7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2005 on The CW
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Kevin asks Lucy to let him help her with a problem that she is handling regarding Martin and Sandy and Ruthie introduces Eric to a boy she wants to date. Elsewhere, Eric meets with Meredith's adoptive father, who has questions about Martin.

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  • Great episode!

    Lucy confesses that this situation is too big for her to handle alone. She meets with Sandy's dad, who is a functioning alcoholic. Ruthie admits that she wants to date Martin in the future after lying to her dad. Martin tells Meredith that he loves her. That worries George and he goes to see Eric. Eric finds out about the wedding ring from him and George finds out about Martin and Sandy from Meredith. Sandy tells Simon that she wished that she was marrying him, not Rose. Rose gets a wedding dress.

    This was a great episode! I really would rather have Simon marrying Sandy instead of Rose. I really like Meredith! She is so great! Sandy's dad seemed kind of creepy. This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • Ruthie learns to not lie to her parents

    Kevin asks Lucy if he can help out with her problems with Sandy and Martin. She is getting a little overwhelmed in her work because now everyone is coming to her. She finally releases some of the power over to her father because she can't handle it all.

    Ruthie wants to date Brian (a kid on Martin's baseball team.) She lies to Eric and says that he is 16 so she can go out with him. The truth eventually comes out when Eric asks Martin the truth.

    George (Meredith's Dad) is worried that since Martin and Meredith have said I love you that that is one more step closer for them to have sex.

    Eventually word gets out that Sandy is in fact pregnant with Martins baby that George puts the pieces together. Now who will break the news to Ruthie and Merdith?

    For me this episode was pretty good. It was a revealing episode. It finally gets out that Sandy is pregnant with Martin's baby. Sandy tells Simon that she did want to be with him before Rose was in the picture and she sometimes wishes that she didn't introduce them. Also that Simon gave Rose an engagement ring.

    I was pretty shocked when i heard that Sandy liked Simon. Honestly in my opinion i would rather him be with Sandy than Rose anyday. I hate Rose. She is too controlling and i wish he would just give up and say to her that its over between them.moreless
  • it was good, but i would have changed a couple of lines to make them sound a bit more mature/ better. Overall, it was better than last weeks(mommas gonna buy you a diamond ring) and nothing really happened in "HOme Run" so this was really good. simon, poomoreless

    it was pretty good, but i would have changed a couple of lines to make them sound a bit more mature or at least better. Overall, it was better than last weeks(mommas gonna buy you a diamond ring) and nothing really happened in "HOme Run" so this was really good. simon, poor simon. he is always in trouble. He is now in trouble with daddy for buying the ring,and martin will be in deep water in the next eppy(soups on) because he didnt tell meredith about sandy, as he didnt tell his dad. ruthie is bound to find out soon. i think after everyone on blogs and message boards fighting "who will tell ruthie?!?!? will it be martin, simon, rose, or sandy" i pick none of the above!!! i pick meredith. Since her dad knows, he is bound to tell her at some point and ruthie is friends with her, and meredith knows ruthie is close with martin, so either be mad ruthie didnt tell her assuming she knew, aor bring it up in a conversation,like "i still cant believe martin kept this from me, everyone, for so long" and ruthie will be like "what are you talking about" and , well you get it. I noticed in past eppys this season, simon always seemed like he liked sandy in a "more than friends" way, and we found out they dated not too long ago, and now when he nearly cryed when he found out she still loved him, we would be stupid not to think he loved her too. what is everyones theory on how this is gonna work?? i think after, or close to the birth , both simon and martin will go after her and she will have to decide between the man she loves and the man she had/is having a baby with.

    email me with your opinions at alissa793@yahoo.com


    bye bye

    alissa = : - )moreless
  • Extraordinarily ordinary

    Season 10 of 7th, billed as the "anniversary season" by the network, has been a pretty disappointing affair so far. "Home Run" was good, and there was goofy fun to be had with "The Rat's Out Of The Bag", but that's about it. Usually, the show starts getting bogged down into nothing episodes later in the season. But season 10 was wheezing right out of the gate, and it hasn't caught it's breath yet. To me, this season has so far been one looooong episode. Each episode is not very different from the other. This one is no exception. I'm not going to go as far as saying that this episode was really bad, because it was pretty watchable, but it was just not substantial enough to seperate it from the pack. It was just...vanilla. Plain and ordinary. The show has a story arc or two going on this season, but other shows who do season long arcs break it up. They never lose sight of what the main story is, but they break it up so as it's not one long episode. 7th is not taking the same route as others. It is focusing on nothing but what it's been doing and it's becoming pretty monotonous. It basically seems to be the same thing over and over and over again. You could miss an episode, as I did, and not be lost. Why?. Because nothing ever happens. It's moving along at a snail's pace and nothing ever seems to get done. Who's sleeping with who, who is having sex, who is pregnant, who do I like and so on and so on. Do Brenda and the rest of the writers have nothing else to say so they just stick with the two main stories(Simon/Rose - Martin/Sandy/Ruthie/Meredith)and try to agonizingly stretch it out for 22 whole episodes?. Season 10, with it's milestones, should be a real celebratory Camden-y season. Instead, we get a season with shades of seasons 7 and 8, with unwanted new characters no one likes taking up too much episode time. Even thru it's ups and downs the last few seasons, there was still a little something there. Some spark. This season, that spark has pretty much been distinguished. Anyways, this episode. Like I said, it's watchable, but nothing special. I guess you could say that for season 10 as well. It's watchable, but there's really nothing there.

