7th Heaven

Season 5 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2000 on The CW



  • Quotes

    • Matt: I'm gonna study. I just couldn't this afternoon because every time I looked up from my book, I noticed how dirty the kitchen was.
      John: Well, an unclean kitchen never bothered you before.
      Matt: Well, it did today, and you know, I hate to mention it, but if you had cleaned your breakfast dishes from this morning, I wouldn't have wasted my entire afternoon taking care of that little chore for you.
      John: (stunned) Are you trying to blame me for you not studying?!?!? So you failed your organic chemistry pre-test because of Heather, and you didn't study this afternoon because I didn't do the dishes, and you're not studying now because your mom didn't do your laundry? (Matt nods) I'm just curious. Now, if you don't pass your chemistry midterm and get kicked out of pre-med, who are you gonna blame? Me? Heather? Your mom? The Colonel? The man on the moon? Problems in the Middle East? Global warming? What?
      Matt: I don't know what you're so upset about. I'm gonna do fine on my midterm.
      John: But if you don't, it won't be your fault, right?
      Matt: Look, you don't understand.
      John: No, I think that you don't understand organic chemistry, among other things, and you're too pigheaded to admit it, and instead of just asking for help or saying "I need help", you're blaming everyone and everything, as long as it doesn't allow you to blame yourself.
      Matt: You are totally out of line.
      John: I don't think I am.
      Matt: Do you get good grades?
      John: (smiles proudly) Yes, I do.
      Matt: And? (pauses, doesn't know what to say) That's because I do everything around here, and you do nothing! (storms out)

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