7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 10

Here Comes Santa Claus

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 1998 on The CW



  • Quotes

    • Eric: You ready to go?
      Lucy: Yeah. I've been on the phone all day. I called every person in this church directory announcing that I will be holding these stupid auditions.
      Eric: Oh my, and I know how you hate using the phone. You know I'll drop you off on my errand and come back by the church and help you.
      Lucy: Thanks for the offer, but I doubt there's going to be a long line for free work.
      Eric: Oh, I think you might be surprised.
      Lucy: I'll probably just be sitting there all afternoon staring at the rec. room walls.
      Eric: Take your shoe shine kit, it'll give you something to do.
      Lucy: Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too...it's not funny.
      Eric: Yes, it is.