    Okay, where to start?. This episode's stories were all intertwining and seemed to involve the same group of characters. How to review this episode then when it all seems to go together like one big muddled soap opera?. Well, let's begin with the younger minister...

    Lucy. Even though she is not being entirely successful and her actions toward the end of her discussion with Sandy's father were in poor judgement, I do have to give her some credit. She is in over her head handling all of the stuff with Martin and Sandy, but she scoffs at it and continues on her mission. She realizes after her meeting with Sandy's dad, that she has taken on more than she can chew and knows that she needs help in this matter. But I do have to commend Lucy for going at it and refusing to accept help even though it was obvious she is going to need it. She has to learn on her own, and can't always be going to daddy for help. But she is still new at this, and help she does need. And how cute was she in pigtails and her pink hat?. Anywho, Lucy is somewhat peeved that everyone knows about Martin. Something she was determined to keep a secret. She insists she can handle everything. She gets a call from Sandy's dad(played by Michael McDonald), and her meeting is not that great. The guy is a "functioning alcoholic", who knows about Sandy's current situation, but can't really help. He says he has no money to give her. McDonald's casting was interesting. He has been brilliant on MadTv for 8 seasons now, and is a fantastic comedian. With characters like Stuart, Rusty, and Marvin Tickvah, he is very talented. But his performance here was a little odd. It was almost as if he was about ready to burst into one of his comical routines. The whole scenario and his performance just felt funny. I am a big fan, and he also played Eric in a number of sketches mocking the show on MadTv.

    Speaking of Sandy, she had a bit of drama here. I don't care much for Sandy. Haylie Duff isn't that bad in the role. Granted, she's no Meryl Streep, but she's a lot better than a number of the show's past guest stars. Here, she has a false scare when stomach pains turn out to be gas pains. Must of been a fun ride in the car, eh Simon?. She gets Simon to take her to the hospital. Afterwards, Sandy tells Simon that he is a good person and will make a good father. She lets her feelings known that she is jealous of Rose and that she doesn't deserve him. When will this maudlin triangle end?!. The show has had many relationships and love triangles, but this is the most boring and uninteresting one. It's just neverending, and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight. What also doesn't seem to have an end in sight is...

    The Ruthie dating and liking Martin thing. Seriously, if they are going to hook up, then do it already. This has been going on for way too long, and the writers have no talent in keeping the story alive. Many TV relationships have had long courtships, but they were good because the characters were and they had creative ways of keeping the thing going. Not so here. Ruthie and Martin have no chemistry in the romance department, and the "are they or aren't they?" thing has all the interesting build up of a backed up septic tank. Ruthie likes a new guy named Brian, who she tells Eric is 16, but he plays baseball with Martin and he tells Eric that he is 18. Another older guy. And yes, we get more talk between father and daughter about dating and older guys. Where have I seen this before?. Oh yeah, in 300 other episodes. Eric tells Ruthie that she needs to find some kind of activity, so that her entire existence isn't all about dating and boys. If she does this, then Eric and Annie will be more open to her dating. Ruthie agrees. Whatever.

    There was a part about George and Meredith where he thinks that she and Martin may be, or will be, sleeping together. Martin told Meredith he loves her, and George takes that as a sign that Martin is trying to sleep with her. Which of course, he is not. The scene where George and Meredith talk was pretty nice, but as I said earlier, there is too much time spent on new characters that is just not interesting or needed. I don't mind George or Brad Maule. I don't even mind Meredith, but I just don't see her being there as needed. That being said, Megan Henning is sweet, and there is something very lovely about her. And, oh yeah, George finds out about Martin and Snady. At this rate, I'm sure the mailman and the box boy at the local grocery store know too.

    In the end, "Helpful" was another episode in a never ending circle of mediocrity. I was able to get through it easily, but this season has been a major downer. Maybe it's time Casa Camden closed it doors and the family sailed into reruns for eternity.moreless
  • I laughed so many times during the viewing of this episode! It has gotten to be such a bad soap opera!

    All in all, it wasn't that bad for "7th Heaven"'s standards. Lucy is becoming the biggest idiot in terms of her job, and I feel awful for Meredith and Ruthie- oh my, poor Ruthie! Ruthie's liked Martin for 2 seasons, and is the last family member to find out the Martin is the father of Sandy's baby. She always the first and in some cases (like Matt's marriage) the ONLY one to know! I feel for ruthie- kind of. But this older guy thing is just plain stupid- she's losing I.Q. day by day, or so it seems. In addition, I have a newfound respect for Sandy after what she said to Simon, especially the "you should try [telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth] sometime", and from what her father said to Lucy. She's had a tough life.moreless

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