7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 10

Here Comes Santa Claus

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 1998 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When the 10th season of the series was winding down, video clips of some of the show's most memorable moments (according to audiences who sent in their votes) were televised with the final episodes of that season. The scene where Ruthie screamed as she discovered Matt playing Santa was included on that list.

    • When this episode aired on television, Ruthie and Annie were dancing in the kitchen together to the classic Christmas tune "Jingle Bell Rock". For the Season 3 DVD, which was released in November 2006, this song was replaced with a pop version of "Go Tell It On the Mountain". Furthermore, since Annie was actually singing along to "Jingle Bell Rock" in the original version of this scene, her mouth movements don't go with the new song they chose.

    • When they exchange gifts at the end of the episode the picture of Ruthie on Matt's lap is different from the picture shown earlier in the episode.

    • Mary's voice doesn't match up with her mouth when she is on the phone with the operator.

  • Quotes

    • Eric: Are you still wanting to go to the charity ball?
      Matt: You're actually going to give me the money?
      Eric: No, what would that teach you?
      Matt: That parents are especially generous around the holidays.
      Erin: Oh, but parents are generous all year round. Except when they cut you off completely and you have to get jobs.

    • Santa Clause/Rocky: Oh, hey there, tell your parents "Merry Christmas". [gives Ruthie gifts.]
      Ruthie:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Mommy, Daddy, get up, get up, Santa Claus is real!

    • Ruthie: It's about time to get them.
      Simon: I just had to let them go

    • Eric: You ready to go?
      Lucy: Yeah. I've been on the phone all day. I called every person in this church directory announcing that I will be holding these stupid auditions.
      Eric: Oh my, and I know how you hate using the phone. You know I'll drop you off on my errand and come back by the church and help you.
      Lucy: Thanks for the offer, but I doubt there's going to be a long line for free work.
      Eric: Oh, I think you might be surprised.
      Lucy: I'll probably just be sitting there all afternoon staring at the rec. room walls.
      Eric: Take your shoe shine kit, it'll give you something to do.
      Lucy: Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too...it's not funny.
      Eric: Yes, it is.

    • Annie: I was wondering if you ever found a home for that old juke box you used to display in the window?
      Rocky: Oh that old thing no I had to put it in the back it brought in a lot of lookers but no buyers you know.
      Annie: Yes, I know, so I was wondering could we make a trade?
      Rocky: What'd you have to in mind? Oh, my, my that's exquisite. Where did you get this?
      Annie: My mother left it to me but I've never had a chain nice enough to put it on. She also left me several other things that I dearly treasure things that are more practical and that I do wear, so maybe it's time to part with this.
      Rocky: I would hate to take a piece of your mother's jewelry.
      Annie: This is the last Christmas before Eric and I will have two more little mouths to feed and I've put him through heck this pregnancy and he's been wonderful to me. If my mother were still alive, and neither of us could afford to buy that juke box, I'm pretty sure that she would sell it herself.
      Rocky: But Mrs. Camden this, this is a cross.
      Annie: Yes, it is, but you know I wear my religion in my heart, the same place I carry my mother's memory.

    • Rocky: This is a very nice collection, but why are you selling these? You should hang onto these, these are in perfect condition.
      Eric: I've hung onto them long enough, it's time to get some money out of them. I've got a great idea for a Christmas gift for my wife, Annie. She's been such a trooper through this pregnancy, and now she's about to give birth to twins. I want to give her something that she'll have for the rest of her life.
      Rocky: And that would be...?
      Eric: She has this beautiful cross that her mother left.

    • Mary: (about Lucy's gift from Jordan) Why don't you try taking a peek at what that is before you get Christmas crazy and run out and do something stupid.
      Lucy: I can't. I told Jordan I wouldn't open it until Christmas.
      Mary: Well I didn't.
      Lucy: Okay just a peek… what is it?
      Mary: You don't even want to know.
      Lucy: Yes I do. Tell me!
      Mary: Okay it's a... it's a shoe shine kit.
      Lucy: No, it can't be.
      Mary: Yes it can.
      Lucy: Jordan would never get me a shoe shine kit.
      Mary: And yet, he did.

    • Lucy: Twenty bucks, that's all I'm asking.
      Simon: Twenty bucks, twenty thousand it doesn't matter. In the banking business you're what we call high risk.
      Lucy: Fine, Ebeneezer Camden. By the way, aren't you even interested in who has your name?
      Simon: I've got my pajamas I've got my lights, who could ask for anything more?

    • Annie: (to Lucy about the Live nativity) Maybe that's where you're making your mistake. You're making it seem like they're doing a favor for the church instead of making it look like a lot of fun…no, really. You should hold auditions so that they compete for the honor.
      Lucy: Did all the blood just rush away from your head? It's not an honor, it's like being in a wax museum, only creepier. The wax talks back.

    • Lucy: I have to get Jordan something for Christmas, he got me something. He probably spent a hundred dollars, that's how much couples spend on each other these days.
      Annie: Your father and I have never spent a hundred dollars on each other at Christmas, and yet whenever we've drawn each other's name we've always managed to give each other something special. You just have to be creative.
      Lucy: First of all, it's not whenever it's every year, because we all know that you guys cheat. And secondly, I don't have time to be creative. All my time is being spent trying to talk people into taking part in the live nativity scene.

    • Annie: Oh, your father wants to see you in the garage.
      Matt: Why?
      Simon: We don't know, but the last two that came out of there came out with jobs.
      Matt: Oh no!

    • Simon: So when are we putting on the Christmas lights?
      Annie: How about next December.
      Simon: We never miss a Christmas. I could put up the lights.
      Mary: You can't even dress yourself.
      Mary: It's just that I had other plans that's all.

    • Mary: It's just that I had other plans that's all.
      Eric: Yes, I know. As much as I hate to ask you to give up sitting around in the house watching Soul Train in your pajamas till noon, I just couldn't resist offering the opportunity to do something more.
      Mary: You're not offering, you're forcing.

    • Lucy: I can't believe you would go to a soup kitchen and come back with a Latin hottie.

    • Jenny: I feel bad about taking Ruthie to the mall, but for Christmas I'm giving myself permission not to feel guilty about anything.
      Matt: It's too bad Santa can't give that to everyone.

    • Joyce: I make one charitable donation a year and this was it.
      Mary: One? This is your building, you run this kitchen all year.
      Joyce: Darling I don't consider this a charity, this is a gift I give myself.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Eric/Annie gift-giving plot line is based on the classic O. Henry short story "Gift of the Magi."

    • A little girl in this episode asks Matt (dressed as Santa) for a Princess Di Beanie Baby. Back in the late 1990's, when Beanie Babies were at the peak of their popularity, they manufactured a royal purple bear with an English rose on its chest in honor of the young Princess Diana of Wales, who was killed tragically in 1997.

    • Action: When Annie and Simon put on the black glasses after Matt leaves with his date.
      This is done to refer to the movie "Men in Black"