tracy Y. Costen


Guest Star

Dorian Harewood

Dorian Harewood

Reverend Morgan Hamilton

Recurring Role

Olivia Brown

Olivia Brown

Patricia Hamilton

Recurring Role

Chaz Lamar Shepherd

Chaz Lamar Shepherd

John Hamilton

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Sgt. Michaels tells Matt and Mary about Happy, he says "Don't worry, I took her to the animal hospital". Then, when Matt tells Simon, he says "Simon, I had to take Happy to the animal hospital."

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Annie: That was Patricia. She and Morgan were wondering if we'd like to drive up to Stedmond Caves tonight and go camping!
      Simon and Ruthie: Yes!
      Annie: No. No. Just me and your dad.
      Eric: And what, we'll put the kids in a kennel?
      Annie: No. They can stay here with the Hamilton kids.
      Eric: And who's gonna baby-sit?
      Matt: Not me.
      Eric: No, of course not. Who would keep an eye on you?
      Matt: I'm 17.
      Eric: Exactly.

    • Ruthie: Mommy, do we have to give the puppies away?
      Annie: Yes honey it's time. And they have a good home to go to.
      Ruthie: We have a good home too.
      Annie: Yes, but I think they starting to get so big that they are getting in Happy's way.
      Ruthie: I get in your way, and you still keep me around.
      Annie: Ah..it's not the same sweetheart...it would be like you living here when you are thirty..
      Ruthie: I have to live somewhere else when I'm thirty?
      Annie: You'll probably want to live somewhere else when you're thirty.
      Ruthie: Yeah! Maybe even when I'm seven... or maybe eight...

    • (after Dwight says he is going to name the puppies, Simon and Ruthie) Simon: You're a good man, Dwight.

    • (the Hamilton kids are coming in)
      Annie: Hey, you know, don't stay up too late and um don't eat too much junk food and have a good time!
      Matt: How are they gonna have a good time if they can't eat junk food and can't stay up late?

    • (Jimmy & Lucy exchanging cards)
      Lucy: All my love on this first Valentine's Day together.
      Jimmy: If a pretty girl is like a melody, how come you're such a strain?

  • NOTES (5)


    • Lucy: The last time I babysat I let Simon and Ruthie escape remember?

      This is in reference to episode seven Saturday when Lucy was supposed to babysit Simon and Ruthie but they ended lost in town playing spies.